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    Villain has limped 4/17 and open raised 1/17 so far. Cbet 0/1.

    Image from Gyazo
    Hero checks, SB bets 21.78 BB and is all-in, Hero???

    We need to be good 30% of the time here. Against a maniac this would be an easy call down for 36.5 BB, and vs most other opponents it would still be OK, but can we call down vs. a guy that seems to be really tight? Against this range we can call down:
    Image from Gyazo

    The problem is that we don’t know if this guy bluffs missed FDs (or even cbets them, although as a standard we do assume that), especially since he probably only opens good suited hands and (according to his stats, although still low sample) probably folds 84s type of hands. On the other hand, since he is tight he might not always bet three streets for value with Jx.

    Still, the guy has been super tight for 35 hands and now opens 4x and barrels 3 streets AI, I think we should play it safe and only call down Jx+

    Image from Gyazo

    CFP Student

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    bc there are 2 str8  possible  89, 45     i would fold. 

    just beat the busted FD i would give him here 45, T3, 73 type of hands here.  

    but on other site his sizing ott and otr is just strange… why so small ott and big otr…



    CFP Student

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    I would fold, he is so autoprofit pre when we are BB and I would much rather take an easier spot when we are IP/smaller pots.

    I would be shocked if this guy 3bar bluff much, so still fold OTR in this hand, weakest call is 76 for me.



    Gordon Gekko

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    Vs tight guy this is a RIDIC EASY FOLD.

    Keep it simple, you do not beat ANY value hand here. Only question is HOW OFTEN he bluffs and if u describe him as tighty, u know the answer…assigning ranges here is arbitrary and basically guessing. It can help u to realize how often he has to bluff for this to be a good call.

    But from all i see, its a pretty bad call. vs maniac obv snap.

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