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    May update

    Another strong month for me. The not so great news is that a positive redline still seems far away from my reach. Oh well, I guess it’s pretty much a first world problem really. 

    Overall very confident about my performance throughout the most part of this month. I only wish I could take back the last day of the month as that was pretty wtf performance on my part. Summer has arrived with quite the heatwave and I’m far from a warm weather person. Couldn’t focus and messed up my EV winrate as well as overall profit because of that. But once again, not really that important in the bigger picture.

    Have started even sitting @ some NL1k tables although cannot say that I’m feeling too confident against the higher stakes regs. I haven’t had enough opportunities to test myself against them yet + they’re mostly pretty unknown but it has become clear already that the skill gap between them and the average NL200 guy is pretty extreme. As such I will table select very carefully until I will also have had enough experience to objectively compare myself to the other regs and then maybe also pick slightly worse match-ups than I’m planning to stick to at the moment. The transition process during moving up in stakes is increasingly more difficult the higher up you go. 

    Now onto some actual numbers:

    EV winrate: 9.48 bb/100 (would have been 10 had it not been for that last shit performance day :/ )

    Total profit after rakeback: ~30 000$

    Interestingly enough 41% of my volume came from NL100 and 45% came from NL200. I may want to look into cutting out NL100 altogether and try harder to get higher stakes up and running.

    Felt like adding an interesting hand to the post:

    I’m yet to decide if I love it 100%. BTN = fish, the rest is regs. CO is nitty.

    SB: $486.63 (243.3 bb)
    Hero (BB): $235.01 (117.5 bb)
    MP: $200 (100 bb)
    CO: $228.86 (114.4 bb)
    BTN: $190.67 (95.3 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is BB with J of spades A of hearts
    MP folds, CO raises to $6, BTN calls $6, SB calls $5, Hero calls $4

    Flop: ($24) 8 of spades T of clubs J of diamonds (4 players)
    SB checks, Hero checks, CO checks, BTN checks

    Turn: ($24) 4 of spades (4 players)
    SB bets $16, Hero calls $16, CO calls $16, BTN folds

    River: ($72) 9 of clubs (3 players)
    SB checks, Hero checks, CO bets $46, SB calls $46, Hero raises to $213.01 and is all-in, 2 folds

    Results: $210 pot ($3 rake)
    Final Board: 8 of spades T of clubs J of diamonds 4 of spades 9 of clubs
    SB mucked and lost (-$68 net)
    Hero mucked J of spades A of hearts and won $207 ($139 net)
    CO mucked and lost (-$68 net)

    It’s also now that I’ve decided to become far less public about my results. Only if anything remarkable comes up (e.g. mega record month/positive redline etc.) will I consider it. Time to become more responsible.



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    Your blog is great.  I always look forward to seeing what you have to say about yourself.  You seem like you have a real professional approach to poker.  I’m curious how you schedule your study/play time, and what you do for a warm up and cool down to get yourself ready and to keep improving.  I keep messing with mine and nothing seems right.  Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist in the small things. 



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    Respect buddy! I mean with 86% of your volume being NL100-200 your result is pretty impressive. Doubt there are much better results out there with similar conditions.

    I think your redline seems pretty OK-ish to me now(I guess -10bb/100). GL for NL1k. What do you mean by more responsible? Are you having nicknames like your forum names? You probably not play on Stars.EU so I doubt anybody can gain any information by looking at your results if your SN difer from your forum names. Anyway, respect your decision.

    Weird hand… I don’t like it with your hand but if you made him F Q high str8 it’s a genius play. I theoritacally I don’t think it’s a good play so doubt anybody can give you a comment on it.



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    @olmaters Thanks. As surprising as it may sound I’m very random and don’t really have any ritual-like warm-up actions before sessions. Study time/playing ratio also is not fixed for me. I just try my best to start as soon as the tables start to fill up at the sites that I’m playing and often that means jumping straight into action regardless of what I was busy with before my playing time. I have noticed that I start out my sessions with much worse performance if I jump into the action without any preparation at all or, for example, while still opening all the sites + deciding on the music choice etc., but mostly I don’t feel like I have a choice anyways because part of my rakeback comes from a rake race, which means volume = money. The sooner I add the tables, the more I rake. So yeah, I’m not all that well organised in a macro perspective. But it works ok for me. Yes, the first few orbits at the beginning of each session I tend to play not all that great, I often even get angry because of those early mistakes but generally I manage to consciously regroup myself and get back on track so I don’t mind not being prepared most of the time.

    Difficult to give any meaningful advice because it seems to be very personality-specific. If you feel like you need to be warmed up more before playing I would just suggest studying more in general. I study and play every day with few breaks except for some vacation-like time periods so in a way I never cool down and never have too big of a need for warming up.

