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    Ok this si for the session titled “Opponent types and how to spot them” will edit it and update it these days.

    First, these are my “types”  that I defined in my color labeling, and that I use for nl2-nl5 and probably nl10 too. Please tell me your opinion on them.

    By each color code I mean:

    • Calling Station  – 56/4 or 20/5 or 35/14  (also for unknown who limped first in )
    • Maniac – 78/56 or someone who clicks back everytime postflop, or someone who min3b preflop alot
    • NIT – 19/15 and lower
    • TAG – 20/18 up to 25/20  or some1 who seems solid
    • LAG – 26/21+ but I know that there aren’t really good LAG players at nl2- nl10
    • Weak Reg – this I put to a guy who has reggish stats (i mean normal stats) but I see him playing bad (by bad I mean, overplaying hands, calling too much postflop, not valuebetting when he should)
    • Last 3 are self explaining

    I usually asign them the yellow label, unless they are very aggro then I change it to green. Green are the most wanted fishes for me. Also I don’t change my taggings so easily, I need a very good reason to change one tagged yellow to blue (like tag). I had some situations where i had to do that.

    How I spot them (opponent types):

    1st – Color tagging

    2nd. – Their action in the first hands I play at that table

    3rd – Stats

    4th – How many tables/stack size



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    Very interesting post

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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