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You Only Pay If You Win

This is how coaching for profits works. Our students have made over 5 million in profits over the past years. We only got paid when students win. This is how you know that what we teach really works!

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The Short 1-minute version of this program

Coaching For Profits means that you will only pay if you win. You get world class poker coaching for free. If you don’t win, you don’t pay anything.
You will pay a security deposit before joining because we will give you material and coaching worth thousands of dollars without asking anything in return. We don’t want to waste time, money and resources on players who are not serious. If you finish the program, you will get the security deposit back.
The duration of the program is until you make $5000. This can easily be after a few months but also a year depending on how much time you can dedicate. You will have to play on the sites and clubs that BPC recommends to ensure safety and maximum profits.

You can quit at any point for any reason. You don’t have to sign any contract and you are not locked into anything.
While this offer is extremely generous, we don’t want you to think that we are a charity. We love helping people. Your coach(es) went through the same program and see it as a way to give back. But we’re also in it for the money.

We are confident that after finishing this program, you will want to continue the journey and go on to make 100k, a million and more with our help!

The absolute worst case scenario for you is that you will get a lot of free coaching.

Ok, this was more than a minute. You can read more details below.




What you will get - Poker Training

This book is the foundation of our famous NOBS strategy. It provides great value and is the foundation of millions of dollars won for our students. The real value here is that the book is quite simple. There is nothing a first grader couldn’t understand. It’s like in investing/stock market. When everybody buys one thing, you will profit by doing the opposite. This is of course simplified, but we have now over 1 Billion hands of data over the last decade that prove our thesis to be correct.

Live Training where you can ask your coach any question you want.

In addition to that you can even get a personal 1-1 session with your coach every 30k hands that you play.


Here are some of the many secret advantages of the Apps

Our players had to sign contracts and not speak to anybody about the Apps

Not all “apps” are the same. You can think about Apps like an exclusive club. You can’t just get into one by showing up in front of the door. The best of the best places are usually not even known to the public. You can call it a secret society. This concept is not only restricted to clubs. The “Bilderberg Group” was mostly secret and people who attended never talked about it. A more modern version is from the movie “fight club”. First rule of fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club.


Back to the “apps”. We have made a killing (players made millions in private). Our players have made and are still making a lot of money there. If you know the right clubs, the games are super soft and people can move up the limits very fast. You still have to work on your game, study and most importantly PLAY A LOT. Practise is important.

The NEW secret

The Apps keep growing at a record pace. But the truth about the existence of this money printing place is no longer a secret. Most people – including yourself – have probably heard about “apps”. Maybe some Chinese or Korean and lately American facing apps. This is the reason we no longer require any contracts stating that you “cannot talk about the Apps even to your family”. It’s public, so there is no point in pretending that we don’t know about it.

The NEW secret is not about knowing the Apps. It is about playing on the RIGHT apps. At BPC we always believe in win-win and “you only pay if you win”. We believe in hard work, but we believe even more in being smart and being at the right place at the right time.


Safety. Reliability. Trust.

BPC players have a 10+ year track record of never losing money on any poker site due to scams or sites going broke. Nobody else in the industry can say that. The truth is that many players get scammed on apps (or poker sites) by trusting the wrong people. Our approach is safety first.
Even better than “safety first” is that you know that we protect you and your bankroll like it is our own – because it IS our own (you share 50% of profits). When you join coaching for profits, you only pay if you win. All funds are personally guaranteed by us. We build long term relationships with our students.

What else you will get - Tools & Community

World Class HUD

You will get the same HUD that our Coaching for Profits students used to crush the competition. Take full advantage of our analysis and stats. You will also get a free bonus course that will guide you through the set-up

Preflop Charts

Our charts are developed by the worlds most respected database analyst Alan Jackson. They are based on over 100 million hands that we analysed and “backtested” (like portfolio mangers) our strategy with.

Private Group Access

Get access to our private facebook group. Reserved only for Masterclass members. Discuss and get to know your fellow mates.

1on1 coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

For every 30k hands played you will receive one 1-1 session with our coach where he analyses your progress and works with you on your leaks.

Want more exclusive insights?

People like you have turned $50 into $100k in 9 months in our program


Our students are doing extremely well and recently also got lucky winning the bad beat jackpot

That's right, over $6000 each
from getting "unlucky"

But even without those jackpots you can win big.
Check out the video below to see some crazy moves people make on the apps. It's like 2011 again 😉

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The Secret FAQ

There is no contract. This means you are not locked into anything nor do you have any legal obligation at any point and time. We prefer to invest resources into coaching instead of lawyers.


We designed the program in such a way that it puts maximum pressure on us (coaches) to perform and make you win.

If you decide at any point and time that you are not 110% satisfied, you can quit the program.

