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Spin & Gos are a preflop-heavy game.

That means having a solid preflop strategy is SUPER important in these games.

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How does the tool look like?

Karl F.
Karl F.
Kiel. Germany
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I think that you can't make a better decision in your road to poker success! All the things I saw here made me see my passion in other more interesting ways.
I trully feel like a pro player! Thank you BPC!
George R.
George R.
Columbus, OH
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Thank you! So far all the content and tools are really, really helping me in all areas and paying for themselves. Amazing site and services.
Brian P.
Brian P.
Neuss, Germany
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The app works. Looks great! This is ging to help a ton!!
I really like the things you guys are doing 🙂
Bert L.
Bert L.
Springfield, MO
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Started from NL5 to NL10 and currently taking shots at NL50.
It's very user friendly
If you're serious about poker, you can't go wrong with BPC!
Marco Milici
Marco Milici
Palermo, Italy
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BPC is the best of the best, I have adviced to all my friends, I had to 😀
they are so satisfied and they are really happy to be part of a school who makes champions! 😀


You can use it on every poker site. The tool is not connected to the poker site software. You access the tool from your browser and as such it is undetectable and good for your privacy compared to software that you access from your computer.

Yes. The tool will work on any device and is even optimised for different screen sizes.

It works on every limit. Even the highest stakes or let’s say especially on the highest stakes. Most solutions are the “perfect” computer solution. Other parts that we add are based on over 100million hands of population data analysis. Whenever something is specifically done for a specific limit, the tool would show you. If there is no other information, you can assume it works on all limits.

Yes. 100% legal and ethical.
Every top player uses our tool or something similar that they created for themselves. The tools give you such a great edge that in todays games it puts you at a great disadvantage not to use it. Just imagine all the all-in spots when short stacked (in Spins and MTTs) or knowing immediately what the population does in cash games.
Maybe at some point in the future poker sites say they don’t like these tools. The best players will use those tools anyways, so we believe in making poker fun for EVERYBODY, not just the top players with big bankrolls that can afford to develop tools on their own.
Either way, our tool is in the browser so it is impossible for anybody to know if you are using it or not (especially since you can use it on your phone while playing on the computer). 
At BPC we believe in helping people to improve. We create the tools and it is up to the user to make a decision how to use them. All we do know is that they give you a huge edge and people not using them will basically have a very low chance of winning consistently online.

A one-time payment of 149 Euro, which will give you lifetime access to the tool.

“Lifetime” means as long as we offer the tool. You will have no risk as we give a guarantee of at least 2 years, which already means you pay 50% less. If for any reason we don’t offer the tool anymore before the two years, we will give you a pro-rated refund.

Today we see no reason why the tools would not be offered for another 10 years, so the lifetime access is indeed a great discount. We believe it is responsible and ethical to define unclear terms such as “lifetime”.

Choose The Plan That Fits You Best

Spin & Go Automation Tool

One-time payment and lifetime access
  • Covers every preflop situation in Spin & Go games
  • You can use it during play & gain a big edge over your opponents
  • Accessible from all devices
  • Tested and proven lines

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best offer
Save €196 (2 months free)
Bill J.
Bill J.
Philadelphia, PA
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Grabbed the tool and its really nice! Really enjoy the way that it makes you stay in line and don't you make fancy plays.
Think it will work nicely on the long run.
Jan G.
Jan G.
Frankfurt, Germany
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The tool is easy to follow, fast and works great even at NL10.
Craig R.
Craig R.
Plymouth, UK
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For me it was for sure the best decision I made. The tool is giving you a good base to start your career as a poker player.
Marcus M.
Marcus M.
Linz, Austria
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Helps you learn the ranges and the lines faster. And can't be detected by the poker rooms.

How to use the tool?

You simply open your browser, log-in to your dashboard and there you will be able to access the tool.

It is as easy as described in the video above.

You can use the tool when reviewing hands after a session or during the game.

We give you the tool, what you do with it is up to you.