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    Hey guys,

    Welcome to the FAQ and Feedback Forum for the 6-Max Crusher Course

    Here you can give us feedback on the course!

    Please let us know:

    1) How you are liking the course
    2) Types of improvements we can make to the course
    3) Any topic suggestions for future lessons and videos

    I am here to make sure we are delivering the best content so you can get to the tables and crush your opponents.

    I will personally respond to every post in the thread and make sure your
    suggestions are heard by our coaches.


    takis nik

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    I have a question about Preflop Ranges from blinds 

    On our ranges for preflop 3 bet -fold play when we are on SB ,there are some off-suit hands like A2 – A4 OFF and some suited hands like K2 – K6 , Q2 -Q6, J3 -J6 , 64 -65, 74 -75, 84-85, 94-95, 10 4 – 10 5

    Please , i want to ask about all these hands …in which situations do we 3bet them and against any villain ?

    Thank you !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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