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3 Quick Facts About Us

Yes. Fifty Thousand. Some paid even more than that.

Of course not 50k for the videos, private training was involved. But the strategies, methods and ideas that you will learn here is what our famous students happily paid for. And no, they were not children of billionaires. They paid for it with a share of their profits made while in our school.

In our famous CFP program, we only got paid if our students made money. This means that what you will learn here “actually works” for normal people. Our students come from all walks of life.

If it worked for them, it can work for you.

We always want to stress the importance of hard work. Without work, nothing gets done. If you look for a magic pill, we are not the right place for you.

Transparency. Honesty. Quality.

We are to this day the only coaching team that has been producing successful “zero to hero” stories for almost a decade now. Our students did make a lot of money and our Masterclasses are the essence of that knowledge.

We updated and upgraded the knowledge and content over the years and fully revamped the content with great new knowledge in 2020.

The results of our students are publicly verified and students updated their journey from day one.

What you will get - High Quality Poker Training

Spin & Go Bootcamp
€697 value

Spin & Go Advanced Bootcamp
€1597 value

Spin & Go Bootcamp - Table of Content

Spin & Go Advanced Bootcamp - Table of Content

What else you will get - Tools & Community

World Class HUD

You will get the same HUD that our Coaching for Profits students used to crush the competition. Take full advantage of our analysis and stats

Preflop Charts

Our charts are developed by coach Cog Dis. They are based on his knowledge and solvers analysis.

Private Group Access

Get access to our private facebook group. Reserved only for Shark Academy members. Discuss and get to know your fellow mates. 

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