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    Hey guys, I have a very interesting problem.

    I play partypoker’s fastforward (zoom) tables and I am having some issues with the BPC hud (AJA-STARTER-HUD-v2). When I multitable, the stats (hud) work properly on only one table, but are blinking on the rest… What’s also interesting is that the other hud’s (such as HM2′ Default 2.0 and others) work completely fine without blinking…

    Any suggestions? Otherwise I’ll just try to make my own using same stats and colors.


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    Is it possible to apply for a CFP program if my residence is in Indonesia? I read that people can apply from anywhere on this world to join the CFP, however, what if I play Poker through a VPN, make a profit but they freeze my account (i.e. Pokerstars)?

    I made my account in the past while living in Austria (I am born and raised there) but recently moved to Indonesia.

    Thank you!




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    Is there anyway I can change my profit History I was messed It up:S

    Or I cant because It`s says “Im not verified yet” If I want to modify my poker rooms?

    I wanted to put my BR put now it shows my BR and also same number in my Profit


    Thanks for helping!


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    In Pokertracker (as well as in Holdem Manager) you can choose how recent you want your hud-stats to be (you can see their stats for the last x weeks). Right now I see the last 52 weeks (one year) of villains stats in my hud, is this reasonable?

    Thanks in advance.

    Black Panther

Viewing 4 posts - 901 through 904 (of 904 total)

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