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    On a lot of videos I see the recommendation to bet 1/3 pot. Is there any video explaining the theory behind this bet sizing? I play NL2 and I feel like if I bet 1/3 I give people a good price to call and look very weak which then encourages reraising. 


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    You play 1/3 mostly when you are in position and the opponent checks to you twice (flop and turn). This is our 1/3, 60% bluff line. Two checks usually means that he is weak so you play 1/3 turn and barrrel the river 60% to take the pot where the villain is weak in most cases. This bluff doesn’t have to work a lot to be profitable. Ofcoarse there are some players that will raise you, but you don’t worry abbout this because this is a profitable play in the long run so you just fold vs a raise. Also there are some spots where you play 1/3 as a probe bet on turn and give up on R. But the point is that this sizing is vs most opponents enough to make them fold with air so it is a very profitable move.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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