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    Hi guys,

    I’m Ben. Registred here a few days ago and yesterday I hopped into the MTT-Bronze-Course. I play Poker for a couple of years now –  more or less intensive. MTTs have always been my favorite games. I’m really excited for the upcoming Journey – can’t wait to get deep into that stuff!


    At the moment I’m studying and hope to get my mastersdegree done till the end of september. After that I will go to southamerica for a couple of month and if the pokergods will give me a good internet connection I will play more from there. Especially the masters will slow me down grinding long sessions during the week, but because there’s quite a lot of content to learn first, I try to practice my learings on the weekends. During the week will always be some time to do some course-content, homework, etc.

    Since I had to set some goals for the first week I want to note them here too, that I can evaluate them next week. My goals fort the next week:

    Main goal: proceeding with the MTT-bible

    Sub goal #1: installing and getting in touch with all the required programs and materials

    Sub goal #2: doing the homework as required

    Sub goal #3: play at least one long session

    That’s it for now. Looking forward to study with and from u!

    Let the journey begin!





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    Here’s what I took away from the first webinar I watched on monday.

    mindset webinar

    • warmup routine
      • – do some meditating – 5-10min per day -> good youtube-videos, app headspace
      • 5 min visualization exercise: close ur eyes and picture urself in difficult situations and getting sucked out again, again and again, yet u stay calm
      • go through hands, analyse and review -> following day is always better!
      • for cooldown, just quit…dont study after the session!
      • do the meditation daily!

    Staying focused for long grinds

    • have a good B or C game trumbs an excellent A game
    • as long as the B or C-game is solid its ok – if it sucks, its not cause of tilt, its cause ur pokergame sucks! …B-C-D-game has to be good enough to be a winning player
    • don’t chose fancy lines – we only see the extremes, influencend by the media
    • the true path to greatness: simlicity, normalcy, patience, concentration, focus and execution – u can’t solve poker in a month…try to implement the stuff step by step

                    Homework – focus on one thing and one thing only!!!!

    • Focus will increase only through hard work. You have to fucking train that shit!!!


    Stop Complaining, Nobody Cares!

    • no badbeat storys, stop mouning…just do the correct things!
    • don’t stay in the past and complain on your faults
    • Stay in the present tense and impact your future
    • make sure you accept your negative thoughts
    • Work on your mindset outside the tables (e.g. ritual preparation before a session – warmup) -> don’t tell anyone how bad you run – no one cares!
    • complaining will not improve your game
    • If you don’t work on that outside you might get in trouble, e.g. when u had a deeprun and lose a coinflip
    • when u have just one table left, read something, do coaching sessions, do analysis, update ur blog… use ur time wisely
    • 2 steps: fix your mindset outside ur playing, then start to improve while playing
    • also during brakes: do whatever will help u… excercise, breathingtechniques etc.


    Overcoming hardship (downswings)

    • tilt always teaching u a lesson -> see it as a buddy! learn from it
    • pain teaches u to do something, work on your game, teaches u to stay humble in upswings… lose less in downswings when u work hard
    • Bencb made his best experience of all time during a 1 1/2 year of downswing -> you work more on ur game when u run bad
    • You don’t deserve anything – don’t get jealous, fuck it, work hard and succeed in the long run


    Take breaks

    • don’t do anything to numb the pain (TV, Drinking hard,…)
    • if you do shitty things (TV, Party hard…), do it for fun – but not to numb the pain



    • action -> Inspiration -> Motivation
    • just fucking do it… no matter what, the inspiration and the motivation will come!
    • Motivation is nothing. Taking action is everything!
    • Fuck your “I’m not motivated” “how can I motivate myself”

    Change your lifestyle, believes and frames

    • Meditation, eat healthy, exercise regularly
    • connect with like minded -> people are ur greatest resource
    • Cut out the bullshit
    • Improve/invest in yourself
    • care more about ur mindset, read someting about it, do meditation etc.


    So I will focus on doing a short meditation everyday, doing it since monday and works pretty good for writing my master thesis so far! Can’t wait to test it before playing!!!




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    Things I took away from the MTT Tool-Introduction, Chart explanation..etc webinar.

