The most entertaining coaching in the history of poker!! (Full Video)

(Warning: do NOT listen on speakers if you are in public 🙂

This video is a recording of coaching review by Gordon, for a 6-max student.

Gordon is known for his no-bullshit style of coaching, which some people love, while others might find it “offensive”. He doesn’t care for political correctness, likes to use dirty jokes and locker-room talk during his sessions, and laugh about it together with the student after the session. The students know he delivers results for them. One thing is for sure – you will never get bored watching Gordons sessions! 😉

While such videos are very entertaining, they also carry a lot of educational value. The topic of this particular session was how to decide when it’s better to fastplay, and when you should slowplay with strong hands.

Notable points in this video:

0:00 The importance of relative hand strength
6:10 Playing multiway on very wet boards
9:02 How to play with the nuts
11:27 Playing strong hands vs bluffy opponents and short stackers
18:26 Why it’s never smart to donk bet and why you should always think about bet sizing
22:00 How to say if the opponent is very bluffy and how to play extremely strong hands against them
27:04 The hand vs unknown opponent

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