The Complete Poker Training Has Arrived... With BPC's Shark Academy

Get the confusion out of your head.

Climb the stakes faster with professional help and use the tactics that will grow your bankroll reliably.

Here's what you'll get and more...

  • Access over 20 premium poker courses worth thousands of euros
  • Join live group coaching sessions every day
  • 6 strategy libraries with hundreds of videos on specific topics
  • Track your progress in our professional dashboard

What makes Shark Academy different?

We are not just “another training site” and Shark Academy is not just another training program.

Here are some of the things that make us different…

Our students have over 3 million dollars in winnings - in the past 4 years alone

We track results of our students who join our Coaching for profits program (the hardcore version of Shark Academy, you could say).

In fact, we HAVE to track them – since we depend on their winnings to make a profit ourselves. If they don’t win, we don’t win. It’s as simple as that.

So we make DAMN SURE that they win, and win a lot.

Below you can see some of their best monthly results.

Since 2015 we have held a monthly rankings to honor the best student of each month. 

The tables below show the winners of those monthly rankings in the past years, month by month.

These results, student testimonials and graphs are all publicly accessible on forums and our blog. If you would like to see graphs and watch video testimonials, click here.

By joining Shark Academy, you know you are in the hands of the same team that produced these results for many, many students of the game before you.

Over the years we have gathered an insane amount of experience, had thousands of hours of coachings, coached hundreds of students and helped them win over 3 million dollars at the tables. (This is just during their time inside our coaching program – while they were still learning the game. You can imagine how much these students went on to win after mastering the game and completing our coaching program).

We included some of our best students into the coaching team, which is now over 20 coaches strong, and has over a century (!!!) of coaching experience between them.

Shark Academy gives you more

Even in 2019, most poker training sites are still running on the age-old model.

A poker pro makes a video and records it, and members get to watch those videos later.

Typically those videos are the coach recording himself during play, since those are the easiest to make. Unfortunatelly for you, they also bring the least value to whoever is watching them.

Sometimes, a training site will produce a theory video in between recording live sessions.

This is to keep the overall quality of videos up. However these are harder and more time-consuming to make –  and if the site only has 1 or 2 main coaches, they won’t be able to keep up with creating new content.

The result is that not many new videos get produced by that site, and members have to wait for weeks for new content. It’s hardly worth it to pay monthly membership fees when you only get new content once per month.

We believe the member deserves more bang for their buck, so we created a superior model of training.

In Shark academy, you immediatelly get access to over 20 premium courses. These are structured, step-by-step courses that sell for thousands of euros if you were to buy them separatelly.

You also get access to 6 strategy libraries with hundreds of videos. These are the best videos from our archives explaining specific topics you need to learn. Each strategy library cover a different game (6-max, Spin & Go, MTT, ZOOM, PLO…).

On top of the 20 premium courses and 6 strategy libraries, we also record every Shark Academy coaching session. That means you can watch between 30 and 50 new videos every month.

If all that is not enough, we also give a 25% discount on all of our Elite Bootcamps to Shark Academy members.

Let’s have a look at a quick comparison.

Compare Shark Academy with other training sites

Competitor site 1

Score: 4/10
  • Random videos by different coaches
  • New content added daily
  • Write on the forum and hope that somebody answers days or weeks from now
  • Nobody will ever look at your game
  • Somewhat active strategy forums
  • Nobody knows if people are getting results watching their vids, or not
  • Nothing to measure your progress.
  • No live coaching for any poker format
  • Video study material for different games​
  • No sign-up fee

Shark Academy

Score: 9/10
  • Access to premium structured courses
  • New content added daily
  • Speak to the coaches in live sessions
  • Get your database reviewed or your hands analysed by the coaches
  • Active strategy forums
  • Proven student results - over 3 million in winnings
  • Professional dashboard to track your results
  • Live coaching sessions for different games
  • Video study material for different games
  • Sign-Up Fee

