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    Beast, agreed, altho in 5yrs u will look back and think its all peanuts!

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    Thanks guys!


    Beast, agreed, altho in 5yrs u will look back and think its all peanuts!

    No doubt in that, i’m learning from the best.


    August report


    There is a lot of changes in my life. 


    I became BPC manager for HU group. I worked whole month with a team in order to create better environment. It was quite a huge project to rearrange all administrative things and start giving more to students. This part of BPC is going to be the most disciplined and successful part of bpc by far until the end of the year. I have zero doubt in that. I’m not sure if some other bpc programs can compete with us even when “hu is dying and market is closing on most sites”. Imagine now living in medieval times when war is daily routine of each kingdom …. those students would all became archers- the most valuable part of army!


    I’m moving to Thailand in 2 days. It was time to change environment and start living with also other people with who i share  same profession. Until now i always lived with people who didn’t play poker. It’s going to be interesting to see how is going to effect on me overall. 


    I attended awesome event on Malta- BPC business seminar where we had a lot of fun. It was my second time and i still manage to learn a lot of new things. 


    Poker wise month was really good. But i can still do a lot better. 



    I did it  , It was one of the most addictive things for me. I would do that all day long. 





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    Looking for more updates!

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    September report

      Poker went smooth. Nice profits despite not being able to put enough time in it. I’m still expanding my knowledge in HU games and i’m feeling better about it every month more. It’s actually quite easy to make 20k from HU per month if you stick your head to it. You don’t even need to be that smart. Just determent and focused. 


      GO AWAY FROM POKER REFUGEES.  I realized that hiring poker refugees service  was one of the worst decisions. Firstly i tough that that must be fantastic because they know “poker players needs”.  Well.. We didn’t get good internet connection , we didn’t get good environment, agent send us pictures and on them you couldn’t see that 1 room doesn’t have even normal doors. So you could hear everything from living room and kitchen- and smell it too lol. We payed 1,3k in order to be more protected/have someone who is more experience in renting/contracts etc. Ofc poker refuge agent let us sign bad contract for us even when we asked if thats normal contract and if it’s good. I found that agent could easy set a line that we can leave without reason in the first week or so. However that wasn’t done we decided that we can’t work in that house  and we lost 11.000€ (rents and security deposits). Lesson learned. In general when i’m thinking backwards i thinks it’s quite stupid to hire poker service since everyone is treating poker players as gamblers and they put us in more risky group- charge bigger rents.  I also hear that agent wanted to sign double contract with other agent without our knowledge (which is  a big conflict of interests if you’re already paying 1 agent to give you the best price lol) however i can’t  confirm or deny that. We got that information from other source. We even asked poker refugees agent to send us all emails with conversations so we could check that- emails never arrived.  I asked if pokerrefugees agent thinks that he did a great job- she said yes so there was no refund for that service witch costs us in reality another 11.000€ 😉 


      BPC HU GROUP made nice improvement overall. On average everyone got better monthly profit results for 33% compared to last 3 month average. It’s good start however I’m not here to be satisfied with that number. I see big potential and small obstacles in order to reach higher standards!
        CHANGING 6MAX GUYS INTO HEADS UP BEASTS. That’s right. I gave a chance to some 6max guys to switch to HU program. I picked those who couldn’t make it big in 6max.  Here is the list of first 5 people who joined. After 1 month they all made a decent profit whiteout any experience in hu. You can check their progress also in future. Those are their bpc nicknames and they are all writing bloggs and making youtube videos. Screenshoot:



        In September i became a member of BPC ELITE group. More about it in October report 😉


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      So where is the October report (and November one? 😉 ) and all the interesting thai stories, BPC elite, poker records and happenings 🙂
      Dying for news here in cold Slovenia!

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      I just found motivation to switch to HU after reading this blog 🙂

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      Yeah, very tempting for me too, Ivan)) we’ll see maybe someday I’ll switch to HU too!

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      Hello guys!


      I’m ready to give you one short update also in this blog. 


      October & November i was grinding part time and i had ok months. Nothing crazy tho. 

      In December and January, I was testing new things and educating myself also in other areas. I didn’t have any time to play at all. I was playing maybe 5h in those 2 months lol. Not that i didn’t want to play or that it was going bad… I just had different priorities. I learn a lot of things and one of the most important was that you should always do only what you love to do. 

      So i started a hardcore workaholic program where i’m  reminding people to not be lazy fucks in order to achieve whatever they want in their lives. To be honest i didn’t expect that there is going to be so many people who are going to join but I’m glad to give my extra time to them in order to kick out all BS excuses from their mind. There is not 1 thing in the whole world which is stoping you to do whatever you want to do. All you need to do is to work and get it. 

      I started 1year1million challenge too! We are the group of friends which are going to demonstrate how it looks like to get 1 million in one year. I started quite good but swings are getting bigger than ever. Yesterday, for example, i lost 9.000€ pot in a huge setup. I was a big favorite for the given spot but chips still didn’t go in my direction. Lately, I’m trying to focus mainly on nl 600+ games in order to spin it up. No more nl 400 BS unless there is the total retard. It’s quite a big potential cut but i really would like to focus more on bigger games or study of those.


      Link to challenge:



      About switching to HU, Some are waiting for the perfect moment, others already switched and they are all making more. There were quite some people already who did that so if you are one of them and you’re reading that.. confirm it 😉



      Have a good month!




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      You are big man! Have good month too.

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      This is for you coach!

      Enjoy 🙂

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      Hi, no more baby d**ks coach, from the orange group with <3

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