Same holds true if other obligations come up in your life. This is the risk that we take.

The only thing you owe us is 50% of the profits until you finish (or quit) the program.

You can find all the terms and details in  HERE.

If anything is unclear, feel free to email us to support AT

You share 50% of your profits until you reach $5000 in profits (or decide to quit the program). After that, you have a world-class education and keep 100% of future profits to yourself! If you earn nothing, we get nothing. Simple and fair.

The player also understands that for the duration of the contract, rakeback and all type of bonuses are part of “profits”.

Another point for clarification is that if a player for example wins a tournament while the contract is not finished and wins 100k, BPC shall still receive 50% of that since BPC also takes on the risk and training that leads to a bigger score.

In other words, all profits are split 50-50 until the contract is ended. In case you win a big amount (weather tournament or bad beat jack pot or similar) we will of course allow you to stay in the program even if you “technically” finished the contract.

How are profit shares paid?:

Whenever you make a cash out, we split profits 50-50. If you don’t make any cash out and prefer to grow your bankroll, this is fine.

Do i have to do any accounting or daily bankroll update?:

No. Since we only receive profit shares when you make a cash out, the cash-out history is automatically a bullet-proof and reliable way to track profits.

We will invest thousand(s) of dollars in value, coaching, time and learning materials.

You can do the math on how much coaches cost, our products (that we successfully sell for more than the deposit) and time.
Then add how much time coaches will spend with you and then multiply that.

You don’t have to be a math genius to see that our students always get the better end of the deal.
But that’s fine, because for us it is a way to teach and discover students who then later become our elite students and business partners.

We need to make sure that only serious people sign up. The security deposit is for us that small insurance. It will never cover costs, but it makes sure that only serious people join and we don’t give away free coaching to random people.

The security deposit will be returned if you complete the program. If you quit earlier, the deposit is not refunded. Of course you don’t owe us anything as explained above.

And in addition to that, you will KEEP the NOBS Bootcamp (997 Euro value) lifetime for free. It’s a gift for having the courage and for giving this program a try.

There is no rule on how much you have to play. However, if you want to continue for free after the first year and get the security deposit back, there is one condition outlined below.

Your coach can only make money if he makes you win.

In order for that to happen, you have to play and put into practise what you have learnt.

The guys making $100k in 9 months have put in 40hours+ each week and 50k+ hands per month.

If you have high goals we suggest you to do the same. If you are satisfied with a bit less, also fine.

The program lasts one year. If you want to continue for free after the year, you must have played a total of 100k hands from the day you have joined until one year after. This is easily achieved, but a minimum hurdle so players actually USE what we teach!

For comparison, our best players play more than 100k hands every month.

You have all the time in the world and no pressure.



For every 30k hands played you will receive one 1-1 session with our coach where he analyses your progress and works with you on your leaks.

You can see inside the app how many hands you have played.

If you put in the hours you could get 1-1 coaching every week. It is 100% up to you.

You are always allowed to join group sessions, of course no matter how much you have played.

There are 2 group coaching sessions every week on the zoom app. One focused on USA time zone, one focused on European time zone.

You are expected to join at least one of them or watch the recording.

There is also 1-1 coaching available. Every 30k hands your coach will check up on you individually.

Of course you can always ask any question in the group sessions as well.

If you are highly motivated, you will get even more coaching, attention, special mentoring and extra deals. But this place is reserved for the real killers. No place for talking here.

Access is very hard and very strictly guarded. No exceptions. The CFP program is open to many, but in order to get into the secret inside group, you have to show that you are the real deal.

Conditions to join:

Play 100k hands in total in two months (or less) in order to join.
Then you must average at least 50k hands/month otherwise you’re out as fast as you came in.

The limit that you are comfortable with.


You can be a complete beginner to poker, and still join our Coaching for profits program. In fact, many of our players have done this. You have likely already heard about them. If not, read our reviews and case studies.

We are very confident in the quality of our materials and ability of our coaches. We have done this for many years and know how powerful the combination of a dedicated student and a good coach can be.

If you are more advanced than a beginner, of course we make sure that players of the same strength level are together.

We recommend starting with at least 50 Euro. The bigger, the better of course.

Currently only NL 6-max and PLO

You don’t have to deposit anything. You will be given a free $50 starting bankroll.

We have explained that the secret Apps are the most lucrative way to make money playing poker in 2020. It is only risky if you don’t work with the right people.
Our coaches are confident so they put up the first money. You can get started and playing in less than 1 hour.

The $50 serves as a free starting bankroll. If you lose it, you don’t owe the coaches anything.

You cannot cash out the $50 until you have played 100k hands. The free bankroll should not be seen as a gift, but as a risk-free way to get started.

Student Case Studies

“BPC will really teach you how to make money.”

