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    CFP Student

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    Villain is a fish.

    Image from Gyazo
    BB bets 16.8 BB, Hero???

    We need to be good 29% of the time. If we give him all straights (76, J7, QJ) and 99/95 for a full house, and all missed FDs except for A-high, we have a call.

    Image from Gyazo

    He might have some more 5x some of the time, but he can also bluff A-high FDs and maybe overcards once in a while, so I think calling is still OK.

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    CFP Student

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    calling any TP here without thinking.

    Main draw from the flop missed, so either 5 or nothing, I think.

    If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.


    Gordon Gekko

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    Basically what Otto said is fine.

    I think we once did a study, wasn’t as air heavy as i once thought. But taht study was when a draw arrived…and here we can’t fully argue since the main draw missed and it is basically 67 or nothing. I dont mind folding shit kicker here, but more bc it probably is super close.

    Default should be call here imo.

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