Competitor site 2

Score: 1/10
  • A mix of structured and random videos.
  • New content added once or twice per month
  • You don't get to speak to coaches
  • Nobody will ever look at your game​
  • No forum at all. Only a facebook group.
  • Nobody knows if people are getting results watching their vids, or not​
  • Nothing to measure your progress
  • No live coaching for any poker format​
  • You have to pay extra for vids on different games
  • Sign-Up Fee

Balanced training approach

When you join a typical poker training site, you can expect 1 thing, and 1 thing only…


Even in 2019 watching videos is still how many poker players try to learn the game.

The blame for this lies partly on the training sites, which have conditioned players to believe this is the best way to  improve.

So typically, in the past, players would sign up to a poker training site and watch videos of other players playing.

After watching a few videos, the player would then try to copy random moves he saw other players performing.

We call that PASSIVE learning… Monkey see – monkey do.

Inevitably this would fail, because of many different reasons…

The player didn’t understand the moves well enough, since he had no feedback from the player who recorded himself playing…

Some moves work in some games on some poker rooms, but not in others. Trying to execute then as if they are meant to be used everywhere is a recipe for disaster.

So the player struggled on his own, making small and painfully slow progress… If he made any progress at all.

We believe this mode of learning and teaching is outdated in 2019.

If watching random poker videos from different coaches with no common thread is your thing, I have good news for you…

There are tens of thousands of them on Youtube – free of charge.

You can spend countless hours of watching videos, free or paid, and try to piece together a strategy. It can be done – if you have years to dedicate to this process.

We suggest a better use of your time – ACTIVE learning.

When you join Shark Academy, you will get the complete, well-rounded approach to learning the game.

The videos are still there, so you are not missing out on the old model.

We didn’t eliminate it, we simply UPGRADED it.

And that goes for the type of videos you will get also. While other training sites will give you a confusing mix of videos to watch, we unlocked 20 premi

m structured courses for you to study.

…in addition to hundreds of videos in our strategy libraries PLUS recordings of all coaching sessions (30-50 per month).

The learning effect of watching somebody play, or watching systematic study material prepared in advance is 1000 times stronger, if not more.

Nobody has EVER learned to play basketball from watching NBA games! So watching others is not enough.

This is where Shark Academy really stands out head and shoulders above competition….

What do Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Lionel Messi have in common?

Yes, they are the best in the world at what they do.

But they didn’t get there simply by watching others play…

They all understand the value of coaching.

Videos and books are useful in learning general concepts, and that’s why we also use them in our training platform.

…but not as the only driver of your progress.

They should be seen as a helpful tool, one among others.

If you want fast and lasting progress, the best way to get there is to get a coach.

If you’re still stuck at the lower limits, chances are you are making basic mistakes.

But you won’t know it until a coach looks at YOUR hands, YOUR database – and points it out to YOU directly.

A video or a book simply won’t do it.

If you want to progress fast and not spend hundreds of hours looking through videos for pieces of information that maybe apply to your game – you need to speak with a coach directly.

You probably know all this already, and might be thinking “sure, but who can afford a coach?”

And that’s a real problem.

In 99 out of 100 cases, the player who needs coaching the most – simply can’t afford it.

If you are currently struggling, or grinding the low stakes player – you want to grow your bankroll, not spend it on coaches that may or may not be good.

Not only is picking a coach risky business, it’s also very costly.

Let’s face it, coaching is insanely expensive.

It can even be more expensive than getting a good lawyer.

Most good coaches charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to find somebody playing lower stakes to coach you for less.

That’s still going to cost you hundreds of dollars per month, if not more.

Just to get a few sessions per month – and you have no idea if the coach is reliable, if he will stick around to monitor your progress.

Or if he’s even a winning player in 2018/19! (ask him for a graph of hands played over the past 6 months).

Expensive coaching, and uncertain outcome – that’s the problem we solve with Shark Academy.

