WildMike Moves Up to Intermediate

Today, CFP student Michael “WildMike” Crosby moves up from NL 6-Max Micro to Intermediate Crusher. Before joining BPC, he spent thousands of dollars on coaching from other training sites and believes BPC would have been a far superior choice had he known about it.

The rules and strategy for a beginner are spot on. I absolutely would go out of my way to recommend what I have so far seen to a beginner poker player.

He looks forward to learning more and developing his game in the Intermediate course while seeking that next poker “ah-ha” moment. Check out his graph below followed by his thoughts on the program so far. Good luck WildMike, we know you’ll crush in the next phase of CFP!

How did you first get into poker?

On the hunt for a new adventure one weekend, a friend gave me a book on poker. I read it and my first session was 20 tabling 10nl on a laptop, I got hooked.

What made you decide to start playing and join BPC?

I was looking for the best way to achieve my poker goals in the shortest time possible. 

How has your game evolved/changed since joining CFP?

Playing became easier by following the standard lines allowing me to focus more on other areas of game play such as hand reading, etc.

Where do you live and what do you like best about it?

I am split between Indonesia and the UK. Indonesia, I have a awesome group of friends who are epic life crushers. UK, most of my family have now moved back there, until recently we were in seven different counties on four continents, and no tax on poker earnings.

What gives you the motivation to get grind at the tables every day?

To prove that I can be in the top 1% of my hobby. I want a $70 to $100k in a year graph.

Can you recall a special hand or moment in your poker career so far?

Possibly the greatest moment in poker is the ‘ah-ha’ moment, when everything you have been learning clicks in your mind. That is when you truly make the transition to a winning player.

If you could give one piece of advice to a total beginner, what would that be?

Life lesson alert: If you have rightfully put your trust in someone who is smarter than you in a given field, Do What You Are Told! Until you are smart enough to improve on the instruction given. This advice was given to me by a friend who has been on the cover of Forbes. If it was good enough for him, for fuck’s sake it is good for the rest of us. This will unquestionably be the fastest road to poker success.

What are your goals after finishing CFP?

To hit the $1,000,000 poker earnings. It’s a pretty good dollar bench mark for success.


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