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Why you (probably) don’t get results like this

Don’t get carried away by these numbers.

Behind these results there’s a lot of work and hundreds of hours of coaching done by our carefully selected team of coaches.

Success didn’t come over night.  Poker is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Our players followed precise systems, participated in regular coaching sessions and did their homework.

We took care of the rest.

Most poker players don’t get results like this.

In fact, most players lose deposits, or suffer long, bankroll-crushing setbacks when trying to move up the stakes.

You probably know what I’m talking about.

This is as true now, as it was 10 years ago. But it will be more true than ever in 2019.

The reason is simple.

Competition is harder than ever.

Not only are you competing with the better regs, but against the rake as well.

Every year the edges get a bit smaller and you need to be that much better.

The game is evolving.

What was enough to win in 2012 wouldn’t stand a chance at the average table of 2019.

Strategies that worked last year, won’t work as well next year – today information is shared quickly and people are watching. There are no “secret tricks” you can learn quickly from watching a few videos.

You are doing it wrong

If you’re like most players, you try solving this problem by watching poker videos, in one form or another.

Many, many poker videos…

You’re looking for the next big thing, the holy grail of secret poker strategies that will bring you the results you want.

Perhaps you buy poker courses, or subscribe to this or that training site. (more videos…)

Maybe you also read the occasional poker book.

This used to be enough. It used to be possible to read a few books, watch videos on a training site, and gain an edge over competition.

If you rely on that in 2019, you’re going to get crushed.

If you’ve tried some of the training sites and watched training videos for a while, you probably realized by yourself that it didn’t help you that much at the tables.

And doing more of the same won’t help.

This is not a question of watching even MORE videos.

I’m not saying the information scattered in the thousands of training videos you can watch on different training sites is necessarily bad…

…or that some of the players who record these videos are not winning.

(Although I could tell you many interesting facts about some of them since we interviewed lots of those video producers for coaching positions  – and let’s just say that more than you might expect can’t produce a winning graph over a decent sample)

But the point is, even if the all the videos that YOU watch are produced by ONLY the best winning players – it’s still not a very efficient use of your time, if your goal is to move up the stakes as fast as you can.

There are many reasons why passive learning – aka watching videos produced for the masses – doesn’t bring you results that you deserve for your effort, or at best produces results at a much slower rate.

Any video or a book can only tell you so much.

Even if it is well structured, professionally presented and backed by proven results (most are not).

The reason is simple.

It wasn’t tailored specifically to you. It was recorded for the masses.

As such, it can only present general concepts – but, as they say, the devil is in the detail…

Why you need to work with a coach - and now you can afford it

Videos and books are useful in learning general concepts, and that’s why we also use them in our teaching,

…but not as the main driver of your progress.

They should only be seen as a helpful tool, one among others.

Today, the only way to crush the tables is to get coaching from poker pros, and follow their footsteps.

This will only become more extreme in 2019, as more players take advantage of this opportunity.

Wheather you like it or not, it’s happening.

You can either get on board with the trend while it’s still early days…

…or miss the gold rush and get left behind.

If you’re still stuck at the lower limits, chances are you are making basic mistakes.

But you won’t know it until a coach looks at YOUR hands, YOUR database – and points it out to YOU directly.

A video or a book simply won’t do it.

If you want to progress fast and not spend hundreds of hours looking through videos for pieces of information that maybe apply to your game – you need to speak with a coach directly.

You need a coach to take a look at what exactly it is that YOU are doing wrong.

It will save you time, so you can actually play the game instead of watching all those videos.

Getting coached cuts the time needed to improve by 10x if not more.

It takes you straight to the source.

Instead of watching a poker pro make a video for the masses – you get to talk to him live, 1on1.

So we can agree getting a coach is the most efficient way to improve, and perhaps soon the ONLY way to stay ahead of the competition.

But here’s the next problem…

In 99 out of 100 cases, the player who needs coaching the most – simply can’t afford it.

If you are currently struggling, or grinding the low stakes player – you want to grow your bankroll, not spend it on coaches that may or may not be good.