HansTheGreat, €100000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“It’s an amazing feeling when each month you look back, and see how much better you are now.”

Atvars, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“At BPC they push people to become the best version of themselves. We always support each other.”

m1ndCtrl, €60000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I’ve managed to accomplish more in 1 year and 8 months  than I did in more than 12 years working at my old job”

Rovar, €100000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Joining BPC was one of the best decisions of my life”

Jan "Somebody", €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I simply earn a lot more money than before. That is all I care about”

Nubson, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“They know exactly what to do. I’m a better player and also a better person now”

GoodFake, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I got everything I needed to make €10.000+ per month”

Rylan, €120000 in profits​

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before joining, I almost didn’t know how to play poker. Now I can live playing poker and I really enjoy it.”

Hucol, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“It’s crazy, how you can make so much money with easy-to-learn strategies”

Vidarbusk, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I can’t even understand how I was able to win before. They don’t take any bullshit. If you want to make money playing poker, this is the right place”

Alloin, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I have learned how to win money with Poker. That was my highest goal, but on top of that, the program has helped me with how to manage my time and how to prioritize”

Kanelbullar, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I learned how to win at the tables, how to think properly and learned about what matters the most and what doesn’t.”

Ricardo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Now I know that the only way to reach my full potential is working hard and having courage. Waiting for the perfect conditions is a way to set myself up for failure.”

Bartosz, €10000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I learned how to keep focused on important things and understand motivation”

Maestro, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before joining, I almost didn’t know how to play poker. Now I can live playing poker and I really enjoy it.”

Lauri, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before BPC I was a recreational break-even micro player, now I am beating games up to NL500”

Lateralus, €30000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“My mental game improve and I got a lot better!”

Jaschka, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“After working with BPC I can think about poker in a more realistic way and know in which areas I need to focus to make a good living out of the game”

Danel, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC improved my tilt issues immensely and made me realize that I need to go all in (play and study at least 8 hours daily on average)”

S3CR3T, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC showed and proved they can turn anyone from zero to a champion”

Marvolio, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I know how to improve my game now. I know what things to look for or study to get better at the game and move up the stakes.”

justplayff, €30000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“After I joined CFP I have 12 out of 12 months in the profit”

Carlos, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I’m more disciplined now. My thought process and hand reading skills are miles better now.”

Michael, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I like the way the learning process is structured on BPC and I like even more the fact that Gordon is constantly looking for ways to improve”

Alfredo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Everything is very good and very well organized”

Luciano, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC put me in the right direction. Now I can survive the downswings and never tilt”

Juan Pablo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“To be successful in the program you just need to do everything you’re told”

Anselmo, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“If you ask me from both things which one is the most important for me, poker I might not play for the rest of my life, but the social skills I learned will stay for me for the rest of my life, and for that I thank BPC.”

Leandro, €30000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I didn’t only learn strategy and correct mentality. BPC also helped me change my attitude, helped me break my perceived limits of what I can do and improved my organization as well.”

Myst, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Your focus should be on doing the right thing and BPC has got the experience for that.”

Alessandro, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“All the video courses and poker science lessons are pure gold and our Bible as BPC students.”

Alessio, €60000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Thanks to BPC I have a much more solid game overall.”

Javier, €5000 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC help me a lot. I was playing like a robot before, didn’t know math very well and skipped some basics before learning more advanced strategies.”

Scareface, €1261 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“As I had seen from just following the NOBS 6-max preflop charts and standard lines at the micro stakes, BPC knew what they were talking about.”

jaybee1982, €22448 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC helped me to get back into poker after my 1.5-year pause when I was an owner of a hookah bar.”

Mr. Greed, €31509 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“M1ndCtrl is very good at motivational stuff. I got some great advice from him, and it seems to be helping a lot.”

Danxity, €32274 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“We have to learn how to control them and make good decisions at the tables. If we are able to do that, success will come.”

TheProject20, €24702 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“He went broke regularly or crippled his bankroll, which was obviously fixed by joining BPC.”

xcreminatr, €18487 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“WTF are you reading this, you should be playing now!”

Knelse, €22069 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“They give you everything you need to learn the game.”

Mariusica230, €1322 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“I think the decision to join CFP was the best one I could have made regarding poker.”

Gothicrow, €9612 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“Before joining CFP, I was just randomly guessing at the tables.”

Estpatcrick, €14489 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“BPC showed me how badly I played poker in cash games.”

Kenji, €1747 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

“The results in BPC have been tremendous. My game changed in a way I could never expect.”

Sun1s, €6237 in profits

(Click the graph to enlarge it)

Why buy from us?

Below you can see our Top 50 monthly performances from our internal rankings. All achieved while students were learning. Students made a lot more on their own after graduating.

Click on the image to see it full-sized.