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"The beautiful part of this program is that the poker coaches only get paid if you win."

Let's Get One Thing Straight...

The Current Online Poker World Is Tough!

Games get harder, poker rooms increase rake, and it seems that every player now knows what a continuation bet is.

The gold days of poker are now over.

If you don’t stay ahead of the competition and find new ways to beat the system you will be having a very hard time keeping the green line positive.

Let’s have a look at the biggest PROBLEMS in today’s online poker world of …. 

Nowhere to play. Poker sites are blocked in more and more countries

It’s like a vendetta on poker sites and players. More and more countries are issuing laws to ban or make it really hard for poker sites to operate.

They are requiring them to buy a license, have a local office, and many other things that only the biggest poker sites afford it.

That leaves fewer and fewer options for a poker player to choose from.

Also, poker sites are “forced” to make it more expensive for a regular player to grind so that takes us to the next BIG problem…..

Expensive to play. Rake increases, Rakeback decrease

Just look at the major poker sites that can still afford to operate in many countries (hint: PokerStars).

Their VIP system is a joke. In the old days, you had the Supernova and Supernova Elite levels which gave good rakeback for the avid grinder.

Nowadays, you get casino-like chests and promotions (which don’t get me wrong, are good for attracting people in) that even if you get the best result, are barely covering for the fees you pay when depositing or cashing out.

Very hard to win even if you play. Every newbie knows basic strategy

It seems that soon we will have to use GTO and Solver ranges at Micro stakes. IT”S INSANE.

I’m exaggerating of course but you can’t deny that the one we called “fish” in 2011 is way more poker savy in today’s games.

Long gone are the days when everyone was making all-in moves with garbage hands and we could reach our poker dreams only by knowing how to 3-bet and cbet.

Now, that’s common sense, and we need to use our brains more to stay on the game and turn a profit.

Trusted by 151,147+ Poker Players from...

+ China, Italy, France and many others...


Not all “apps” are the same. You can think about Apps like an exclusive club. You can’t just get into one by showing up in front of the door.

The best places are usually not even known to the public. You can call it a secret society. This concept is not only restricted to clubs. The “Bilderberg Group” was mostly secret and people who attended never talked about it.

A more modern version is from the movie “fight club”. First rule of fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club.

Back to the “apps”. We have made a killing (players made millions in private). Our players have made and are still making a lot of money there.

If you know the right clubs, the games are super soft and people can move up the limits very fast.

You still have to work on your game, study and most importantly PLAY A LOT. Practice is important.

Here are some of the many advantages of the Apps

The Apps keep growing at a record pace. But the truth about the existence of this money printing place is no longer a secret.

Most people – including yourself – have probably heard about “apps”. Maybe some Chinese or Korean and lately American facing apps.

This is the reason we no longer require any contracts stating that you “cannot talk about the Apps even to your family”. It’s public, so there is no point in pretending that we don’t know about it.

The NEW secret is not about knowing the Apps. It is about playing on the RIGHT apps.

At BPC we always believe in win-win and “you only pay if you win”. We believe in hard work, but we believe even more in being smart and being at the right place at the right time.

Safety. Reliability. Trust.

BPC players have a 11+ year track record of never losing money on any poker site due to scams or sites going broke. Nobody else in the industry can say that.

The truth is that many players get scammed on apps (or poker sites) by trusting the wrong people. Our approach is safety first.

Even better than “safety first” is that you know that we protect you and your bankroll like it is our own – because it IS our own (you share 50% of profits).

When you join coaching for profits, you only pay if you win. All funds are personally guaranteed by us.

We build long term relationships with our students.

Messages from our former students

3 Proven Tools To Accelarate Your Poker Success


Step-by-step Course

BestPokerCoaching got famous for its No-Bullshit 6-Max Strategy.

This proven strategy was analyzed over more than 10 million poker hands and it's still profitable in 2021. Our active students currently practicing it are the living proof.

The course was taught by Gordon himself (CEO and Founder of and it's current price is €997.