Not only is picking a coach risky business, it’s also very costly.

Let’s face it, coaching is insanely expensive.

It can even be more expensive than getting a good lawyer.

Most good coaches charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to find somebody playing lower stakes to coach you for less.

That’s still going to cost you hundreds of dollars per month, if not more.

Just to get a few sessions per month – and you have no idea if the coach is reliable, if he will stick around to monitor your progress.

Or if he’s even a winning player in 2018/19! (ask him for a graph of hands played over the past 6 months).

Expensive coaching, and uncertain outcome – that’s the problem we solve with Shark Academy.

The Shark Academy is like your private coach for a fraction of the cost that a private coach would cost you, with a massive video library on top, and with proven results over the years.

Over $2,436,798.00 in winnings since 2015

Like I told you at the beginning, since 2015 alone, our students won over $2,436,798.00 at the tables, and counting.

Our coaching team has decades of experience between them, all the way up to the highest stakes. Not only playing, but more importantly – teaching players like yourself how to follow their footsteps. Those are two different skills.

We’ve spent an ENORMOUS amount of time coaching both struggling and winning players, both professional and recreational.

And we delivered results for them, over and over again.

I wont waste your time by listing all the success stories of our coaching programs.

You can easily find them on our website.

We made it a point to track results publicly –  simply because we know that if we didn’t, nobody would have a reason to believe us.

We’re the only training site that does this – ask yourself why.

If you know any poker training sites, perform this simple test – visit their website, and look around. Try to find any results members or coaches are getting.

It may be an eye-opener as to why you’re not progressing as fast as you’d hoped.


We have proven over and over again, with hundreds of players, that we have the know-how to make anybody who is willing to learn, into a crusher.

What we teach works, and we have perfected our systems over the years.

Up until now, we only coaches players under long-term contracts.

With great success.

However we realized there’s a need to make our coaching more approachable to players who – for different reasons – cannot commit to a long-term coaching contract.

The result of it is our new Shark Academy.

No contracts. No sharing of profits.

Let me explain how it works.

When you join the Shark Academy, you will get access to participate in live coaching sessions pretty much every day.

These sessions are very hands-on training for all aspects of poker strategy.

Each time our coaches address a specific tactic, cover a specific topic, or review hands submitted by our members.

You can volunteer to be the main student for most sessions, and have the coach explore your hands and database.

There are coaching sessions running almost every day, and on some days we run more than one.

Coachings are done in US-friendly times, as well as Europe-friendly times.

We have a big enough coaching team to accomodate different time-zones.

You will be able to join between 25 and 50 coaching sessions each month.

These are group coachings with a small-medium sized group of students.

During the session, you can ask questions, submit hands, or share your screen and present problematic hands you’ve played.

A typical weekly schedule has four 6-max sessions, 2 Spin & Go sessions, 2 PLO sessions, 1 ZOOM webinar, and 1 MTT webinar.

So no matter which game you want to crush, we have you covered.

In addition, you will get over 20 of our most popular courses we have produced over the years.

If you’d buy them separately, it would cost you thousands of dollars.

You will also get access to 6 strategy libraries, which are a collection of some of the best webinars or sessions we organized over the years with our students and members.

These libraries keep growing, as we add more videos to them on a monthly basis.

Another key aspect of the Shark Academy is our custom-designed tracking dashboard, where you will be able to set profit targets for yourself, track your daily results and activity on the forums, create stop-loss rules, and more.

It’s the ultimate tool we have developed in-house for our inner circle of students (Coaching for profits), and will help you manage your bankroll like a pro.

I know this is not the most exciting part of being a poker player, but trust me, no matter your current skill level, you will benefit from organizing your poker finances and tracking your progress systematically.

We have gamified this process as much as possible, so the “boring part” is reduced to a minimum.

Here's what you'll get and more...

  • Join live coaching sessions every day
  • Learn different game formats: 6-max, PLO, MTT, Zoom, Spin&Go
  • Explore our strategy libraries with over 1000 hours of videos
  • 21 courses covering different games, for players of different skill levels
  • Access to all future courses
  • Track your results in our custom-designed dashboard used by CFP students

Your new training platform

Get coached directly in live sessions

Let an experienced coach go through your hands in a live session where you can ask him questions directly and get answers on the spot.

