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Danel is done!

After one year and one month, Danel finishes his €60k CFP Crusher contract! Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off! As usual, we asked him a few questions right after he accomplished his goal.   What is the biggest difference from the player you were before starting CFP, and the player you are now?

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CASE STUDY: Piotr “Goodfake” Leszczynski

Before Piotr Leszcynski was 23 when he came to Best Poker Coaching in late 2014. He’d been playing for a while (about three years) and was doing a bit of short handed $0.25/$0.50 NLH. By his own admission he wasn’t “making much money,” instead he played just to get a little extra spending money for

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Alfredo Finishes His 5k CFP Contract!

Good news! We have one more CFP finisher! Alfredo, from Portugal, finished the NL 6-Max CFP program! Congratulations! And asked him a few questions, as usual:   What is the biggest difference from before joining CFP to now? The biggest difference is that now I know how to make money at Poker. I know what

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“Iron” our productive poker daddy!

Iron claims to be the most productive player of the BPC Community. The 37-year-old grinder, originally from Austria, currently lives in Germany with his wife and son. He has a full-time acting job, takes care of his family, is coaching a student and still manages to play more hands than any other 6max CFP student. A

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Case Study: From €10.000 per year to €10.000 per week

Lauri lives in Tartu, Estonia with his family which is “a great place to raise your kids and practice sports (running, skiing, rollerblading, soccer etc).” All of the incredible story you’re about to read is documented in his blog here at Best Poker Coaching.   POKER STORY BEFORE BEST POKER COACHING Lauri first heard about

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BPC is International: Jesse from United States

Today we have an interview with our 6-max Crusher student Jesse from the United States, aka “Kounterfeit”. He enjoyed the possibility of going on his own pace in the program and started off in our 6max Micro Program and here he is now in the Crusher program, grinding it up.   How did you get started

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Case Study: From Border Cop to $100.000 Heads-up Crusher

Rovar worked 12 years as a border cop, asking people for their IDs and making just enough to support his family. I bet none of the travelers he saw over the years thought he’d achieve what he achieved after he discovered BestPokerCoaching. It is like one of those stories you hear about someone winning a lot

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NLHU Student Wins €9,3k in a Month

Last month, Alessandro was the top winner in all of the Coaching for Profits programs. He made €9,3k at the tables (so close to €10k! I’m sure he’ll get it this month!) and reached €30k, so he only needs €30k more to become an NLHU Soldier finisher. So we had a little interview with him:   When you started

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CASE STUDY: Danel Dominates on Way to Program Completion

It’s a simple fact – Danel has been crushing it since joining BPC. A graduate of the  NL 6-max Crusher Coaching program, this poker star earned €60,000 in profits in exactly one year, one month, and six days. That’s pretty impressive after just his first year as a student, and plenty more was to come including

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Piotr “Goodfake” Crushes out of the CFP 60k in Style!

Today the current CFP HU record month holder finished the CFP 60k program and wrapped up an epic run he began after our Dubrovnik seminar. Piotr “Goodfake” joined the HU CFP in December 2014, and persisted through not-so-great of a starter run, only to become a superstar in the HU program, and setting a record month

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Case Study: Never-ending winning journey

Maciej “Nubson” was an NL25-50 SH poker player, but when he started Coaching for Profits program he changed to HU. How could someone that never played a HU hand before win the monthly rankings 3 times, as a student, and then becoming a super HU coach? We will try to show you his secrets, and

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