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    Hello everyone!

    So its already 2 month since my last post then I promised to write about poker. Shame on me.

    Usually people stop posting then things doesnt go their way. For me its quite an opposite. Things have gone my way and because of that I had a real dilemma if I want to publish my results anymore or not. So I decided that I will talk about in more general way.

    Keyword in my results is 2x. 

    2nd half of the last year was not so good as first half.  August, October and November were quite average but on September I had big vacation (played only 21h) and on December I took a failed shot in high stakes (NL5K).

    December started really good and made best start of the month so far (€10K in 4 days) and everything seemed awesome. So at some point I added NL5K table and of course one fishy guy joined me with half buy-in which I took and I saw dollar signs in my eyes already. But then things started to go wrong and I gave him back a lot until I managed to quit him (or maybe he even left me at the end). During the session I played my biggest pot ever for €10K (QQvsKK) which I lost. And the day ended -€13K. It hurt.

    And this was just a beginning. I didnt play NL5K anymore but in next 8 playing days I went from +€11,8K  to -€1427K. It was brutal and happened just before Christmas.

    But its good that I didnt give up and in 8 days from 25. Dec to 1. January I made about €20K. I have never seen so good games than that week and of course I finally started to run good also. So I almost managed to avoid my first loosing month since start of CFP (I ended about breakeven, -€221) and also started well this year.

    Last year was my best year ever, making first time over €100K and 2x-ing my previous year. Although I was far from my goal.

    My goal for this year again is to 2x my last years result and to reach to NL5K. I have to say its going pretty good so far. Every month so far has been better than last year same time and on April I managed to make new record month by almost 2x-ing previous record. Also Im currently playing up to NL3K games.


    Some funny hands from higher stakes:

    1st. Against a reg:

    Hero (SB): $1,934.10
    BB: $2,939.90

    Hero posts SB $10.00, BB posts BB $25.00

    Pre Flop: (pot: $35.00) Hero has Q Q

    Hero raises to $50.00, BB calls $25.00

    Flop: ($100.00, 2 players) 8 3 2
    BB checks, Hero bets $49.50, BB calls $49.50

    Turn: ($199.00, 2 players) Q
    BB bets $80.00, Hero raises to $250.00, BB calls $170.00

    River: ($699.00, 2 players) 8
    BB bets $190.00, Hero raises to $1,584.60 and is all-in, BB calls $1,394.60

    [spoierl]BB shows 8 K (Three of a Kind, Eights)
    (Pre 27%, Flop 19%, Turn 0%)
    Hero shows Q Q (Full House, Queens full of Eights)
    (Pre 73%, Flop 81%, Turn 100%)
    Hero wins $3,867.20

    2nd. Against a really aggro guy:

    SB: $1,960.00 (VPIP: 77.78, PFR: 44.44, 3Bet Preflop: 40.00, Hands: 9)
    Hero (BB): $1,349.25

    SB posts SB $10.00, Hero posts BB $20.00

    Pre Flop: (pot: $30.00) Hero has Q A

    SB raises to $40.00, Hero raises to $140.00, SB calls $100.00

    Flop: ($280.00, 2 players) 6 2 2
    Hero bets $100.00, SB raises to $260.00, Hero raises to $1,209.25 and is all-in, SB calls $949.25

    Turn: ($2,698.50, 2 players) T

    River: ($2,698.50, 2 players) J

    SB shows K 7 (One Pair, Twos)
    (Pre 34%, Flop 19%, Turn 14%)
    Hero shows Q A (One Pair, Twos)
    (Pre 66%, Flop 81%, Turn 86%)
    Hero wins $2,697.50

    3rd. I think that might been also against a reg:

    Hero (SB): €1,271.25
    BB: €1,813.77 

    Hero posts SB €10.00, BB posts BB €20.00

    Pre Flop: (pot: €30.00) Hero has Q Q

    Hero raises to €40.00, BB calls €20.00

    Flop: (€80.00, 2 players) 3 Q 3
    BB checks, Hero bets €30.00, BB calls €30.00

    Turn: (€140.00, 2 players) J
    BB checks, Hero bets €100.00, BB raises to €340.00, Hero calls €240.00

    River: (€820.00, 2 players) 4
    BB bets €1,403.77 and is all-in, Hero calls €861.25 and is all-in

    Hero shows Q Q (Full House, Queens full of Threes)
    (Pre 81%, Flop 100.0%, Turn 100%)
    BB shows 5 4 (Two Pair, Fours and Threes)
    (Pre 19%, Flop 0.1%, Turn 0%)
    Hero wins €2,540.00
    BB wins €542.52


    Good luck in the tables to everyone (who is not playing against me)!



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    Great to see you crushing like crazy !!! 

    It’s very huge motivation for us.

    Wish you good luck !


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    Thats amazing results   and very inspiring to read your blog ,

    good luck ! 🙂


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    Finally got my request fulfilled 🙂 Great results Lauri, hope you 2x it again! you will reach nl5K again in no time.

    Hopefully we can have some coachingsessions next month!


    Heads-Up Coach

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    Long time again since my last post! Im still playing poker!

    I just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas and best fishes for a New Year!

    And also 2 hands from few days ago for Christmas mood.

    1. I was almost folding that one on the river but my gut feeling told me to call (if I would have lost it I would be ashamed of course)

    2. Maybe I could made some move on the turn but I preferred to bluffcatch. OTR I dont think I beat too much to profitable shove it, so just called.

    Greetings from Madeira 🙂



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    Tomorrow (20th of January) is 3 years since I joined HU CFP. I started to play NL30 and Nl50. And I started quite well. I moved up the limits quite fast and less than 1 year later I finished the CFP 60K program.

    Today I had really crazy session against really agressive guy in NL2500. I ran really good and after he had lost about €8K he asked me to join NL5K. NL5K has been my goal for some time now but I didnt think it will happen this way. Anyway I joined him, at first 50bb and later reloaded to full and we had quite a match.

    At some point I was €10K up against him but it didnt go too well at the end and I finally decided to quit him after I was still €2,5K up. But now I can tell some day to my grandkids that I have played NL5K :). 

    But still its good to be there I am today. It has been unbelievable journey and I own it mostly to Gordon for making that program. Cant thank You enough! Of course Im thankful to all my coaches too (M1ndCrtl, Nubson, Somebody and JurassicDaniel) and to all my students thanks to whom I have learned one or two thing myself. And last but not least I have to  thank my lovely wife who helped me stay to the program then things didnt go my way (I lost 55 buy-in then I was in 6max program :P) and has supported me all the way.

    The journey will continue until Im rich enough to retire. Next goal is to get to NL10K some day but I think it will take at least another year to get there.

    Some interesting hands from todays session:

    1.Better lucky than good (Im the one with KK):

    2. Decided to slowplay my set because he was quite active with xraises:

    3. Interesting bluff (I have K2o)

    4. First big hand in NL5K. Im BB and have AQo:

    5. That hand I dont like too much, especially river bet (I have AQo again):

    6. And after that hand I had enough (I had A3o of course):

    In one table I had record stack. I was sitting with €16K at some point. Crazy day.

    Good luck to everyone who is not playing against me and keep working hard for your dreams –  they become true if you want it enough.

    P.S. Tomorrow I will run my 10th marathon. I have trained hard for that and aiming good finish time (2nd best one because my record is not beatable at the moment ). Good luck to me 😀


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    Hey hey)! Great job Hugo! yeah, for me it’s still hard to believe that it’s possible to reach that level of 16k at one table). But you make another proof that it’s possible! Hope it will inspire another guys as well to work and achieve goals.

    GL at the tables and have great marathon!

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