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    SB: $20.74 (103.7 bb)
    BB: $16.85 (84.3 bb)
    MP: $40.55 (202.8 bb)
    CO: $12.10 (60.5 bb)
    Hero (BTN): $20 (100 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is BTN with J of spades A of diamonds
    MP raises to $0.60, CO folds, Hero calls $0.60, SB folds, BB calls $0.40

    Flop: ($1.90) 7 of spades 2 of clubs A of hearts (3 players)
    BB checks, MP checks, Hero bets $1.40, BB folds, MP calls $1.40

    Turn: ($4.70) 3 of hearts (2 players)
    MP checks, Hero checks

    River: ($4.70) 3 of spades (2 players)
    MP checks, Hero bets $3.20, MP calls $3.20

    Results: $11.10 pot ($0.74 rake)
    Final Board: 7 of spades 2 of clubs A of hearts 3 of hearts 3 of spades
    MP showed 2 of diamonds 2 of hearts and won $10.36 ($5.16 net)
    Hero mucked J of spades A of diamonds and lost (-$5.20 net)



    Q1: 3bet or flat pre?

    A1: I decided to flat, because I wanted the 65/3 in BB in the pot. 3bet is totally fine also. SB SQ 8%.

    Q2: double barrel?

    A2: once the fish folds, it is hard to get 3 streets of value and we do not fear any cards.

    Q3: How big should we go on river?

    A3: V can call with worse Ax and maybe even PP. I doubt he is going to fold Ax so we should go big 75%.


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    i would check back otf bet turn and river i see mostly weaker Ax,KK-88 once he x/c otf 

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