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    Villain is fishy.
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    BB checks, Hero???
    In this case it mostly comes down to how many Qx he calls down with. If we think he calls down all Qx, we have a valuebet, if he folds just a few combos, we don’t. In my range I left out around 30% of his flushes, as he will likely x/r some of them OTT. I left in all other two pair+.
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    I think we can make sure he calls all Qx and possibly some worse hands by betting 8-10 BB OTR.

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    CFP Student

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    i would b50 here bc Kc is really the ugliest card here. we have some value but now there is acutally many stronger hands than ours. Kx otr will slow down also his calling range with made hands from the flop. so i think b50-fold raise is perfect size to still get call from Qx 


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    T2 easy 50%, here when we block Qx combinations and he is only aggressive with cbets I would go 33% to still get calls from every Qx, if he is cally even some Tx might call.



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    yep, def bet here, but good instinct on realizing its not 2pair-the-nuts spot.

    33% sounds good. 50 cant be that bad bc of Kx gutshots, Kj,K9. I probably bet 50%

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