    • we don’t continue in pots with second-pair where we are 5-6-or 7 handed -> equity-realisation with off-siuted high-cards is often pretty marginal
    • if a hand in the chart has 2 different colors, there are 2 different things to consider (e.g. bluffsqueeze with more than 30 BBS or with less than 30 BBs go all-in)
    • the rangetool-ranges maybe differ a bit from the video-ranges -> doesn’t matter, just need the logic behind

    The rangetool

    • 25 BBs means less than up to25 BBs, 100 BBs means above 25 BBs
    • if there is no range for a specific position use something between the closest 2 ranges
    • don’t follow everything 100%, you need to think and adjust
    • defending ranges from the BB, you don’t have 3-betting range, just the defending range depending on the PFR of the openraiser
    • don’t use it when pokerstars is open
    • you need at least 50 hands on someone that PFR/VPIP is somewhat going in the right direction

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    So here’s the update of my progress for last week and my goals for this week:

    Goals from Last week:

    Main goal: proceeding with the MTT-bible

    This worked quit well, but since I can’t just watch it to have all of it in mind, I have to do some summaries while watching. Right now I’m 51 % trough, but just made summaries for about 25 % in total

    Sub goal #1: installing and getting in touch with all the required programs and materials

    I couldn’t manage to getting in touch with all of the programs yet. I was playing around with the ICMizer and the Equilab and tried to run the MTT-tool on my MacBook, since I can’t use it while playing on stars. But since I have just the latest version of Excel it won’t work ’cause of something with the makros is not provided… damn, gotta learn that shit before playing ^^

    Sub goal #2: doing the homework as required

    did work out, well I just watched 2 webinars which I had to summarize…This week will be coming more 🙂

    Sub goal #3: play at least one long session

    Lol, what a nice goal that was 😀 …When I set this, I didn’t know about the requirements, so long story short…I didn’t play yet…but soon 😉


    Because of the mindset webinar, I started doing a little Meditation when I get up….Did it every day and it worked pretty good on focussing on my master-thesis – so it will work for playing poker in the future too!!


    Goals for this week:

    Main goal: Proceeding with the requirements for playing

    Sub goal #1: Proceeding with the MTT-bible and doing all the missing summaries – Since there are a lot of Webinars left I think around 75 – 80% should be possible (Posting at least 3 webinar-summaries)

    Sub goal #2: Finishing the “Tilt free today”-course…I’m at 71 %

    Sub goal #3: Playing around with ICMizer (3 hands), Equilab (3 hands), Uhlvar Equity app (10 hands), the MTT-tool (10 min – focussing on openraising), and doing my daily Meditation


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    Webinar 12 – How to play Toppairs

    How to play Overpairs – As Preflopagressor IP

    • We always bet or Overpairs 2/3 PSB >30 BB
    • Less than 30 bb 40 % – 50 % PSB on Flop (only when the board is dry – no flush/straightdraws present, if present 2/3 PSB!) and on Turn we continue betting 2/3 PSB :
      if no flush or straight got there
      if a flush or straight got there
      1/2 PSB if a flush and straight got there
    • we check if the T is K+
    • we keep betting if the T is 2-Q -> 1/2 PSB (->99 on 368T -> bet 1/2 PSB, JJ on 852Q -> 1/2 PSB, -> QQ on 632K -> check) if we checkback the Turn we always call the river unless it’s a horrible rivercard (flush + straight)

    < 30 BB: (Or stack to ratio < 2)
    We go broke with any overpair! (exception: 3 suited + connected boards: 876 monotone)

    ok to call once if opponent raises less than 3x our bet
    JJ on T54 bet/broke

    >50 BB:
    We just call our Overpairs and we play it like Toppairs!

    -> With overpairs where the rules say we don’t go broke with, we call a raise once and call a If he checks the T after raising the flop, we bet 50% on the turn

    – Rule of thumb: Think of all overpairs you can have, only call the 2 strongest overpairs in your range (Exception: If the board brings a flush or a straight, and your opponent raised you on the flop, keeps betting the turn, we ALWAYS fold an overpair on the river!) if we have a decently strong overpair and the board runs out good -> we always call! -> do a lot of handreviews with overpairs to get a feeling for what is a “decent overpair”. we fold the bottom of our overpairs and call the top ones ->plays similar to toppairs!

