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    CFP Student

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    Villain is unknown.

    Image from Gyazo
    BB bets 14.02 BB, Hero???

    If we give villain a range with all Tx (except for the combos that were already straights before the river, which I think most people would raise on a double FD board), all missed FDs and even all hands that improved to two pair+ OTR we’re still not even close to the 30% we need. The problem is that besides the FD from the flop, nothing missed. There are just so many more combos of Tx than missed FDs, and he could actually have all Tx because OTT he would be double gutted.  Also, he should be more likely to donkbet Tx than two pair. So all things considered this is a pretty clear fold. I guess we could consider calling if he bets less than half pot.

    Image from Gyazo

    Image from Gyazo
    Looking back on it, it was a pretty bad call. It was at my lowest stake for not a lot of money, but that shouldn’t make a difference. A bad call is a bad call.



    CFP Student

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    i normally fold vs donk on 4str8 boards. especially this sizing looks strong. i also would think about folding weak 2pair. 

    vs 50% i go easy call 2pair. 

    but i definately fold here otr. 

    would be interesting what crunky says


    Gordon Gekko

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    With good 2pair and this sizing and 2 FDs missing call is fine imo. good math work u did, so vs non complete retards i would totally agree. but this is NL20, u need to factor in trickyness, dumb shit etc… thats why without more info i will look him up here.

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