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    SB: $15.32 (76.6 bb)
    BB: $12.38 (61.9 bb)
    UTG: $40.18 (200.9 bb)
    Hero (MP): $20 (100 bb)
    CO: $27.68 (138.4 bb)
    BTN: $34.33 (171.7 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is MP with A of clubs A of hearts
    UTG calls $0.20, Hero raises to $1.20, CO calls $1.20, 3 folds, UTG calls $1

    Flop: ($3.90) J of clubs 6 of hearts J of diamonds (3 players)
    UTG checks, Hero bets $2.34, CO calls $2.34, UTG calls $2.34

    Turn: ($10.92) 2 of hearts (3 players)
    UTG checks, Hero checks, CO checks

    River: ($10.92) 4 of hearts (3 players)
    UTG bets $10.92, Hero calls $10.92, CO folds

    Results: $32.76 pot ($2.18 rake)
    Final Board: J of clubs 6 of hearts J of diamonds 2 of hearts 4 of hearts
    UTG showed A of spades J of hearts and won $30.58 ($16.12 net)
    Hero mucked A of clubs A of hearts and lost (-$14.46 net)
    CO mucked and lost (-$3.54 net)

    Vep: 321

    limp-call 50% // does not 3B KK

    Vco: 27/19 C:15%

    Q1: do we have 33%?

    A1: V has 38 value combos. he is aggressive postflop. he can valuebet worse with QQ-KK since he does not 3b them and he is capable of bluffing river. The problem here is, that he pots the river.

    He needs to bet 24 worse combos. And we have some1 behind, who will wake up with the nuts from time to time.

    this is borderline with 36,5% EQ.


    I did not even count in the backdoor flush here. Instead of calling the river, the best line would be to bet’/fold turn and if still multiway check river, if HU on river we can bet/fold 33%-50% to get called by pairs.

    32,6% with flushes ( ignored Vco)


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    I would bet 1/2 pot on the turn and check behind on the river.



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    Hmmm…seen the dryness on the flop and after getting a call from both CO and UTG, i would just give up. What do they have? Guess…….

    To many J combos in the mix here. Your Cbet on a totally dry flop is called by 2 players. I smell a rat there and continue the hand very cautious. My view is that 8/10 one has medium or small pocket pair and the other guy has a Jx combo. But that’s it. Sometimes poker is simple. You know your fucked ones you get 2 callers.  Even a fish can tell you there’s 2 jacks out there…



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    Ocassionally you fold against QQ and KK or even lower 7-7, 8-8, 9-9, 10-10 but do 2 Cbet callers  bluff  often enough to continue with your AA here. Against 1 I would probably just call it of checkcall turn and checkcall river.  

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