    < 20 BB you should barely have overpairs! (we rejam pairs very often)

    e.g. TT on 653 ->raise/broke
    -> 88 on 542 -> only call, we don’t go broke
    -> 99 on 532 -> raise/broke

    40-75BB we raise the flop and go broke if there is a gap of 4 between highcard and your pocket pair -> the bigger our stack the higher we want the gap!

    75BB+ we play overpairs like TPTK (exception vs fish -> always raise and go broke if gab is >4. If he calls, bet Turn  big enough, that you have less than 1 PSB on the river). recreational players will often enough overplay their hands.

    How to play Overpairs – vs Preflopaggressor IP
    -> If checked to us, we bet our Overpair and call a raise once vs the PFA and fold the Turn (unless you have < 30 BB)

    -> Be very careful vs multiway check/raises, usually they are strong. There are exceptions:
    àx/r from the BB is a wider range than from the SB (BB defends wider) -> if BB x/r on a dry board we can just get it in even if we have around 50 BB (example from tessie)

    How to play Overpairs – vs Preflopaggressor OOP

    < 20 BB you should barely have Overpairs (we rejam pairs very often)

    e.g. )) on 653 -> raise/brocke
    -> 88 on 642 -> only call
    -> 99 on 532 -> raise/broke

    40-75BB we raise the flop and go broke if there is a gap of 4 between highcard and your pocket pair

    75 BB+ we play Overpair like TPTK (exception vs Fish -> always raise and go broke if gap is >4. If he calls, bet Turn big enough, that you have a PSB left on the river)

    -> Vs UTG for more than 75 BB we only x/c our Overpairs

    -> only vs fish we raise our strongest Overpairs (3+Gap)

    Rule of thumb: On boards where Flushes and/or straights are possible, for more than 75BB we just check/call always!

    How to play Overpairs – as Preflopaggressor OOP

    -> we always bet 2/3PSB (exception < 30 BB 40-50 % PSB on dry boards! no straight or flushdraws!)

    ->we keep betting the Turn with our Overpairs

    ->We x/C if Turn is K+
    ->we keep betting if Turn is 2-Q -> 1/2 PSB
    -> 99 on 368T ->bet 1/2
    -> JJ on 852Q ->bet 1/2
    -> QQ on 632K -> check

    If our opponent calls we keep betting if we still have an Overpair 2/3 PSB on the river.
    If the flush and the straight got there we only call vs <1/3 PSB
    If the flush or the straight got there we only call vs < 1/2 PSB
    If neither the flush nor the straight got there we keep betting 1/2 (even though there is one overcard!)


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    Webinar 13 – How to play Overpairs – Handreview

    Hand #1:

    AsAc in SB, openraise 2.5x…BB calls (pot 6BB),

    Flop: Td5d8s, hero bets 4.5BB BBcalls (pot 15BB) -> standard 66% PSB

    Turn 9d x/x -> turncard sucks -> check (or bet 50 % if Turncard hits his range pretty hard e.g. if turn was a 4)

    River 2h x/x -> valuebet 1/2 – 2/3 PSB! call against a 2/3 PSB on river, our hand is underrepresented  

    -> also keep in mind its blind vs blind

    Hand #2: BU HUD 2 hands 100/100/100

    JcJh in BB with 164BB stack ->calling is fine -> especially against a big openraise

    MP +2 limps, BU raises to 5.7 BB, Hero calls, MP+2 calls

    Flop (18.8BB, 3 Players) 3c2h8d x/x/ BU bets 18 BB, hero calls,MP+2 folds

    Turn (54.8BB) Tc x/Bu bets 35 BB, hero calls

    River 9c x/BU shoves all-in with 119BB, hero folds

    -> play of the hand is totally fine!!

    -> advice: poker is a zero sum game, e.g. if opponent has no bluffs on the Turn you might lose money, but when the situation reverses, 100% of the time he will pay you off

    -> just see this situation as a setup and continue

    Hand #3:

    Hero UTG TsTh raises 2.5x, Co (9hands 44.4/0/0) calls, BU (9hands 55.5/11/0)calls

    Flop (9.9BB, 3 Players) 5c3c8d, hero bets 6.5BB, CO folds, BU calls

    Turn (23BB) 2c, hero bets 50%PSB, BU calls ->50%PSB is a good bet, also against REGs

    River (46BB) x/x ->river just x/f unless someone is betting pretty small

    Hand #4:

    UTG (97BB) raises 3BB, Hero (MP+1 88BB 13hands 0/0/0) 3bets 2.5x, CO (184BB coldcalls 9hands 22/22/33), UTG calls -> 3bet is way too small ->between 2.8 and 3.2 is good ->3betting too small you won’t make money!

