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    CFP Student

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    Same villain as last hand.

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    BB checks, Hero???

    On this board I think we can safely assume that all Qx calls down. Pocket pairs might also call down, as could 5x. Against this range which includes all those hands, we almost get there, but not quite. Villain could certainly raise two pair+ before the river, but he could also perhaps not call down with this entire range, so that cancels each other out a bit.

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    I didn’t want to bet too small to make sure that he calls all those lower pairs, because he had already raised me OTR before, although I don’t think he was bluffing there. I might have lost some value here by just checking back.

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    CFP Student

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    I think betting with 4th kicker here is fine, smth between 30% and 50%.

    If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.


    Gordon Gekko

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    There is a reason why the “3 best kicker rule” in my std line videos is so great…self-praise haha  … but it really is. 

    QT seems too thin. You could bet $10, but u need to know what to do vs raise. vs straight forward guy thats a good move, otherwise just check. bsuted FD wont call

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