6 courses preview-6max

Carefully Selected Courses To Expand Your Knowledge

Our course library is huge. And so are the poker courses available on the internet. The problem today is not access to information, but access to the RIGHT information. How do you know a course is good and can help you grow as a player?

Well, now you don't need to worry about that. We took care and selected only the most important courses that will have an impact on your game.


Access To Our Recordings Library

In here you will be able to find 99% of scenarios, topics and hands all within a full webinar. You can watch as many webinars as you want in any order.
We have over 600 hours of quality videos inside.

Features And Partners ...

Watch the latest amazing interview from

What you will get when you join:

1) The Rock Solid Foundation

NOBS 6-max Ebook

This book is the foundation of our famous NOBS strategy.

It provides great value and is the foundation of millions of dollars won for our students.

The real value here is that the book is quite simple. There is nothing a first grader couldn't understand.

It's like in investing/stock market. When everybody buys one thing, you will profit by doing the opposite. This is of course simplified, but we have now over 10 Million hands of data over the last decade that prove our thesis to be correct.

€47 value

NOBS 6max Principles

This is a 10 part videos series recorded by Gordon that will help you understand the most important poker principles to set you on the right track to poker success.
Included, are also 12 webinar recordings where Gordon analyses student's hands in specific situations ( How to play AK, How to play medium pairs, etc)

€323 value

NOBS 6-Max Strategy Bootcamp

The Bestpokercoaching 6-max Bootcamp is the all-in-one solutions to learning 6-max poker. It covers the most frequent and difficult spots in the game using the well known 80-20 rule as a guideline.
This course is based on our deep research and millions of $ won by our students. We tested and refined the strategies taught in this course. Our students do very well, but they often had to learn lessons the hard way. You can get the perfect solution right away.

€997 value

2) Complementary Courses to deepen your understanding

In this 17-part series, coach Jake covers some of the most important aspects that will help you crush micro stakes faster than you’d think.

All you have to do is follow the lines!

€197 value

If you studied the NOBS book then this course is a perfect follow-up. Made by the multiple €10k profit months finisher Jorge, it gives you the EXACT things that will make you crush your way to high stakes.

€189 value

Coach Leandro ( also a CFP 6-max finisher) uses Holdem Manager to pinpoint the exact exploits we can use to crush 3bet pots in micro-stakes. For this, he uses the hand databases sent by our players. This course is not yet released on our site.

€199 value

How to quickly identify the weak players at the table even when there is no hud or information to rely on.

Almost all your profits come from these VIPs so it’s crucial to know who they are as soon as possible and know how to crush them.

€99 value

A 15 part video series covering everything about bluffing in 6-max poker. The principles and techniques you learn here apply to other formats as well.

€297 value

Alan Jackson covers all the statistical, theoretical and practical aspects when playing with a small kicker. Applying these concepts will turn you into a machine even when you have a weak hand.

€299 value

A 10-part video series by coach Matt on how to destroy the opponent by using the power of position.

You will learn about floating, donkbets, the relative position and also the Jesus seat vs doggybag.

€179 value
Imagine if you could learn 5 moves today that crush your opponents and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Five things you can immediately start using that work on all tables, on all sites no matter who your opponent is.

€59 value

An intermediate course aimed at 6-max players that goes into details about what analyzing tens of millions of hands revealed about the strategies we use.

Some of the lessons: The truth about AK, The difference equity makes, Highly exploitative folds, etc

€249 value

One of the most famous courses we have.  Every BPC student had to take this course when they entered our coaching programs.

If you do the exercises Gordon tells you in the course, you will find that conquering tilt is actually easier than you thought.

€116 value

Created by Jan “Somebody”, this course shows you a simple method to make quick and USEFUL notes on your opponents.
Jan finished our Coaching For Profits program for Heads-Up poker in 2015 after reaching $100k in profits.

