BPC is international: Tadej from Slovenia

Tadej is another student in our program who just recently moved up from the 6max Micro team into the 6max Crusher team, he just joined at the beginning of April and is rising up like a rising star.


What was your reason for you to start playing poker?

I always liked playing games And it was about 10 years ago when a training site offered free $50 and that is how it all began. It could have ended really fast, as I went to a PL50 table and got it all in on the turn with around 20% and I got lucky.

At that point, I actually realized how little I know about the game. So I took it seriously, read materials and ground playing a short stack strategy. The strategy was so simple, it was like printing money up to NL50.

Then I moved to 6max tables and had an insane first month making $1.6k without Rakeback on NL10. I was on an extreme heater because at that time I didn’t know much in general, I had only played the short stack strategy.

After that, I rarely had better months playing higher. But I never played above NL50 because I wasn’t that good and I didn’t get any coach or study enough so eventually, I lost interest and found myself another hobby.


Why did you join BPC?

It was my birthday and my last few years main income sports betting blew half of my bankroll. Since I’m 32 with no job and not really any possibility to get any decently paid job, I decided to give poker another chance, it seemed the only reasonable choice.


How do you feel, being in BPC has improved your game and/or results?

BPC improved my tilt issues immensely so far and made me realize that I need to go all in (play and study at least 8 hours daily on average). The NoBS 6max is also pure gold for micro limits. I mean it has only a few pages and really simple stuff (not hard to learn and adopt) and it works wonders. I wish I had known that when I started. I would have done much better.

Where do live right now and how is it for you to live there?

I live in Sezana at the moment. I was looking for new place to live and one option was to move to my grandma’s house and make her stay at the retirement home easier by visiting her and bringing her stuff. Sadly she passed away last year. So I have now 12-18 months to make decent money to move to Thailand for a few years.

I like the idea of living in a villa by the sea where costs of living are far more reasonable. Sezana’s population is only 5,5k but we have all we need, mostly because we live 15km away from the city Trieste in Italy. And for people there, everything is still a lot cheaper here in Slovenia. I like how quiet and peaceful it is here.


What are your hobbies outside of poker?

My whole life is a hobby. I really never did any stuff I didn’t like for a long time. If I didn’t like it I’d stopped doing it, was always that simple for me.
Now my focus is playing solid poker and make a shitload of money. I like playing games, I like money and I like winning, poker combines all three. In the past, winning at poker was getting was harder and harder and it lost its magic. At BPC this won’t happen again.  

What is your motivation for the daily grind? Do you have tips for others?

The hardest for me is to sit down and start a session. When I finally get rolling, playing becomes like natural state for me and I usually have no problems playing 3-6 hour sessions. Also, I have zero distractions around that is very important. I see now the importance of setting weekly goals. It really gives you an additional push when you want to be lazy.

Do you have a special hand you would like to share?

Every hand is special if you play it correctly at the right moment.


Thanks a lot for your time. All the best for achieving your dreams!

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