Two Time CFP Finisher

Finishing one €60k Coaching for Profits contract it is a remarkable thing.

What about finishing two?

That is what Rylan did. And both programs in record time.

The first program he took was the NLHU Soldier. He started on September 7, 2014.

He was one of the most disciplined students on the program, he did absolutely everything the coaches told him to do.

Rylan claims to not be very smart but doing that itself it is a very smart thing.

No wonder he had so much success in such short period of time. 

Rylan NLHU finisher graph.

If you ask him for advice about poker, he’ll tell you: “Find a good coach and do what he says”. As simple as that!

To this day he still holds the record as the fastest finisher in the NLHU soldier program.

Almost one year after finishing the NLHU program, he decided the join the PLO HU program.

His close to no experience playing PLO was no barrier for him.

He did his thing, listened 100% to his coach and did absolutely everything he was told.

The result? Another record finish!

Rylan PLO HU finisher graph.


And it was even faster than the NLHU program, he finished in 6,5 months.

He even broke his own record day inside the Coaching for profits program.

When Rylan was an NLHU student, he had a €8,1k day. In the PLO program, he had a €14,8k day.

8k record day.

CFP finisher

14.8k record day.

What to take from Rylan’s story?

There is absolutely nothing complicated about becoming a successful poker player.

Rylan took the simple route, and look at where he is right now!

Just follow his advice: “Find a good coach and do what he says”.




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