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Master Classes​

Our master classes have a laser sharp focus on very specific areas of the game. They will help you make the jump from the top 10% of players to the 1% and even better. You will be able to study new lines and think about the game on a deeper level

Spin & Go Strategy Bootcamp

Spin & Go Advanced Mastery

Tools & Charts​

Gain an unfair advantage at the tables by using our cutting edge automation tools, population analysis and charts. You will feel like a magician and your opponents will wonder if you can see their hole cards


Our charts are for free. You can study and memorise them. But what if you want to know the right hand very quickly without having to search for it? Our automation tool has the right answer to ANY question. It’s just one click away.

Spin & Go Preflop Charts

Spin & Go’s are a preflop-heavy game. The good news is that you can become better at it very easily by playing the same hands as the biggest winners in the world