    Best study/playing schedule depends highly on where you are in poker at the moment, where you get your poker knowledge from and, I guess, what your improving strategy looks like overall if you have one. Also very player-specific. My best super general advice here would be that you should try your best not to waste time on meaningless studies that don’t really make a huge impact on your performance. I’ve lost a lot of time that way. Break down your strategy of improving and reanalyze it frequently and eventually everything will lead towards success automatically. At least provided that you do this all well. Ask/hire help from competent people if needed to speed up the process.



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    Thanks, highly appreciated! Although it’s also no secret that I’m not exactly playing the toughest sites/fields the world of poker has to offer 🙂

    I discovered only very recently that most high stakes crushers don’t even have a positive redline and the ones that do are just playing different styles that are not better anyways.

    By being more responsible I meant not displaying wealth publicly unnecessarily due to potential real-life security reasons. Not that I think it’s clearly dangerous but it may be best to stay a little bit more in the shadow. I got recently recognized by a close to unknown guy in real life who is also interested in poker. Not a big deal really, the guy just saw a BPC video with me somewhere but it got me thinking a bit. I come from a not so great neighborhood where I know some people of not so great reputation. Somehow the word has already spread around the village that I’m doing pretty well at poker. I’m generally the more paranoid type so this has caused me to rethink how I manage my own PR or the PR of my wealth. Not a big deal but for me personally this feels like a very good decision given my conditions.

    Regarding that hand I posted, I agree it’s unclear. It’s one of those type of spots that does not come up often enough to have much experience with how people generally react. CO was nitty in all sort of ways so that got me rolling. Given how I saw the CO I think he (or actually probably no-one in his shoes) has KQ with that sizing in this situation. As such, my actual hand should not matter and I only have to worry about them not folding the 1card straight, which is then the super unclear assumption here. Also because going for a split bluff with Qx looks very attractive for me, any of them could just sigh and call without counting combos just hoping for enough splits and not believing the line. If they do count combos at least somewhat well though, they should understand that with both of them probably having something like pair + Q I don’t have many 1 card Qx that call turn and have way more KQ, so hoping for split bluffs even if that’s part of my repertoire could be pretty optimistic. But which level they’re on is a completely different story entirely and especially if CO is a nit, CO probably is not a perfect hand-reader. On a primitive level I just saw –> CO is a nit, I represent major strength, I expect all players to pause at least a little bit there with Qx and without any major history I also assume that most hate life with Qx. Looks like no-one would ever bluff there, could therefore be crazy enough to work But sucks if any of them put me on random split bluffs.CO did time down til the very last second, SB folded quickly. This probably does not work @ NL50 or NL25 for sure.



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    Hello Vars, 

    I have almost read all your blog in this Saturday morning. I didn’t even have time to drink my coffee, I really love how you write and explain everything very clear, you put a lot of work, passion and volume into your game and are very meticulous.

    For me you really are an example, your performance is simply outstanding. And I can say that on top of your not so rare bad decisions you made at the tables during this grinding marathon. I have observed however that your style is rather aggro postflop, you triple barrell a lot and check/shove with air, which perhaps is a good thing at small stakes, but I haven’t done that at micros.

    Who am I? I am former ManiaculDinamovist, known in the ex-Romanian PokerStrategy Community for putting insane volume at NL10 SH. Except only one missed shot at NL25 and initial periods when I started at NL2 and NL5, I have to say that I have played over 1.000.000 hands at NL10. This is because a) the average salary in Romania in only 450 EUR/month so I was feeling ok to earn at least that at NL10SH and b) I was feeling in my comfort zone and always felt scared and afraid of playing at higher stakes, even if I have at least 40 BI-s for the next limit.

    To sum up, I am currently assesing the idea of quiting my full time job (my contract is going to expire in August and I am quite not thinking to renew it) and join CFP from September. There are however more questions that I currently don’t know the answer, first of all I am not sure if I should enter the 5k or the 30k challenge, as I have not played at all during the last 9 months (since I got an ordinary 9 to 5 job). Secondly, I don’t know what can be done to play on fishy sites, because no one, I mean no one is going to make a lot of money on the legal poker sites from Romania which are the following: Pokerstars, Full Tilt, 888 Poker, Unibet, Betfair, Netbet. I mean I’d rather quit poker than ever play on shitty sites like Pokerstars, 888 or Netbet. Why? Because no one makes money on a field full of regs such as Pokerstars, which have also lowered the rakeback benefits, because on 888 the rake is huge and rakeback almost 0 and the field is not that great as some argue, while on Netbet you have that stupid redistribution rake method called SBR, so you basically earn shitty from RB while grinding on a reggish site. Despite these, I will also want to find out who are the 6-max coaches in CFP and who is most probably going to be my coach.

