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Somebody after CFP

Jan “Somebody” is a €60k NLHU Soldier finisher.

Before joining Coaching for Profits he was averaging $500 monthly playing small stakes SNG.

The HU tables is the place where he started winning real money.

Like many of his fellow students, Jan got inspiration to grind harder after the 2015 poker seminar in Dubrovnik.

You can check his Coaching for Profits review he recorded there in the video below:

In the following months, he hit three €10.000+ months in a row to finish the CFP contract in style, exactly 9 months after starting

Funny thing is that he didn’t even realize he finished the program!

There is a problem, though.

Those €10.000+ months were not good enough anymore for Jan. So to fix that, in the first month after CFP, he won €20.000.

And his results have been steady ever since. In fact, until his last monthly update in his blog in July, he reported winning €10.000+ in 10 of the 12 months before!

Jan “Somebody” last 100k hands.




Check his interview in the 2016 poker camp in Malta:

“Somebody” is still crushing at the tables, but his attention is also focused on some other areas.

Jan is the NLHU Head Coach now. And that is not all, he is also the CFP Manager!


As you can see from “Somebody” story, on top of learning how to crush at the tables, you also have a chance to start coaching or even work directly for Best Poker Coaching if that is something that interests you.

When you’re part of BPC, doors that you wouldn’t even think that could be opened opens right in front of you if you work hard enough and go for it.


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  1. Ivan BPC
    Ivan BPC says:

    One of my idols, I don’t have many, but Jan “Somebody” and Ivan “m1ndCtrl” are those who improved my way of thinking, not just about poker, but about life in general. I agree with Duke, that comment is great, explains almost everything!


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