Why Motivation, Mindset and Productivity Coaching is a Scam

Some quick facts:

  • Only high performers really need high performance coaching . It is usually called “high performance” or “peak performance” coaching for a reason 
  • Most people like to buy advanced programs that have nothing to do with their reality, but it makes them feel better about themselves because they do “advanced” things… it’s the same reason why NL10 and NL25 players like to do advanced hand analysis with flopzilla and other tools when in reality they have trouble getting the most basic things done
  • When people look for “mindset coaching” , they simply need a big kick in their lazy fat a$$
  • They need somebody like the BPC team to call them out on their bullsh1t
  • When poker millionaires (or other top sports men) hire a psychology coach they do it because the smallest edges can have a BIG impact on their game. YOU (yes YOU, the reader), do NOT need that. You will dislike me, perhaps hate me or never buy anything from me, because i tell you the truth. That still does not change the fact that you do not need this stuff

Mindset & Productivity coaches are mediocre poker players at best (or broke). If you don’t hate me by now, you will now. The hard truth is:

You like them, because they ARE LIKE YOU !!!

Very few are any good. I hate to be the messenger of bad news: If you’re ready for REAL success (not theoretic in your dreams), then you need to listen to people WHO HAVE DONE IT THEMSELVES and have helped others to do it. And you should stop listening to people like yourself, because look how far this has brought you in poker?

Here is what i think you should/can do :

* Buying a book on mindset & productivity for $20 is totally fine. If it’s bad, then you didn’t waste too much money. If it is a little bit helpful, you at least got back what you paid for it

* Read free resources/interviews on the internet. But please, only read what RICH PEOPLE SAY (unless you want to be poor)

Do NOT read the mindset advice of 26yo hippie-blogger treehugger universal love preacher unless you think living off $300 in a third world country is something unique and inspirational. I like those people actually (it is hard to hate on them), because i am quite a nature loving guy. However, when it comes to advice on how to make money, don’t listen to them!!!

Here are BPC offers about the mindset & productivity topic:

Like i said, i do NOT believe in giving mindset coaching to anybody who has not made serious money at poker first. That person needs A$$ KICKING and their brain cleaned of all the BAD THOUGHTS.

This is what we teach and in case you don’t know, our student show excellent results.

Unless your mindset coach is a rich mofo himself or has PROVEN to make other people very rich, DO NOT LISTEN to what they have to say.

Ironically my students call me the best and only real mindset and motivation coach they ever had. IRONY of life. I NEVER gave them any “motivational coaching”, what they got was the whole package on how to BE a WINNER. If they call it mindset, that’s ok with me.


Here is what we do offer:

1) Secrets of the Poker Millionaire Mind

=> Short and quick 27 page no-bullsh1t book with the 12 biggest mindsets explained. I got the idea from another book, but made it applicable for poker players (aka adding my own secret sauce).
You do NOT have to buy this book, get it for free in our free resources section.
You can watch 20 hours of interviews with super rich people on youtube and you will learn more or less the same. I have simply written a comprehensive summary, added my own experience and practical action steps.
For those of you who want the information tailored exactly to poker, written by a millionaire, it is a good time investment.

2) Coaching For Profits

=> This program is for free, but we will k1ck your a$$ really hard. You don’t pay anything until you make profit. It is not “Mindset” coaching, but you don’t care about mindset anyways. You care about $$$ ,right?

3) How To Become A Poker Millionaire 

This is a must-see program for anybody who is serious in making big money at poker. We cover all mindset leaks, go through the foundation of what it takes to become a successful poker player.

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