Tomy will support our SNG-team as poker coach

We already wrote about it in a previous post: Bencb789 has 2 new coaches in his team, “Mariano5” aka Michael and “Toruk Macto” aka Tomy. 

Both are quite new to being a coach themselves, as they started off as students in our SNG program at BPC.  Today we want to introduce you to “Toruk Macto” aka Tomy.


How did you actually start playing poker?

When I was in college some of my fellow students were playing poker and when I saw them playing I also wanted to try.

Interesting is that I never deposited a single dollar on any site. I just started on Pokerstars playing for play money. Over time they send me 2$ (!) and they said that I’m ready for real money play :).

Of course, I was really lucky that I did not bust, but somehow I managed to hold on and build my bankroll to 3k in a year or so. That was the beginning of my poker career.


Why did you decide to join our team?

I decided to join the BPC-team because I knew I need a good coach and someone who will push me higher and in higher in stakes.  I knew that alone, I cannot do it.

How has this improved your game so far and your results? 

Getting coached from one of the best players in sng hypers is really awesome. I would say that my post-flop game improves the most, and learning some concepts that we can use in all formats in poker.
 How did you become a coach for our SNG-team? And how do you like being a coach? 
During SCOOP, our coach offered me and Michael if we want to coach for 14 days or so. We were both very excited and accepted the offer.
We did well so now we are still coaching. Coaching others is very good for my game as well, as I am repeating basic stuff and re­freshing fundamentals which are always great. Obviously, it is also a good point for the future to have additional income.
 You are from Slovenia right? How is it to live there?

Yes, I’m from Slovenia and I live in a small city named Trbovlje. Slovenia is a very beautiful country, we have the seaside and mountains just like 2 hours of driving away. You can spend a lot of time in nature if you love the nature.

In my free time I am doing some sports, I like to run, play tennis and martial arts.

Trbovlje where Tomy from Bestpokercoaching lives

Beautiful nature in Trbovlje – good place for grinding 🙂


What is your motivation for the daily hours you are putting in? Any advice for others?

I want to get better every day and that motivates me a lot.

It’s also important that you know that poker is not a sprint, specially sng hyper’s where variance can be big and brutal.

It’s a long process with ups and downs but if you have a clear goal you can achieve it. Just work hard!


Do you have a favorite hand or poker moment to share with the community?

My favorite hand is of course AA 🙂

To conclude I just want to say that, if you are serious about poker, then find a good coach, be focused on your progress and patient – results will come after hard work, for sure 🙂


Thanks, Tomy!


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