Women in BPC: Mojca from Slovenia

Two weeks ago I introduced you to Ola, who was our first woman in the HU program. This time I have to honor to introduce to you the first woman, who joined our BPC team. She joined our SNG-team. Meet Mojca:


When did you start playing poker and who brought you in contact with it?

The first contact I had with poker was around 10 years ago via friends. I always loved to do things where you need brains more than muscles and I was hooked immediately.

At first, I had some beginner’s luck but without investing time into studying I got stuck and I stopped playing for a few years. During this time I finished my education (university, Ph.D.) and got a job. Only 2 years ago I started to seriously think about poker again.


When have you decided to join our SNG team at BPC?

At first, I tried studying on my own but poker has evolved some much during my absence that I knew it was going to be very hard to get some results quickly without coaching. That is when I started searching on the internet for coaching options and how found BPC.


How do you feel, being in BPC has improved your game?

Well in the four months since I’ve been in the program my game has improved enormously. Like a whole new universe opened up and I think my results speak for themselves 🙂

And in general, how would you describe your experience in the program?

Enrolling in this program was the best thing I could’ve done for my poker education. We learn the game from one of the best and I really think this is the best chance to make serious progress poker wise.

I really like that you can get all the answers you have regarding poker strategy immediately via videos, forum or by asking one of the fellow students or our coach. I think it’s also very important that you can talk with people that have the same interest.


Where do you live in Slovenia and how is it to live there?

At the moment I am living in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Slovenia is a very small country and everything you need to relax is one hour drive away (the seaside, mountains). Slovenia is mostly known for its beautiful nature (Bohinj, Lake Bled, the seaside, Postojna caves), old cities (Piran) with castles (Ptuj, Celje, Ljubljana).


What do you do outside of poker? Just recently you were traveling, right?

I really love traveling. For the last few years, I have been traveling a lot. The problem was always my job. Never had enough free time to go on longer trips.

And that is why I wanted to get a job where I could arrange my time as I want. And poker was the only way where I could do what I really like and enjoy and travel simultaneously. The only thing needed is a good internet connection.

So I left my job and went on a trip to South America six months ago with the idea to travel around and make money for the expenses by playing poker. The first leg of my trip was in Ecuador.

Soon after the trip started I enrolled into BPC and I stayed in Ecuador the whole time because the internet was good everywhere. The country is beautiful (jungle, mountains, the seaside, wildlife,..), people are nice, colorful markets with fruits and vegetables we never even heard of in Europe, good internet wherever you go and I learned Spanish on the way.


I basically traveled the whole Ecuador and stayed for longer periods of time at the beach in the west, near the jungle in the east and in the south of Ecuador. The trip was woooow and I can easily imagine doing this in the future. Besides traveling, I also like photography, chess, snowboarding, learning languages and playing pool.

What is your motivation for the daily grind? Do you have tips for others?

For me, the biggest motivation is that by being a consistent poker winner I can do my ʺjobʺ wherever I want and under my conditions! I set my own goals, everything depends on my hard work and there is nobody telling me what to do and when to do it and how high the paycheck will be.

So when I imagine how my life could look like in a year or two: me lying on the most beautiful beach of my choosing in the world (the picture), drinking well-deserved margarita with friends after a very successful day “in the office” and that this is how the rest of my life will look like….well that is all the motivation I need.

The point is that now I actually believe this is possible because of the BPC program. Of course, it will take a lot effort on my part but I think the goal is definitely worth it!

Tips for the others: If you really want something and you put your mind to do it, everyone can live their dreams.


Do you have a special hand or moment in poker you would like to share?

I don’t have a special hand or poker moment but at the moment I am happy with every hand I played well because I know I have improved and I am happy with every hand I played bad because there are still so many things I can improve.


Thanks for your time and good luck at the tables!


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