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    CFP Student

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    Villain is a fish.

    Image from Gyazo

    We still have a decent two pair, although some more hands beat us now. Villain has just over pot left (40.3 BB). In order for us to have a profitable value bet, we need him to call with most of his Kx (K6+). I believed he might not call that wide if we overbet AI OTR, so I bet half pot to make sure all Kx could call. He jammed AI. I don’t think he’s ever bluffing here, and I doubt he raises worse for value. Even if he raises AK, he will also have AA and KQ that beat us, so we need him to overplay other Kx or Q7, which I think is very unlikely. Maybe I could have made it just a bit bigger OTT, to have less than a pot bet behind OTR, but I already made it more than a 3.5x raise. Still, I don’t think fish will fold most Kx OTT, even if I make it 4x, so that would make my life a bit easier, since he then is more likely to call again for a smaller sizing OTR with all Kx.

    Image from Gyazo

    CFP Student

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    Im just thinking that the FD missed and board paired which makes fish to think that he could rep trips, lol.

    He looks somewhat active, could we think about x/c?

    Wondering if he is capable of overplaying his KJ/KT like this, because the board is “safe”, TP is da nuts and we bet only half pot.

    Im so tempted to call his river raise but I guess without info bet/fold is the way to go.



    If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.


    Gordon Gekko

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    Nice disciplined fold. I like it…. BUT.

    Raise bigger turn and even as played JAM the river. Kx isn’t folding imo.

    As played only super monkey insane bluff…which people do but u dont have enough info…if he did somethign monkey-monkey then obv we snap call.

    One BIG secret is to NOT get into ugly spots. It is always good to have clear decisions. Obv u dont wanna make stupid plays to get to a clear decision… but yeah, just keep it in mind.


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    vs him bc he did not probebet river so far i would think about betting 50% to make him call every Kx (no2pair) here which you beat with K7. 

    it is just 20 hands but his stats seems not bluffy so far so xc makes no sense for me 


    really nice fold (Y)

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