    Flop (25 BB, 3 players) Jc8h4h, UTG x, hero bets 66% PSB, CO raises 2x, UTG raises all-in, hero folds, CO calls -> laydown is pretty acceptable especially multiway and so deep -> against 1 opponent we always go broke

    Hand #5:

    Hero (MP2 31BB) opens QdQc to 446 (2.2x), BU(22BB no stats) calls

    Flop(1.417): 7c3hTs, hero bets 50% pot, BU calls -> sizing is good cause stacks are shallow

    Turn (2.891): Kc, x/x ->very clear check

    River: Kd, hero x, BU bets 3.172 all-in, hero folds ->should be a standard call, opponent should not have too many K in his hand, when he checks back the turn -> hero should have jammed the river himself -> opponent might herocall with any T

    ->if he is never bluffing and switch the situation you’ll get ur money back

    Hand #6:

    Hero (UTG+1, 22BB) raises 2.2x with AsAc, UTG+2, MP2, SB calls BB is all-in

    Flop (11BB, 4+1 players) 7hQh3h, SB x, hero bets 50%PSB, UTG+2 folds, MP2 calls, SB folds ->bets is fine

    Turn (21BB, 2+1players) 2h, x/x -> jam if Turn was a blank, if the turn is as it is, there should not be more money invested

    River 5c, hero x, MP2 shoves, hero folds -> clear fold on the river, cause of the 4 card flush possible

    Hand #7:

    MP1 limps, Hero (CO 94BB) raises to 4 BB, BU 3bets 3.25x, hero calls ->fine

    Flop (30BB) 6c2c4c, hero x, BU bets 13BB, hero calls -> fine

    Turn (56 BB) 8h, x/x -> we would call once more if he was betting les full PSB -> if we would have 99 or TT with no clubs we would just fold here if opponent bets

    River Qh, x/x -> x/f

    ->you have to distinguish between 3bets pot and just opened pot, ranges are smaller in 3-bet pot, he should not have 66 and lower


    Further Thoughts etc.:

    -> next step is to think about the ranges opponents can have

    -> the rules have to be adjusted to the board texture -e.g. you wanted to invest 2 streets with a hand and then a flush or straight arrives -> one street of value is ok

    -> don’t go broke with Overpairs with more than 100 BB


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    Webinar 1 -Tournament Review part 1

    • If UTG limps you can limp (especially) in the lateposition a ton of suited hands behind
    • You can always bet 40-50% PSB with a 2-card straight (especially against fish) when a 3rd flushcard comes on the river -> fold to a raise
    • don’t bluff-3-bet against recreational players -> 4x OOP when your deep
    • A5s 3-bet HJ from BU is a merged 3bet, so we can do it against recreational players too
    • when we raise UTG and BB defends and a dry board appears…C-bet it 100% of the time
    • when u open UTG and get a flatcall and squeezed from someone in the blinds play tight -> u can even fold TT then -> especially if the guy is a regular
    • if u have around 20 BB, u can always rejam AQo
    • when working with equilab start to put him on a range he would go all-in 100%
    • if we have an overpair against a shortstack… bet tiny that he has a chance to continue or rejam…if the board is wet a jam is ok
    • analyse a lot of stortstacksspots in Holdemressources or IZCMizer
    • you makececk the turn and make a set on a very scary turn (lots of straights and flushes possible) and opponent bets small -> raise it and bet a blank on the river big

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    Webinar 2 Tournament review part 2

    Introduction in Coachings

    How does coaching work?

