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    Where can I apply for this type of coaching? Thank you in advance!



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    Check this out – there’s a link brlow the video. 🙂



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    Hello i was reading about you CFP program and i got really interested and would love to join the program.

    Let me talk about myself a little bit.
    My name is Patrick im a 29year old canadian male who just had a baby girl and just bought a house. I work night shifts and have alot of time on my hands at work/home.

    Currently im have a rope around my neck and cant afford a 500$ deposit i dont have more then 70$ that i was counting on using for a bankroll.

    Ao basicly what i would like to know is. Can you guys help out a proud new dad get better at playing poker. I cant afford the 500$ deposit but i was wondering if there is a way we can agree to maybe you guys taking 75% of the profit instead of 50% for the 30k program and skip the 500$ deposit.

    I am truely interested and motivated to become better at poker and join your success stories as a student.

    Hopefully there is a way we can work something out i would hate to pass by the chance to join the goaching because i currently cant afford the 500$ securite deposit.


    Dont know if this is the right departement to send this email top but im trying.

    If this aint the right place please email me back and inform me where to send this email.

    Thank in advance and hope we can aventually work together in making you guys some money.





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    Hey Destluck

    Sorry to burst your bubble but we don’t do any deals. I understand that you really want to improve your game, and this is why we also have different courses available. You can check out the Academy version of the courses. On the top left, go to “IMPROVE YOUR GAME” and select the format that you wish to master. Then choose the Academy course – ex. MTT Academy, Zoom Academy, etc. These courses have similar content with our CFP programs.

    If you have any more questions, just send us an email at:



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