€49 value
How much equity do you need to call a pot size bet? How many outs do you have with a double gutshot on the flop? Go from 0 to hero on poker math in this step-by-step course. Included is also the “Uhlvar Equity” App the helps you practice your equity knowledge and allows you to make instant correct decisions wile playing.
€149 value

A beginner course for 6-max Zoom Games created by coach Asimos. It starts off with “Why people fail at micro stakes” then gives you guidelines to create a simple but powerful hud that you can rely on, and an effective strategy to beat micro stakes zoom games (preflop and postflop).

€97 value

This course helped many players move past that stake level they were stuck in. A more advanced course that will put your mind at work but it will definitely be worth it. If you struggle beating NL50-NL100 then this course is for you.

€299 value

HansTheGreat reached $100k in 9 months starting with just $50.
He continued and reached $500k in profits after just a few more months.
In this course, he reveals the strategies he used to crush the fish and how you can do it too.

€197 value

3) Access to BPC's Recordings Library (over €3000 value)


Phone, Tablet, Laptop or a big screen TV it doesn't matter. Our pages and courses will adjust automatically and you can play the videos on any device

On top of that, you also get these bonuses

BONUS 1: 6-max Automation Tool (€149 value)

Automate your game and learn while playing with this Tool. You simply open your browser, log in to your dashboard, and there you will be able to access the tool.

You can use the tool when reviewing hands after a session or during the game. We give you the tool, what you do with it is up to you.

BONUS 2: Access to the recorded webinars from other formats as well (over €2000 value)

We have over 600 hours of videos in our recordings library. As a bonus, for joining you will be able to explore the webinars from other formats as well.

BONUS 3: 50% Discount on Masterclasses (€574 value)

As a Coaching For Profits student, you get 50% discount when you wish to purchase one of the Masterclasses.

BONUS 4: Telegram Group Access (priceless!)

Get access to our private telegram group where you can discuss and get to know your fellow mates and your coaches. 

NEW BONUS 5: Play And Unlock Your Deposit Earlier

As a CFP user you benefit from a special promotion. You can unlock and get back the amount you paid for the deposit by just playing.

Every 30k hands you play, you unlock another 100$ until your full deposit was returned back to you. It's easily possible to unlock the full deposit in just 2 months.

Of course, you can continue playing and learning in the CFP for free from there on.

Total Value + Bonuses = €9,764

....But You Won't Have to Pay That Today

What Makes BestPokerCoaching different?

Transparency. Honesty. Quality.

We are to this day the only coaching team that has been producing successful “zero to hero” stories for more than a decade now. Our students did make a lot of money and our Masterclasses are the essence of that knowledge.

We only get paid if you win! 

In our Coaching For Profits programs, the student doesn’t have to pay any monthly fee, or pay for the classes and private coaching he attends unless he wins. 

And when we make you profitable we only split the profits 50-50 until you reach the target profit $5000. What you make after that it’s yours.

Our Promise:

If you follow the program, do the work, and after 1 year you still didn’t reach $5000 in profit, everything you got up to that point (live classes, recordings, 1-on-1 private coachings, courses, community, etc) is on us. You won’t have to pay anything.


