Update on the BPC Poker Camp 2016

Update on the BPC Poker Camp 2016

Hi everybody,

we want to give you an update on our BPC Poker Camp 2016 as it is coming closer and closer.

Now we added in an extra package, the “Fun package”. This is for the poker friends of you, who want to come to Malta to absolutely relax but still have a meet and greet with our team of coaches, students and friends and be part of the community. The package includes the activities and the award ceremony. Inside the package you will find:

• Entry to BPC Poker Open 2016 

• Gokart: BPC Grand-Prix 2016 (includes a BBQ) 

• Final Group Dinner (at an awesome restaurant!)

• Social meet-ups with fellow students and friends

• Attend the Award Ceremony with our previous program finishers on the last evening

• Meet the coaches Gordon, m1ndCtrl, Nubson, Jan Somebody and Janez etc. in person and go out with them


So check out our packages HERE again. Be sure to grab one of them now, as we have a limited amount of places left.

Awesome challenge

By the way, did you know about this awesome challenge between our members “Stephen Hiam” and “your welcome”? 

Both are part of our HU team and they are planning to attend the BPC Poker Camp and want to win a minimum of 7k EUR by the 8th August, so that they can use 2k of that for the registration and the travel costs and more to join our Camp in Malta. You have to check it out HERE.

This is a great idea! And I am going to tell you now: See you in Malta! I have no doubts about that.


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