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    man, nice buddah 😀

    no matter how hard it is or how bad it gets i'm going to make it

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    Hey man, good job.

    Keep crushing!

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    Get crushing for that Million Year!

    'Excellence is not an act but a habit'

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    hey man gl in 1mill challenge give it your best

    BPC Blog
    Youtube channel

    A goal properly set is halfway reached

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    Wanna see how those profits for the challenge look like!!!

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    I saw your graphs man, pretty good job. Keep crushing the fishes.

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    Keep it up, GJ

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    well done, kudos to you!)

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    Thanks guys for nice words, appreciate that. Whats poppin!

    Bragging about results, gettin fucked in the ass 😀 Here is summary of last 2 weeks if any1 interested. I played lots of hours with avarage of 10h/day. Profit wise that was best 2 weeks in my entire career. If anyone is interested to check the results i post little summary video.

    Last 3 days were not so good and i start to be a little bit tired. Hate when bad run comes and i lose motivation to grind but this is part of the game. Ill try to keep grindin 10h/day. Beside poker life is good and everything is going alright, happy with my relations, keep training and soon we go with our Crew to Bangkok for few days to party a little bit.

    Here one picture from Penang, Malaysia; it was 69th floor if i remember good and they had this cool glass tower that you could look down and see everything beneath you.

    Take care guys !

Viewing 9 posts - 256 through 264 (of 264 total)

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