Are you also tired of tilting away the hard earned money of the day, week or even month?

You’re not alone. Actually, most poker players regularly bust their account because of tilt

I have lost over $100k because of tilt
- what is that number for you?

Did you know that most poker players like yourself go broke because of tilt? 

Tilt is the main reason, not a bad strategy.

Bad strategy can be improved. But people go broke because they tilt. 

How much money have you lost because of tilting in your poker career? How much would you estimate? 

How much more money do you plan to lose? Do you want to continue losing or will you do something about it? 

Have you ever thought, that if you stopped tilting – you would be a winning player? 

Do you know how much more money you could make if you didn’t tilt? Worse players than you make more money, because they simply don’t tilt. 


I have read a lot of “psychobabble” books on tilt… Some information in there is interesting, and helpful for the beginning -but most of it is bullshit. 

Most mindset coaches will tell you things that your taxi driver can tell you for free… 

But the reality is, you have to train yourself. Look at it as a muscle – when you go to the gym to get stronger, you lift weights. 

I looked at tilt in the same way, I wanted to train my emotions. I have analyzed tilt rationally and came up with practical exercises for myself. 

I put years of experience into this course. If you care about your bankroll, you will get this course.


This course will give you all the tools and resources you need to become tilt free in 30 days. You can start right now, TODAY.


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14 Lessons that give you the theory and the exercises you need to do (3+ hours of video)

Secrets Of The Poker Millionaire Mind Ebook

Theory and practical exercises to do at the tables

PART 1: Theory

✓ How to go through the course and take advantage of the resources available to you

✓ why mental coaches talk a lot of bullshit

✓ what exactly they don’t want you to know

✓ how they charge insane rates for information your taxi driver could tell you for free

✓ why most things you’ve learned about tilt are wrong

✓ what exactly Tilt is (precise definition)

✓ how to grow out of Tilt using 4 simple steps (solve ANY tilt problem if you use these methods)

✓ how one of the most effective philosophies can help you outgrow tilt

✓ why no man is free who is not master of himself

✓ Why you need to know about the “Gamblers Fallacy”

✓ What the common misconceptions are

✓ How to psychologically get over it

✓ Why tilting is natural

✓ What tilt looks like in different situations

✓ How to get a tiltless attitude

✓ You will learn that… tomorrow is another day

✓ Why understanding the concept of Variance is important

✓ What exactly Variance is

✓ How to deal with Variance

PART 2: Practice

✓ Why the skill of quitting is essential to stay Robusto

✓ What exactly smart quitting looks like (examples inside!)

✓ How to train your quitting muscle

✓ Advanced version of the Punctuality quit

✓ Instant version of Punctuality Quit

✓ To be used in big danger

✓ Created to prevent you from busting your roll

✓ an exercise that only the best students will do

✓ an exercise that will train your self discipline to the highest degree

✓ an excercise that will help you control your greed

✓ a simple stop loss exercise

✓ it’s so simple, that I ask you to not forget doing it

✓ tools and resources

✓ how to use superstition to create a Winner’s Aura

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Why you should get this course?

First, every course we produce, is tested. Our students publicly documment their success, failures, problems, and achievements. People with less talent and money have made spectacular success stories, some of which you can read on our site. Now, it's true these are also stories from my students and students of our coaching team (and not just specifically this course), but you can see that the content we produce hits hard at the tables and brings a lot of value to our students.

Second, today the poker knowledge is not a »secret« anymore. With so many videos training sites, books, forums and other sources of information , there is not too little information, but too much of it. The real challenge of the coach is to focus ONLY on the important things, to give you the real knowledge that matters the most. This is what we are best at, and it's the "secret" of our success at




  •  See very clearly what the different between “psycho babble” and real practical advice is
  •  Realize why rich players play to win (Chapter 1)
  •  Learn why rich people are always a little bit weird and crazy (Chapter 11)
  •  Understand why rich poker players constantly educate themselves and stay up-to-date (Chapter 12)
  •  learn why “wanting” to be rich is not enough and how you have to change (Chapter 3)

Most importantly, you will learn exactly how rich and successful poker players think.

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