    • Scheduling on Weekends
    • Coaches tell the timeframe
    • Preparation
    • 1 team captain – will change week by week
    • Meet up before – wide variety of hands and maybe pick better hands etc.
    • 10 min per student
    • value your time (tell the coaches if someone wastes the others time)
    • volume, work ethics, results, skill level -> if u can’t put in the hours but have great results u can participate

    -> check discord everyday -> find a date asap

    tournament review part 2

    • when people bet big on draw heavy boards, they usually have it
    • ranges for flatting: if there are more flatters before u, u can call wider ->33 % rule, e.g. we have around 20 BB and someone opens UTG we call around 5 %, if MP calls before as well, we can add around 2-3 %, if HJ calls we add 2-3 % more… (overcalling down to 11 BB, minraise and at least 2 coldcallers)
    • golden rule: if we call with TT for 13 BB and get a squeeze from late position we jam
    • late stage with good stack we can openraise wider -> opponents usually tighten up
    • considerable to openraise suited connectors (98, 76) from UTG when deeper than 100 BB
    • blind vs. blind: Q-high around 10 BB always a good spot to jam

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    Webinar 3 MTT-review and Holdem Resource Calculator Instruction

    • Win The Button Tournament adjustments: you want to create a gameplan -> take a look 2 players to your right and 2 to your left -> if the guy to your right is overly aggressive you need to be aggressive too -> don’t overdo it, but we have to fight back

    if the guy on your left is pretty tight -> good. we have to adjust if he’s aggro

    • If we openraise and face a rejam less than 8 BB we never fold
    • if someone limp-calls ->fishtag
    • if we have only the nut flushdraw and we’re short… opt to checkback when IP
    • when analysing rejams do 3 scenarios (tight, normal, loose) then build the average
    • golden rule: if you don’t have any foldequity on the turn and have a valuehand -> just bet it


    Webinar 4  MTT-review part 2

    • if setmining from SB we need at least 30 BB
    • final table: 2 small stack around, one big stack to your left, if the opening chart says to open 25% from the HJ, we want to decrease the range by 20 % (so overall around 20%) …if the guys to your left are passive recreational players, just stick to the charts
    • as a chipleader u can openraise a ton (a bit wider than the charts) to put pressure on the others
    • valuebetting e.g. T-high flushes for thin value, around 35- 45 % PSB
    • on FT’s try to gather as many reads as possible, and don’t relay too much on stats

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    Webinar 5 – MTT-review – postflop considerations

    • if someone donkbets big, should be considered as a valuebet
    • when flopping the nutflush bet on the smaller side
    • the only thing stats do for you is prevent you from learning the game -> many people justify complete punts or whatever on the bases of some weird stats that they think they have and the second mistake is they think that a certain stat tells them something but doesn’t (e.g. people C-bet always cause the opponent FCbet is very high, but it’s in a 3bet pot vs UTG) …preflop stats are quite alright…postflop stats are more bullshit – just think about what makes sense with that hand -> forget about stats in the beginning
    • with valuehands, think ahead -> how much to bet on each street to be able to make a <PSB by the river
    • if opponent bets quite small and we have a lot of backdoordraws we can call on the flop
      CO minraises, hero calls with KsJh on BU, Flop: 8dQs3s (6BB), Co bets 2BB -> never fold…we could consider raising
    • blind vs blind is better to raise small flushdraws with backdoor straightdraws without showadownvalue – but if you think it’s pretty likely the opponent might jam, then call
    • when your short, try to trap preflop with good hands by just minraising
    • when u openraise small pairs, always keep an eye on the effective stacksizes (fold or jam)
    • if someone limps: the bigger the gap between VPIP and PFR the more you should consider to jam
    • when shortstacked and on the bubble – be very tight and take a lot of time – especially in big field MTTs
    • if you do some marginal bluffing stuff, etc. do it against wide ranges and when they bet small

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    Webinar 6 – Rejamming on final tables

    • off-suit Aces are not good rejamhands
    • when there are players shorter than us, we have to be super, super tight with more players are shorter as tighter we have to be
    • whenever ICM is involved and plays a big role our margins for error are very small (e.g, opponent opens tighter and calls looser than we think our rejamming range can drop from 18 to 5 %!
    • ICM is on a big MTT buble much higher than in an SNG
    • if someone rejams from the BB you have to be much tighter than someone rejamimg from the SB, cause they would flat a lot more from the BB
    • always flat the broadways and don’t rejam them -> that has more value
    • make sure u analyse as much as possible with ICM situations!!!