Shark Academy is like your private coach for a fraction of the cost that a private coach would cost you, with a massive video library on top, and with proven results over the years.

The complete training platform

Access 20 premium courses

Choose from any one of the 20 courses to begin your training (thousands of Euros in value)

These are structured and systematic courses, not simply random videos you get in most other training sites.

Among the courses you will get access to when you join the Shark Academy are all of our most popular courses, such as Mastering 3-bet pots, How to crush fish, Learn Zoom in 120 minutes, and many more.

You can find the complete list of courses at the bottom of this page in the FAQ.

Join up to 50 group coaching sessions per month

Let an experienced coach go through your hands in a live session where you can ask him questions directly and get answers on the spot.

A live interaction with a professional will expose your major leaks very quickly.

After every session, you will learn something new and become aware of mistakes you didn’t realize you were making.

We record all coaching sessions, so you can rewatch them at your convenience, even if you miss any of them.

6 Strategy Libraries with hundreds of tactical videos

We have prepared 6 strategy libraries for you to study when  after completing the courses – or whenever are ready to go deeper into your game.

6-max Strategy Library (micro/small stakes)

6-max Strategy Library (small/midstakes)

MTT strategy library

PLO strategy Library

Spin & Go Strategy Library

ZOOM Strategy Library

These are not for sale outside Academy or our CFP programs, and have never been available to the general public before.

As a Shark Academy member you will get access to them.

You fill find videos covering specific topics in depth, as well as the most valuable webinars and coaching sessions held in the past for our CFP students.

Professional bankroll management

Keep yourself accountable, manage your bankroll like a pro and measure your progress and development as a player with our professional dashboard.

Set your goals, see your upcoming coaching sessions, and update your results to keep yourself accountable.

Seeing your progress in real-time will sharpen your focus, increase your confidence in your game and help you remove all doubts that you can’t beat the games.

Learn to crush different games

6-max & ZOOM players

When everything starts coming together perfectly during a hand, when you're discovering more and more situations to pick up dead money, when you are able to manipulate the pot vs. different types of villains, or taking on aggressive lines that work incredibly well - your bankroll will grow naturally. You will feel much more confident in your game and remove all doubts that you couldn't make it.

Spin & Go players

If you're looking to spend your time very effectively, then watching videos should be a supplement, not a substitute for talking with a coach directly. A video can present to you general, solid concepts. A coach can tell you exactly what you specifically are doing wrong in each hand you've played. What would take you hours of watching and re-watching many videos, can be answered in 5 minutes in a live session.

MTT Players

If you're not a winning player yet, coaching is likely not affordable to you - at least not good quality coaching with expensive coaches and proven results. So at the point when you need coaching the most - you are left to watch videos on your own. Shark Academy solves this problem.

PLO players

If you are getting owned at the tables, almost every session can seem like a struggle. Strategies that might have been very good ages ago, may not work in 2019. We always keep a finger on the pulse of todays games, simply from the 1000s of relevant hand histories we review every week. Shark Academy opens doors to new knowledge and new approaches and you can feel confident in your game being up to date.

Join us in Shark Academy and start winning!

  • 20+ premium structured courses (€2900 value)
  • 30-50 coaching sessions each month (€4900 Euro value)
  • 6 strategy libraries with hundreds of videos (€5900 Euro Value)
  • Professional dashboard to track your results (€980 Euro Value)
  • Recordings of previous coaching sessions (€3900 Value)
  • Professional dashboard to track your results (€980 Euro Value)
  • Private Skype group with ambitious members and VIP coach (€980 Euro Value)
  • Proven student results - over 3 million dollars in last 4 years alone (priceless)
best value winner

Frequently Asked Questions:

CFP was created for full-time players looking to dominate the highest stakes.

Shark Academy is geared more towards the micro-small stakes players looking for an efficient and proven way to improve their fast.