Ok, So What's The Price?
Total value you get: €9,764

Join Today For Just €399

Erik Heckard
Erik Heckard
Philadelphia, PA
Read More
Comprehensive, step-by-step method for learning the game. tons of access learning materials and coaches. Supportive community of students. Gonna let me quit my job.
Alessio Preti
Alessio Preti
Invorio, Italy
Read More
I think their program could turn any losing player into a winner. 100% sure of that, you only need to follow what they teach, it's simple. I found an amazing community, everybody is here to help you if you have some problems, either technical or personal stuff.
That's why I recommend BestPokerCoaching to all people which want to change their approach and game in poker!
Aaron B.
Aaron B.
Magdeburg, Germany
Read More
I am 100% glad i got this. My game has improved and my mindset has improved.
John R.
John R.
Plymouth, UK
Read More
For me it was for sure the best decision I made and the results speak for themselves. The course is giving you a good base, discipline and a lot other things to start your career as a poker player.
Pavel Krasilnikov
Pavel Krasilnikov
Moscow, Russia
Read More
The turning point for every break-even online poker player!
Olavo Sousa
Olavo Sousa
Lisboa, Portugal
Read More
Truly the Best Poker Coaching in the world 😀
Erik T.
Erik T.
Saarbrücken, Germany
Read More
After working with BPC, I know in which areas I need to focus on to make a good living out of poker.
Igor C.
Igor C.
Jacksonville, FL
Read More
Excellent program, would recommend to everyone. Extra friendly people, big support group.
Kaspar Uus
Kaspar Uus
Keila, Estonia
Read More
I think BPC is the best place to learn poker, I am in CFP program and its great, a lot of poker maerial, best poker teachers, very happy with it.
Marcus J.
Marcus J.
Luton, UK
Read More
Challenged my entire gameplan and made me actually play poker as its supposed to be played. I started as a NL2 player and grinded my way up to NL100.
Damian P.
Damian P.
Chicago, IL
Read More
Joining BPC basically made me go from being a loser on NL2 to currently being a 4bb/100 winner on NL25. It teaches discipline and work ethic.
This community is probably the best in the world. It really makes no sense to pursue poker without the help of a professional coaching team such as BPC's.
Alex L.
Alex L.
Hamm, Germany
Read More
Gordon, Alan and the other coaches are the REAL DEAL!
If you have the heard , mind and discipline you will succeed and make a lot of $$.
Doug B.
Doug B.
Lincoln, NE
Read More
I chose BPC because the free materials provided by them appeared to be of highest quality. If you're willing to put the necessary effort, you will receive all tools that you need to really crush the game.
Nikola  Andric
Nikola Andric
Neuss, Germany
Read More
BPC ARE THE GREATEST THING! BEST thing that happened to me! I am on 6 max course and I couldn't beat NL2 myself, but now I reached NL10 and have greate success on it! Thanks to BPC!
Gubio S.
Gubio S.
Natal, Brazil
Read More
To be honest, this program is much more than I expected! I am still getting used to the system and all procedures, but I have just started and the results are totally satisfying.
Mihail O.
Mihail O.
Augsburg, Germany
Read More
Signing for BPC was a really good decision for me personally. I learn a lot of new things, and I achieved things I could achieve on my own but it would take a lot lot longer. There are no shortcuts in poker or life, but BPC find their way!
Yordi S
Yordi S
Tulsa, OK
Read More
As other members already said in the previous posts, this is not a scam and thinking it might be is just funny.
I was unsure whether to join or not, but took the right decision for myself. The course is very well organized and there is so much material that no one needs 1on1 coaching at this point.
Elias Holloway
Elias Holloway
Wien, Austria
Read More
joined right when I got 18 this year in August. First month went badly but I managed to still profit all in all! I am really satisfied so far and can recommend it to anyone who is willing to push it as far as possible!
You know the 10000 hours rule? With BPC you can call it the 1000 hours rule, and achieve the same! 🙂

How It Works?

You get access to materials worth thousands of euros and in return we only split the profits you make. If you don't make profits, you don't pay us anything.

The difference from our previous CFP program is that in this one, there is no coach leading the way for the students. Everyone can progress at their own pace using the step-by-step courses and materials.

The “guaranteed daily coaching” was very expensive, and we had to ask for a higher contract. We still have a coach looking over, but not on demand with a guarantee, and students liked this better.

Also, over the past 11 years, we found that people prefer more watching the webinars in recorded format than attending live sessions.

1. Master the basics

You join the program and start with the foundation principles.

PLAY: You should start playing as soon as you finished watching the Principles course and reading the ebook.

2. Expand your knowledge

The complementary courses are carefully selected to help you dive deeper into the specific spots that give beginners troubles and master them.

Study the complementary courses at your own pace.

PLAY: Don't forget that practice makes perfect so continue playing.

