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    Hero (SB): $20.03 (100.2 bb)
    BB: $5.44 (27.2 bb)
    UTG: $25.69 (128.5 bb)
    MP: $24.15 (120.8 bb)
    CO: $13.50 (67.5 bb)
    BTN: $20.92 (104.6 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is SB with J of spades A of spades
    UTG raises to $0.50, MP folds, CO calls $0.50, BTN folds, Hero raises to $2, 2 folds, CO calls $1.50

    Flop: ($4.70) T of spades 7 of hearts Q of spades (2 players)
    Hero bets $2.82, CO calls $2.82

    Turn: ($10.34) 4 of clubs (2 players)
    Hero bets $15.21 and is all-in, CO calls $8.68 and is all-in

    River: ($27.70) 8 of clubs (2 players, 2 are all-in)

    Results: $27.70 pot ($1.84 rake)
    Final Board: T of spades 7 of hearts Q of spades 4 of clubs 8 of clubs
    Hero mucked J of spades A of spades and lost (-$13.50 net)
    CO showed K of diamonds A of clubs and won $25.86 ($12.36 net)



    Q1: do we have FE on turn once he calls flop?

    A1: huge fish, who probably will call shove with worse draws. Therefore not much FE, maybe he folds 7x, 88, 99 but thats about it.

    Since stack to pot ratio is very small, we could start with a check since we do not have FE and dont want to grow pot with A high. We could easily get him all-in by river if we start by check.

    On the other hand, he is going to broke with worse draws like SD and flushdraw (KJ,98, J9).

    I prefer checking flop and GII if we hit since we do not have much FE.

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    With these stacks I like check shoving the flop.



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    Difficult this one. Especcially against huge fish with large e-dicks. They don’t fold. Thats the trouble. So you better have something ones you bet. Against a nit V14 P 10 or even V25 P19  shoving is great as for most its an easy fold. But against a V70  you know he’ll call you with any gutter anything I mean in a fish mind, a hand like 10-4 o for example, already  qualifies jamming.  So any hit, any draw he’ll call. What I would do here bet flop check turn to see a free card.  Let the K or the flush comes (if he can’t win the hand) he’s most likely gonna semibluff river. Any other card just giuve up. Give him credit. Even though it’s a fish. My advice against fish. Bet on what you get. Hit hard and lurk him in the net. Put your ego aside. You know your better. But you can’t force to get dealt the right cards just because you’re playing against fish. Be patient. Let them donkbet. They make too many mismakes. Just wait for the right hand and ship it. 

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