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    I am interested more in general approach vs such villains.

    Villain bets flop 15/18 and turn 7/8  which is probably  closer to 100% in HU pots.

    In this example I get best turn card for me probably. My first plan was to float flop and raise many turns when I pick up equity, but 3bet pots arent the best for this, as we see here he pots the turn and tells us he will call a shove and without this turn card I am just giving him free 13BB on flop.

    So I think I miss played my hand here.


    Would it be better to raise this guy cbet in 3bet pots with weak draws, that cant call turn bets (like pair + gutshot, or maybe even only a pair and some backdraws)? With about 2.5x size of his flop cbet or would you make it bigger to close to 3x? Making it 40bb here sounds quite much, and 30bb sounds about right. Is there a possibility to go even smaller and make him fold his air anyway, like 28bb or is that too small?

    And then float more in single raised pots and raise over his turn barrells when SPR is higher and we have more fold equity.

    FWIW in this example I had 78% on turn, he had nothing on flop and picked up FD + OESD on turn, so he def bets light flops and would fold to my flop raise.




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    you have a GS and backdoor draws, I would float, so I like the way you played this hand.

    If you don’t have to much good turn cards, I can see myself raising here 2.3x because his 3bet range doesn’t hit often this H-L-L boards, but most of the time I float here with almost anything that can improve by the turn…… probably I would raise a low FD because we don’t have implied odds if it hits so in that case I would prefer to raise and make him fold his trash or get it in with AT+.

    as he is a reg, just make sure you also raise small with your strong hands on the flop.

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