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"BPC showed me how badly I played poker in cash games"

This time we want to introduce you to Kenji from Lima, Peru. With the help of Best Poker Coaching, he realized where he can improve his game. His dream is to support his family and his personal goals with the income of poker.   How did…
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"S3cr3t" finished our 5k poker coaching program!

"S3cr3t" aka Tadej finished his €5k poker coaching program as part of our 6-max Micro team with his session a few days ago!   Below you can check his first post in his blog: If you want to read his whole blog, you can click HERE. Check…

BPC is international: Ilja from Russia

Today I want to introduce you to Ilja from Russia, who has great results since he joined our team and just recently entered into our Crusher team.    When and why did you start with poker? I start playing poker around 1.5 years ago.…

BPC is International: Jesse from United States

Today we have an interview with our 6-max Crusher student Jesse from the United States, aka "Kounterfeit". He enjoyed the possibility of going on his own pace in the program and started off in our 6max Micro Program and here he is now in the…

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by rubenn on our 6max course

I've just completed a 1.5k hand sessions and have doubled my start bankroll so I can move up to 50NL. Current bankroll: €1011,48 - Moving up to 100NL when having 2k My graph since starting the 6max course (13bb/100):  

by kerwinty on our No BS 6-max course

This is unsolicited and maybe a tad long wanted to post. I play 6 max. Have been doing so at 10-50nl since moving to Ecuador after black Friday. Have yet to have a month in which I didn't withdraw at least half to 3/4 my bankroll for my living…

How to get from micro NL2 to 100.000$ winnings in just 9.5 months???

  Since my ”neighbor” showed his 100k graph, it’s time to show mine;) As you can see it took me exactly almost 18 months to start from NL2 and make 100k$ in winnings. Of course with RB it took me just 9.5 months but still reaching…

Didn't know how to play poker and now look at me!

  You understand it correctly it was a struggle with NL25. When I was shooting NL25 I was so bad that I lose soooooo much cash that to keep my bankroll management I needed to move down to NL4… I used to call it variation and running bad…