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    CFP Student

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    Villain probably fishy.

    Image from Gyazo
    Hero bets 6 BB, raises to 15 BB, Hero???

    Villain has 78 BB effective behind. I think we just hope that he can’t fold a slowplayed turned flush, or a rivered set or straight (which I expect most fishes can’t) and jam. I think his calling range doesn’t change too much if I raise to 50 or 94 BB, and it would be a clear waste of a hand to choose the smaller sizing. If we want him to call all two pair here we could raise to 40-50 BB, but if he’s fishy enough he might still call them sometimes if we jam. We’re also not sure if he even raises two pair OTR, because that’s already quite thin.


    CFP Student

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    I totally agree. Jam and hope a call.


    If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.


    Gordon Gekko

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    easiest JAM. people are too bad (fish) to raise fold value hands… thats all u need to know.


    CFP Student

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    why no raise otf with FD?  bet looks weak on this board. every turn card 8+ he will have hard time calling so we have good folding chances. so i would raise otf 7bb-8bb. 

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