A BIG thank you!

Thanks to Dr. Schneider and Miks Lusitis for creating pdf and excel macro to help in situations based on the No BS 6max book. Both of you really did a great job. Gordon and all No-BS 6max subscribers surely appreciate it. Kudos!   …


As mentioned before we (Gordon and us 4 students of his) decided to meet in person since we are working together one way or another for over a year now. Originally we wanted to meet in Croatia, but someone is afraid of flying  After much discussion…

BPC Meeting

As mentioned in the BPC company blog (find it in the blog forum), we have been meeting up in Prague. Among some serious work and discussion, we also did some other activities...   Go-Karting. We were too fast to take pics =D   After…

Welcome to the new interface

Hi, In this part of the site, you will soon see more news and other things about and around BPC. Stay tuned! Gordon