3. Fine tuning

Use the recordings library to watch webinars on the specific spots you have troubles with.

In addition, discuss hands and strategy in the dedicated Telegram group. Our students post at least 1 hand /day in the group.

PLAY: Apply what you learn at the tables and see the money coming in.

By playing just 100k hands (can easily be done in 2 months) you will unlock your deposit and get it back earlier.

More Feedback From Our Students

Coaching for profits FAQ

Somebody ambitious and ready to get a first class VIP learning experience. You can compare it with flying first class. It’s like asking “should i fly economy or first class”.

In Coaching For Profits, we give you all the tools and courses you need worth thousands of dollars. 

You don’t have to pay for these, in return, we just split your profits 50-50 until you reach the total target ($5000).  This is done on a trust basis because we know what we teach works and you will want to learn more.

If you don’t win, you don’t have to pay anything.

Everything you make after finishing the program you keep 100%.

We accept payment for this program via:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Neteller*
  • Bitcoin*

* Please contact and we can arrange all details for you.

You will pay a security deposit before joining because we will give you material and coaching worth thousands of dollars without asking anything in return.

We don’t want to waste time, money and resources on players who are not serious.

When  you finish the program, you will get the security deposit back

We split 50-50 your profits up to $5000.

Everything you make after that belongs to you.

If you play on BPC recommended apps and clubs the profit sharing is done when you do a cashout. For the other poker rooms, the student must keep track and report to BPC his profits.

There is no minimum requirement for the number of hands, but the more you play, the faster your progress and the quicker you will finish. We had students finish in 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

100k hands in the first year are required if you didn’t reach $5000 yet and want to continue for free in the second year.


You can be a complete beginner to poker, and still join our Coaching for profits program. In fact, many of our players have done this. You have likely already heard about them. If not, read our reviews and case studies.

We are very confident in the quality of our materials and ability of our coaches. We have done this for many years and know how powerful the combination of a dedicated student and a good coach can be.

This program is designed for 6-max cash games. You can also apply the knowledge you get here in 6-max zoom games as well.

Yes, but we have no fixed schedule or guarantee.  Every possible question you might have probably has a video that talks about it in detail so you can use the search feature in our recordings library.

The BPC Support team is also ready to help you find a specific topic from the recordings library.

The extensive recordings library + the courses + telegram groups should be enough to cover almost any topic or question.

There is no personal coach or private coaching.

We have over 10 years of experience in coaching and we found that at this stage a personal coach is not needed.

This program is just the start. It gives you the rock-solid foundation and the tools you need to crush micro-stakes and build a solid bankroll.

Of course,after you finish this program you can join an advanced program where there is a personal coach and 1-on-1 coaching.

The duration of the program is for 1 year or until you reach $5000 in total profits.

If you didn’t reach the target profit in the first year you can continue for free in the second year if you played at least 100k hands on our recommended rooms in the first year.

We make sure we offer the best rooms and places where our students can make money but at the end of the day you can play on your favorite site.

There’s no problem. You are not locked into any contract and can quit any time you want.

3 Quick Facts About Us

Yes. A Hundred Thousand.

No worries, all students got a great deal, most started with nothing. Every cent they paid came from winnings they made with our help. After going through training with us, they kept 100% of their profits for themselves. Many became self-made poker millionaires.

BPC used to only work with full-time students on a profit share basis, but we kept growing at such a big rate that we decided to also help a bigger audience of players succeed.

We leave nothing up to chance. The more money the players under contract make, the more money we make. We analyse millions of hands and also check every month which site is the best and where most profits are made. We know where most money is won and it can change.

Transparency. Honesty. Quality.

We are to this day the only coaching team that has been producing successful “zero to hero” stories for almost a decade now.

“Signing for BPC was a really good decision for me personally. I learn a lot of new things, and I achieved things I could achieve on my own but it would take a lot lot longer. There are no shortcuts in poker or life, but BPC find their way!”