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    Hi, I am Leo, I created a software to create, customize, organize and export poker hand ranges : Range Manager 

    This software was designed for poker players who work on their game, who carefully balance their hand ranges and who want to keep those ranges on sight when grinding.

    For now I know most of you use Excel or some screenshot from software like Pokerstove. Range Manager allow you to do that really better with an intuitive graphical tool highly customizable. 

    Create, customize and organize your poker hand ranges

    Create, customize and organize your poker hand ranges

    You can keep your ranges on sight while playing with the Overview mode,  you can also export them as high quality images or PDF or print them.

    You can manage hands combos and other advanced options.

    For bestpokercoaching members I am offering 33% discount with the promo code PR999. You will get a lifetime license for only $9.99

    My goal is to provide the best hand ranges poker tool, so I will listen and any suggestion you have, any functionality you would like to have and add that in the next updates.  



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    Sir, I was looking for the exact same thing a couple of days ago.

    Do you have a trial or something to try this out ? Regards.


    Just a newbie here, Im banzay at 2p2
    creare un blog pronto...

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