Turning Adversity Into Opportunity – Pantelis Finished CFP

In July of 2021, Pantelis finished our Coaching For Profits 6-max “The Secret” program after just 6 months in.


About the player

Pantelis is a 27 years old student from Greece. Almost graduating from University, he says that studying Economics helped him in his poker journey.

Ι think that this area helped me in some ways, like to analyze the population tendencies etc but it’s not a must to succeed in poker.


Balancing the hours of sitting down at the computer is important for a poker player’s health. And Pantelis knows that really well.

When he’s not grinding the poker tables, he plays with his local football team. He loves sports and also goes to the gym in his spare time.

Although the recent pandemic and lockdowns hurt a lot of people and everyone was looking for “a way out”, Pantelis saw it as an opportunity.

He says, It helped me to focus on the grind, I had to spend more time at home” 


The Beginning

From the first encounters with the game, he fell in love. He knew it was “his thing” and he will become very good at it.

Even the first time he learned it, the game felt ” close to my personality and I knew that I would be playing poker at a decent level”.

When he first joined BPC, in December 2020, he was a slightly winning player at micro-stakes. Of course, that was not enough for him as he was looking to become better and win more so he joined Coaching For Profits The Secret 6-max.

In retrospect, “BPC helped me to get in more advanced topics and also to the psychological area of the game”  he says.


During the CFP program

Pantelis started playing with only 50 bucks on our recommended poker clubs. 

 “The first time is more difficult because your bankroll is rising slower or you may have a bad run and lose”. And that is what separates winners from losers.

He didn’t stop and pushed through the difficult moments, playing and studying every day knowing that he has to be 100% focused on his goal to get ahead of the bad run.

“This game sometimes is brutal and variance is a beast”,  he says. 

But on his side was his coach Jake, who was leading The Secret CFP at that time, and the other students. It was the first time when he had a coach so that gave him a boost in confidence. He analyzed and discussed hands with the other students on the private Telegram group and attended the live webinars to fix his mistakes.

Reaching 40NL it felt like he almost “got it”. He started to put up the volume and the bankroll started to rise.


After CFP

Finishing the CFP program felt really exciting as he started to realize the freedom that poker can bring to one’s life, earning money from all over the world. “There is no roof to what you can earn from poker”, he says.

Currently, he plays up to 100NL and continues to study the game and grind full time. He started to invest his winnings as he learned some other profitable skills.

Poker evolved a lot over the years. There is a lot of free strategy and information out there and everyone can study. So we asked Pantelis what is, in his view, the outlook for the future of poker?

“I think poker is more difficult now than as it used to be. But my personal opinion is that there is always money to be made in this industry as it’s a game of people, and people will always make mistakes. Also, there are always people who want to gamble and have fun with this game” he says.

And that is definitely right. There will always be a gambler, a drunk man, a guy who thinks he knows it all, and so on. Pantelis said that he will always play this game; whether it’s professionally or as a side income in the future.


Moving On…

His next goal is to crush 200NL in 1 year and we’re sure he will pull it off.  That will allow him to travel the world and continue his personal development, something that he loves to do. 

“For sure I love traveling I want to visit America and some Asian countries too”, he told us.


And for the beginner and staring poker player he sends this message:

” Be patient, this game is a marathon and not a sprint. Focus on making good decisions and have good psychology when you play and good results will come for sure”


It couldn’t be said any better. Thank you and Congratulations Pantelis for your results!


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