In the Academy you get our know-how which we developed over the years of experience with many of our CFP students, and some of the webinars will also overlap with CFP micro-small-stakes webinars.

You can think of Shark Academy as “CFP light”, without any contract.

Another important difference is also that you can improve in many different poker formats inside Shark Academy (6-max, PLO, ZOOM, MTT, Spin & Go…) while CFP programs require you to specialize in 1 poker format only.

The courses and coachings in the Shark Academy are produced by small stakes, midstakes and highstakes players, who have have made tens of thousands of euros, and many hundreds of thousands, playing poker.

Our coaching systems and courses have produced results for hundreds of players, which you can easily find on our website here, as well as on our blog and forums.

Unlike other training sites, we also run a Coaching for profits program, which means our coaches only get paid if the students actually win at the tables.

That means we are extremelly results-oriented as a team, and you get the huge benefit of all of our experience, research and study done with our coaching for profits students. In other words, we are not simply some poker players who record videos for you. 

Our coaches have well over a century (!!!) of coaching experience between them, and our students have made over 3 million dollars at the tables in the past 4 years alone.

Joining Shark Academy will be the best thing you have ever done for your game, no matter w hich stakes you play at the moment. That said, if you are a full-time professional, you will want to have look at our Coaching for profits programs at some point in the future.

We recommend to everybody to start in Shark Academy first. Get to know us, our content and our dashboard. When you are ready to upgrade to Coaching for profits, upgrading is simple and your monthly payments to Shark Academy will not be lost. Every penny you spend on Shark Academy will count towards your Security Deposit and profit share if you decide to switch to CFP at any point in the future.

The Shark Academy is there to teach you everything you need to know up to making $3000-$5000 per month. Of course, people have made more money as well, but that is a good measurement. If you play tournaments and have a good month, that could become more.

Based on people who have used the same materials (check our testimonials and reviews) these are good estimates.

If you are alrready making $5000 or more per month playing poker, we suggest you consider our Coaching For Profits program instead. However if you’re new to BPC we do recommend you try the Shark Academy first. 

However, you need to understand that it always depends on how much time YOU invest. We have people who earn an extra $500/month and of course those who make a lot more. In the end, poker is extremelly fair – the more (time and money) you invest into your game, the more returns on your investment you will see.

The number of webinars for specific games changes, and will adapt to popular demand.

Typically, most of the webinars will be on 6-max cash games, since that’s the format most players play, and is also a skill which translates to most other poker games very well.

A typical weekly webinar schedule has four 6-max webinars, 1 Spin & Go webinar, 1 PLO webinar, 1 ZOOM webinar, and 1 MTT webinar.

You can expect around 10 webinars on average per week, running at different times and days. The absolute minimum we promise is 25 monthly sessions on average  – or your money back.

Coaching sessions run every day of the week, often several times per day.

Typically the webinars run in the afternoon-evening times European and USA times, and throughout the day on the weekends.

Whether you are from USA/Canada or Europe, you will find plenty of convenient times you can attend.

Each coaching session is also recorded and you can watch it at any time you want if you miss it, or if you simply want to re-watch it.

Every day.

We organize 30-50 coaching sessions per month for Shark Academy members, 

Since we have daily webinars, we are constantly expanding our Strategy libraries with the best of the recordings. You can expect at least 10 hours of new video strategy content each month.

The best way to start and the fastest way to get familiar with how everything works, is to book a free private 1-on-1 session with one of our Team Members.

After you join the Academy, you will receive an invitation to book this session at your convenience.

You can bring any question you have. Typically the session will last about 15-20 minutes and is a great way to get started on the right track from the very beginning.

You will have access to your easy-to-use dashboard for tracking results and adding your weekly goals.

You can request a specific profit goal to be set for you, and start measuring your progress with a nice graph that will show you how far you still need to go.

For example, if your first goal is to make €10,000 playing poker, you can set this up as your profit target.

Every bankroll update you make will be added towards your ultimate goal.

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