    Afterwards, I shall eventually make a decision and decide whether should I continue with playing poker part-time on legal sites or go all in and play at least 100k hands/month on fishy sites, with proper poker coaching from BPC.

    Looking forward for your reply. Your advice is highly appreciated.



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    Thank you.

    I’m not sure I’m all that super aggro in general. Maybe a little bit in some spots but usually only if it makes clear sense.

    From what I know BPC is different now from what it was like a year ago when I was an active student. As such I am unfortunately not qualified to answer specific CFP-related questions. But I’m sure that whether you would be more suited for the 5k or the 30k contract will be clear when you start the application process.

    Regarding that site problem, there are some ways of overcoming this. Well, there’s 1 at least. If you somehow have a friend/relative that is a citizen of another country and does not play poker you can ask him/her to open all the accounts that interest you and then all you need is a VPN connection. Also, when you’ll join BPC they’ll point you towards nice sites that also accept players from Romania.


    Michael Kindler
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    I honestly wouldnt care about the redline, unless your overall winrate would also be bad, which absoulutely doesnt seem to be the case. I mean, imagine your opponents would start folding whenever you have the nuts, your redline would increase but your overall wr would decline. thuogh i understand the desire to have a positive redline. it gives the feeling to make constant profit instead of having to wait for a big pot.




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    @6maxbottezon Yeah yeah, I know it’s a silly goal to have. Obviously, green line is the nuts. From what I’ve heard, the top cash game players mostly don’t even have positive red lines. At the same time, the fields they’re playing in are also much different. At small stakes and midstakes breakeven or positive red lines tend to be indicative of higher player skill in general. At the very least, definitely when compared to very negative ones. But lately I’m back in the slightly negative red line club anyways. I guess I’m fine with having maintained that pos. red line for 100k or so. Now I can just focus on max EV decisions and whatever the lines will look like, I will be fine with. While secretly always hoping that the red one goes up in the sky 🙂

    Since there’s an actual request for an update, let me tell a little bit about what’s been going lately.
    As I said in one of my last posts, I won’t be publishing too many graphs in future. I intend to stick to this decision, so unfortunately, no graphs from me. Should something spectacular happen I might post a graph or two one day.

    In general, I can say that I’m doing very well. I decided to approach poker a bit more casually this summer to get a little bit more balance in my everyday life. Cannot really say I was successful at getting enough balance but at least was able to get some real life shit done. Volume suffered though. Performance has been growing very rapidly and honestly, I don’t understand why the results haven’t improved even more. Seems disproportionate to my increasing performance. I guess low volume and bad variance play a role. Or maybe I once again overestimate my edge vs the field, as I’ve done close to always 🙂
    I may have already written this earlier, but I’m getting very close to the point where I stop studying altogether, mbe do some tiny session reviews from hands marked down during each session at most, occasionally maybe do some minor calculations, but other than that just move straight to massive volume for a year and two and then say “thanks, poker. You’ve played a major role in my life. It was a beautiful ride, but it’s time to move on”. A bit sad to think about because I absolutely love the game and I believe I could reach world class level if I just continued doing what I’m doing right now. But I’ve come to a realisation that I may have lost sight of the main reason I started playing poker in the first place. The idea was to become semi wealthy from playing, then make some smart investments and then finally figure out what to really do with my life. I didn’t even want that much money and I didn’t think I needed much money. I wouldn’t want to say that I may have become a bit greedy and that the thought of getting more and more has corrupted me. But maybe to some extent that is unfortunately true. At the same time, it would be a shame if I didn’t use such a golden opportunity to get a lot of this precious resource that’s for the time being just here for the taking. With it I could do wonders both for myself and the world. Where to draw the line exactly is difficult to say. For now I still want to learn for a little while and prepare myself better for some poker situations where I still am struggling, but I may even need to just quit studying now already and accept the fact that I won’t be playing perfectly, which at least initially seems like a difficult truth to accept for me personally. But either way, I will switch to grinding only soon enough and then maybe still play half time or so for an unspecified time period. Or maybe not.

    Finally got 4 monitors!!! I am absolutely in love with them. I may post a picture eventually. Unbelievable that pre-CFP I was playing on a laptop only. That sucks. I definitely recommend 4. Although I’ve heard that some people are completely satisfied with two only despite being mass multitablers. I guess it’s just a matter of preference.
    To finish this update off, two interesting hands I played recently. 

