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3 Quick Facts About Us

Yes. Hundred Thousand.

No worries, all students got a great deal, most started with nothing. Every cent they paid came from winnings they made with our help. After going through training with us, they kept 100% of their profits for themselves. Many became self-made poker millionaires.

BPC used to only work with full-time students on a profit share basis, but we kept growing at such a big rate that we decided to also help a bigger audience of players succeed. This is why we now have a program like VIP.

We leave nothing up to chance. The more money the players under contract make, the more money we make. We analyse millions of hands and also check every month which site is the best and where most profits are made. We know where most money is won and it can change.

Transparency. Honesty. Quality.

We are to this day the only coaching team that has been producing successful “zero to hero” stories for almost a decade now.

What You Get as a Bestpokercoaching VIP member

Here is how a weekly Live Coaching Schedule Looks Like


5.00 pm

“How to play the flop as a preflop caller”


3.00 pm
Millionaire Mindset
“The secret power of unlimited energy”


5.00 pm
Poker and Business
“Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile and how it applies to poker”


7.00 pm
PLO Academy
“How to play double-suited rundowns multi-way postflop”


8.00 pm
Spin&Go Secrets
“How to bluff effectively with less than 15bb stack size”


2.00 pm
MTT Mastery
“Final Table Strategies from a WPT Champ”


5.00 pm
Advanced 6-max

“GTO vs exploitative Strategies. Pros and Cons”

10.00 pm
Monday Motivation
“The perfect goal setting system in Poker” 

9.00 pm
Advanced 6-max
“How to make crazy check-raise moves like Isildur”

9.00 pm
“How to play strong but solid in 3-bet pots”

10.00 pm
Millionaire Mindset
“How to fix mental game leaks with this one simple method”

9.00 pm
“Bring your hands and ask any question you have.”

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What Our Students Say About Us


You can register for a coaching session by simply clicking on the calendar in your membership area. It is very easy and takes just two clicks.

You will be sent a link and then you can join via our software (we use GotoWebinar, it is very easy to use).

You can ask every question you have at any time. Our coaches are patient and you do not have to worry if your question is not “advanced”. Our team loves to help students at all skill levels.

We have demonstrated that with hard work and the right coaching (ours) you can make a lot of progress very fast.

Depending which game you play, how hard you study etc, your results will vary.

Of course, in a tournament or Spin&Go you can win $100.000 in a day. But that is not what normally happens, but of course sometimes a member has a great day when skill and luck come together.

We have professionals making more than $10.000/month, semi-pros making a few thousand and also hobby players who make $400/month and simply enjoy playing but without profit being the main motive.

All of our coaching sessions are in English language.

Our coaches come from the United States, UK, Germany and many other countries.
Our members are from all over the world as well. If you understand very simple English, you will have no problems.

The majority of members are from USA and Europe. The majority of sessions will be in USA and Europe friendly times.

If you miss a session, you can always watch the recording, which will be available in the members area. We will offer so many sessions, nobody will suffer from too little coaching!

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You will find a button in your member area where you can easily cancel. You can also send an email to and we can cancel the membership for you.

You are not locked into any contract.

You do not need to give any reason for cancelling your membership.

No. The live sessions are not downloadable, but we record all sessions and you can view them from the comfort of the members area.

We have talked to our community and the overwhelming majority opted to keep the courses and live training sessions protected on the site and not downloadable.

You as an honest customer will profit from this because the information will stay among those who have paid for it.

In any case, you will be able to use our whole site (and watch the videos) on any device (desktop, tablet or phone). All you need is an internet connection.

Yes. If you are busy elsewhere in life and need to put your membership on hold, you will not lose deals on poker sites from our VIP manager.
We are your partner, friend and helper first.

More Feedback From Our Students

Why buy from us?

Below you can see our Top 50 monthly performances from our internal rankings. All achieved while students were learning. Students made a lot more on their own after graduating.

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Monthly Membership
197 per month


Yearly Membership
997 per year


6-months Membership
697 per 6-months

I only take a few new grinders into my elite batallion each month.
You will be notified via email when I'm ready for a few new soldiers.

Keep an eye on your inbox!! I will shoot you an email when I'm ready to take the next group of grinders.

Talk soon, Gordon!

Free Webinar (67$ value)

Triple Barrel Like A Bo$$

Subscribe to watch a free webinar video.

How To Get Maximum Value On Flop, Turn And River. Applying these concepts correctly can add A LOT of $$$ to your bankroll.

Thank you! We've sent the webinar link to your email.