How to use your Spin & Go Preflop Chart

Spin & Gos are a preflop-heavy game.

That means having a solid preflop strategy is SUPER important in these games.

The good news is, it’s easy to get good at it. That’s why Spin & Go players can progress very fast.

Use our Spin & Go Preflop Chart to eliminate mistakes from your preflop game – and make sure to watch the instructional video below so you use the chart correctly.

Watch this explanation on how to use the chart:

This  Spin & Go preflop chart were developed by our coaching team, and you can rely on them fully.

We paid special attention to making them simple to use, and fitting on 1 page for ease of use.

They will give you an edge at the tables, so make sure you either print them out, or memorize them.

(Optional): Automate your Spin & Go preflop game

If you don’t have the time to memorize all these ranges, we have also developed an automated version of this Spin & Go preflop chart.

We found that it made life easier for our Spin & Go sessions. No more looking at the charts – just click and play.

Simply select your stack, position and action before you – and get the answer on the correct play!

You can grab your copy of Spin & Go Preflop Automation Tool by clicking on this link.

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eliminate your spin & Go preflop mistakes

  • Eliminate preflop mistakes
  • Gain advantage over other players
  • Developed by top Spin & Go coaches