Interview with Steezy

Today, we catch up with BPC Hall of Famer and NL 6-Max CFP alumnus, Steezy. He finished the €60k contract in just under a year back in 2015 and is STILL the record holder for the biggest monthly winnings in CFP history, coming in at a cool €30k! And this from a guy who felt like he was back in middle school when he first started the Coaching for Profits program, which you can read about on his blog here.

Now, he’s a professional poker player traveling the world and he’s even bought a house in the Netherlands! Let’s find out what else he’s been up to.

Can you give me a quick background on Steezy?

A quick background… Well, Steezy played alot of poker during his student time, but ended up being broke always! Then one day, Steezy got an e-mail from Gordon at BPC. ‘Hey Steezy, do you want to join the 6-max CFP program?’ So Steezy thought, okay this is worth a try, I’m broke anyway, I got nothing to lose. So he joined the program and now Steezy enjoys his freedom as a professional poker player!

What poker games are you playing in right now?

I’m playing 600NL-1000NL currently.

Any big highlights in poker since BPC?

Hmm, I’ve basically had a quiet life since BPC. Traveled a bit (USA, Canada, Brazil). Lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia close to Ratko “whosyadaddy” and Jan “Somebody”. I’m still in good contact with them! Great people!

I also started a coaching platform ( with 2 other 6-max grinders (Dominik and Jonathan). We did this for a year, but it cost too much time to set up a good profitable business AND focus on your own poker career, so we chose to quit the coaching business and focus on grinding again. When I think back, it was a little bit naive to start this coaching business straight out of CFP, because I have still alot to learn myself.

Highlights: One of our students made it as a professional poker player. Myself, I’m a way better poker player because of the coaching. We work closer together now as a 6-max team to improve our game. So all in all, some goods things came out of the cooperation.

Do you think it’s still possible for a player to grind up through the micros in 2017?

Of course, this is very possible! But I think people underestimate the time it will cost you to improve your game. When you find a good balance between learning and grinding, you can make it. A coach or coaching program is a great solution for this, but in the end, it’s up to the player and their dedication. (How bad do you want it? Eric Thomas voice LOL)

What are your plans for the future in poker and in life?

I just signed up with a new coach last week! Chris “GoMukYaSelf” Sparks is a former high-stakes poker player and now a productivity coach. My longterm poker goal is to become a poker millionaire and it’s nice to have a practical mentor who already has done that. It’s a great experience so far, Steven “Imachampion” got me in contact with him and I’m glad he did! That’s the value of a good poker network! I’m also taking shots at higher stakes games and aim for a good run so I can stay there. So very exciting poker times for me!

Outside of poker, I might go live in the UK for a while. I still need to learn Portuguese, travel a bit more and find ways to invest my money. Enough to do and enough to learn!

And this whole journey started at BPC… kiss Gordons ass 1 more time!

So there you have it. All of us here at BPC wish Steezy good luck in all his future endeavors! We know you’ll crush the high stakes!

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