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    CFP Student

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    Villain is fishy.
    Image from Gyazo
    BB bets 13 BB, Hero???

    Do we have a profitable raise? In game I just called, but I felt I kinda chickened out. After giving him a range I believe it actually was the right move. This is the range he would have to donk bet/call for us to have a profitable raise (including every plausible two pair+):

    Image from Gyazo

    Since this is definitely quite optimistic, I think just calling is best.

    Image from Gyazo
    It was a bit suprising to me that he’d play AT this way. I believe he was definitely block betting here, not wanting to face another 80% pot size bet. I’m not sure what we can take away from this hand, maybe that villain doesn’t like dealing with big bets. Maybe we can think about clicking it back next time.

    CFP Student

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    I would minraise it OTR to get call from every Ax he do this with, A9 weakest hand I would do it with and call the rest since many draw hit.



    Gordon Gekko

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    Definitely 40imo and fold vs reraise. ok, but marcus has better experience so he has better feel if villains call how much in these spots etc…but when Grandpa coach was young, this was def raise to 40

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