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    Webinar 8 – FT Bounty Analysis

    • when having <20 BB size the bets a bit smaller
    • apply pressure on medium stacks the FT-bubble by 3-betting when there’s a shortsack on the table
    • in bounty MTTs we can stick to rejam ranges, if there’s a big bounty and someone rejams 10 BB we have to call 100%
    • you can make a backwards calculation of how much chips is the bounty worth, e.g. $7.5, $3.25 is the total bounty of which you can win $1.87 ->1/4th of the buy-in. so you can win 1/4th of the starting stack (e.g. 4k chips -> 1k is dead money), but it’s not a perfect calculation, because it doesn’t consider future game. you need to have the eye on stack-distributions, because if u call if you lose and you have a stack to cover all the others its very horrible -> so u need to protect your stack
    • when ur shortstacked and have a big bounty -> be a bit tighter than the jamming-ranges (cause they will call looser) 15-20% is fine
    • if your bigstack in SB, just openjam (especially in bounty MTTs) 100% on a shortstack, when there is at least one shorter stack than him…don’t do limping bullshit
    • understand correlation between EV and stacksizes: shortstack vs. bigstack EV is high, if midstack goes all-in EVs are much lower
    • in the early game you can make the backward analysis, but the deeper you get the less it counts?? cause the bounties increase exponentially
    • when u analyse the bounty MTT FTs cause of the bountys u should make them more topheavy
    • when bluffing on 4 suited boards, you don’t want to have a pair

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    Webinar 9 – FT Bounty Analysis II

    • in general 3-bet a polarized range on FT
    • drawheavy middlecard boards -> when you don’t have a very strong hand, like toppair and less just check
    • with nothing you can bluff vs the BB but not vs the SB (SB doesn’t have that many weak hands)
    • when we attack the weak part of his range with a small sizing on the flop, and we barrel a good bluff-card on the turn, we do it with a bigger sizing to get his medium hands to fold
    • Main consideration: How many weak/medium/strong/nut-hands are in opponents range, what does that mean for our betsizing, checking…etc , but keep it simple: don’t count every single combination

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    Webinar 10 – Tournament Review

    • huge openraise from shorty is most of the time AK (Julian then goes broke on every flop that doesn’t contain a A or K)
    • FT: don’t open too lose from CO, when bigstack is on the BU
      if the Bigstack is not on the BU, you can open standard
    • minraise on FTs is fine

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    Here’s my weekly update:

    Goals from last week:

    Main goal: Proceeding with the requirements for playing -> done!!!

    Sub goal #1: Proceeding with the MTT-bible and doing all the missing summaries – Since there are a lot of Webinars left I think around 75 – 80% should be possible (Posting at least 3 webinar-summaries) -> done 100%

    Sub goal #2: Finishing the “Tilt free today”-course…I’m at 71 % -> done 100%

    Sub goal #3: Playing around with ICMizer (3 hands), Equilab (3 hands), Uhlvar Equity app (10 hands), the MTT-tool (10 min – focussing on openraising), and doing my daily Meditation

    -> what I did:    Equilab: 3 hands 4 times

                                   MTT-Tool: everyday at least 10 min

                                   Meditation: daily

                                   ICMizer: 3 hands 2 times

    what I didn’t do: Uhlvar equity app -> got some problems with my PC, couldn’t figure it out yet


    All in all, I’m very satisfied with last week. My No. 1 priority is still my master-thesis, so I think I should slow down my goals a little bit – and the next week will be some family-celebrations coming up. At least I can’t do daily goals, ’cause that doesn’t work at the moment.

    On the weekend I played My first MTTs (4 in total, cashed 1), yey J …I think for the first time with all the rules and stuff, I didn’t perform too bad. On a scale from 1-10 I’d say 6, because I had to look up way too much. And even so I was playing only 2 tables(!!!) at the time I sometimes really got in trouble to look up the spots in time where I wasn’t sure. That can’t be like that! I gotta learn that shit, burn it in my mind that I can purely focussing on the hands and opponents while playing!


    So for that I have some new goals for this week:

    Main goal: learning the rules and ranges even more and play 1 session

    Sub goal #1: prepare some flashcards for the postflop rules

    Sub goal #2: watching the tool videos and see what I can get from there

    Sub goal #3: Continue learning the ranges, so working with the MTT-Tool

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