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NoBS Principles + NoBS 6-max Ebook

Crushing The Apps Course

Crushing The Apps Course



Download and Create Your Free Account

Download the PokerBros app from GooglePlay or Appstore and create your account.

Playing from PC it's also possible. But for now let's just create the account.



Join BPC's Recommended Club

After you create your account and log in, click on the Magnifier to Join A Club (see image below)

Enter these details:
Club ID: 23083
Referrer ID: 475276



Deposit and Start Crushing

Contact coach Jake on telegram to get accepted into the club and get your first chips in. That's it!

You will get access to the materials and you can start crushing!

Limited time bonuses:

In addition to the above bonuses, for a limited time you can also get:

+ 50% first deposit bonus (T&C's apply, ask coach Jake)

+ Get access to VIP Telegram Community

Contact coach Jake


Crushing the Apps course is a great first start. This video course shows you every step you need to do to start playing on the apps.

It includes a guide for those who want to play on the PC as well.

But if you still have questions, coach Jake or can help.

Yes, they are very safe. And your deposits are guaranteed in case the site goes down or something unlikely happens. 

You can deposit and withdraw money via different methods like Paypal, BTC, Neteller, Skrill.

The short answer yes. But you will need to purchase a license for that (not from BPC). It is useful if you are playing high stakes, but that that needed at micro stakes.

The site has a tagging system by itself which can help you identify easy opponents with 2 clicks.

At the moment only China is restricted to enter the apps.

Want to skip ahead and get the course?

Learn to play on the apps where BPC students got "banned" for winning too much.

|-> Don't worry, everyone was happy in the end 🙂