    1.  I had no time bank on the river and I felt like this may surprisingly be close but I had no time to count combos. So I just said to myself that this is a golden opportunity to look cool, I don’t care if I end up having only 20% in reality. It’s now or never. Analysed the hand afterwards and I don’t think it’s a great call but it was somewhat close based on my assumptions. If he ends up having all OESDs, which is an assumption that I cannot rely on, this may very well turn  into a very nice river check/call. Oh well, if I could go back in time I would still make the call for fun

    SB: $404.89 (101.2 bb)
    Hero (BB): $414.01 (103.5 bb)
    CO: $194.83 (48.7 bb)
    BTN: $401.56 (100.4 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is BB with 3 K
    CO folds, BTN raises to $8, SB folds, Hero calls $4

    Flop: ($18) 2 9 8 (2 players)
    Hero checks, BTN bets $11.33, Hero raises to $37.99, BTN calls $26.66

    Turn: ($93.98) 2 (2 players)
    Hero bets $90.98, BTN calls $90.98

    River: ($275.94) 9 (2 players)
    Hero checks, BTN bets $264.59, Hero calls $264.59

    [spoil]Results: $805.12 pot ($3.00 rake)
    Final Board: 2 9 8 2 9
    Hero showed 3 K and won $802.12 ($400.56 net)
    BTN showed 7 6 and lost (-$401.56 net)

    2) This is me leveling. We have basically no history with each other. It’s hard to tell if my assumptions really made sense. But it sure as hell looks cool!

    SB: $786.92 (196.7 bb)
    BB: $420.97 (105.2 bb)
    Hero (MP): $429.96 (107.5 bb)
    CO: $461.78 (115.4 bb)
    BTN: $500.25 (125.1 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is MP with Q A
    Hero raises to $8, 2 folds, SB calls $6, BB calls $4

    Flop: ($24) 7 9 9 (3 players)
    SB checks, BB checks, Hero checks

    Turn: ($24) 2 (3 players)
    SB checks, BB bets $14, Hero raises to $28, SB folds, BB raises to $68, Hero calls $40

    River: ($160) 2 (2 players)
    BB bets $80, Hero calls $80

    [spoil]Results: $320 pot ($3 rake)
    Final Board: 7 9 9 2 2
    BB showed 6 Q and lost (-$156 net)
    Hero showed Q A and won $317 ($161 net)



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    Record month!

    I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve finally beaten my record month and have done so by a huge margin:

    Winnings after rakeback: ~50 000$+
    EV winrate: 9.75 bb/100
    Hands played: 93 376

    I’m very bad at estimating how good or bad I run. The 2-3 months before this one were certainly among the most ridiculous months in terms of me being unlucky. Somehow it always seems to go hand in hand with periods of less than ideal performance as well. As always, those mediocre results got me anxious. That got me really focused, and I ended up playing the best poker I’ve ever been able to pull off.
    There’s so much that could be improved still, and it’s amazing that these results still feature plenty of mistakes, some absolutely stupid mistakes included. Even more so, I’ve returned to grinding 12 tables (greedy) and I keep timing out with key hands almost daily.

    It’s time to stop studying the game but I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s so difficult because I largely still am unjustifiably paranoid about the profitability of online poker in the near future and my ability to earn enough before it’s too late. At the same time I’ve realised that I’ve started to really identify myself with my poker success and the thought of quitting sometime soon is a bit intimidating because I fail to see how else I could be able to get this kind of a “I’m awesome” feeling that poker can give me. Not only from earning a lot but also from beating monthly records and conquering new heights. That also makes this record month a bit intimidating because it’s getting close to the point where I will never be able to get the satisfaction of reaching that new level. Obviously, this is the ultimate 1st world problem, and I will probably survive. But I’m certainly noticing lately, that success is addictive. 2-3 months of mediocre results affected my mood quite a bit. To some extent, constant improving and reaping the rewards of this hard work is also enjoyable and addictive. Will have to find ways how to substitute poker success with something else when I switch to part-time playing or quit altogether.

    I’m excited to see to what extent I will be able to reproduce similar results in the near future. I was also playing with a new HM2 database and had no sample on any reg throughout the first part of his month, which was annoying. But that also hopefully means that I will have a decent shot at getting the same kind of results in future with more information on my opponents. 

    I guess the next update with graphs and information about my winnings will be coming when I hit another ridiculous record month. Til then, GL to everyone.


    Scammer!! Don't trust!!

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    holy shit man! excellent job. What stakes are you playing?


    6-max Coach

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    wow very impressive!



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    Yeah, 50k$ is awesome results in one month, grats!



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    Hahaha now u can finish program in 20 days! 😀 very impressive! U beat Hans. Wp gg!

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