A live interaction with a professional will expose your major leaks very quickly.

After every session, you will learn something new and become aware of mistakes you didn’t realize you were making.

As a Shark Academy member, you will be able to join a minimum of 25 coaching sessions every single month.

These sessions act as hands-on training for all aspects of poker strategy. Each time our coaches address a specific tactic, cover a specific topic, or review hands submitted by our members.

There are coaching sessions running almost every day, and on some days we run more than one.

You will be able to join a minimum of 25, and up to 48 poker webinars each month.

A typical weekly webinar schedule has four 6-max webinars, 1 Spin & Go webinar, 1 PLO webinar, 1 ZOOM webinar, and 1 MTT webinar.

We use free tools, which are easy to use even if you’ve never joined a webinar before.

Take the courses (€1310 Value)

Choose from any one of the 21 courses to begin your training.

If you would purchase them separatelly, the total price would be €1310. They are all included in Shark Academy.

They will provide you with a solid foundation to build upon, as you start joining coachings, posting hands and engaging with our coaching team and other members.

Among the courses you will get access to when you join the Shark Academy are all of our most popular courses, such as Mastering 3-bet pots, How to crush fish, Learn Zoom in 120 minutes, and many more.

You can find the complete list of courses at the bottom of this page in the FAQ.

Track your results

Keep yourself accountable, manage your bankroll like a pro and measure your progress and development as a player.

Set your goals, see your upcoming coaching sessions, and update your results after each session.

We have developed the perfect tracking tool for any poker player over the years inside of our CFP programs. It’s now available also to you, Shark Academy members.

Using our dashboard will increase your focus, thus improving your results and mental attitude.

Seeing your progress in real-time will also increase confidence in your game and help you remove all doubts that you can’t beat the games.

Study our Strategy Libraries

We have prepared 6 strategy libraries for you to study when  after completing the courses – or whenever are ready to go deeper into your game.

6-max Strategy Library (micro/small stakes)

6-max Strategy Library (small/midstakes)

MTT strategy library

PLO strategy Library

Spin & Go Strategy Library

ZOOM Strategy Library


These are not for sale outside Academy or our CFP programs, and have never been available to the general public before.

As a Shark Academy member you will get access to them.

You fill find videos covering specific topics in depth, as well as the most valuable webinars and coaching sessions held in the past for our CFP students.

Every one of our poker webinars is recorded.

We will only  add the best of the webinars to our strategy libraries.

Our team carefully selects the best webinars to include to the libraries so you can maximize the benefits of the time you spend watching videos. 

However if you want to watch a specific webinar recording that we did not include into your libraries, you can always request a link to any specific recording with our support.

Coaching and strategies to strengthen your game

Change the way you perceive the game

When everything starts coming together perfectly during a hand, you will feel much more confident in your game

Become a better player faster

What would take you hours of watching and re-watching many videos, can be answered in 5 minutes in a live session.

All your questions answered

Our poker forum is one of the most active strategy forums out there. Our live coachings give you the opportunity to ask anytime you're unsure of how to apply particular concept to your game.

Coaching will pay for itself

Investing €49 per month is easily worth the long-term increase in your winrate that will result from it. Shark Academy makes make your transition to a winning player easier and faster.

Take your game to the next level with Shark Academy

By now you get the idea.

Shark Academy will give you an unfair advantage over players who are still trying to improve on their own, watching videos.

What will take them 10, 20 hours of watching videos and trying to fiogure out how all those hoours of content relate to their specific leaks – you will be served on a silver platter by a coach, live in 5 minutes.

Which player make more progress in 2019? You can do the math yourself.

Poker players of all skill levels and playing different games will benefit from this training plan.

If you’re a small stakes grinder, and want to have an edge, or even a shortcut to be able to move up the stakes faster than the rest of the player pool, this is for you.

It’s for the player who realizes the advantages of getting coaching, but either can’t afford it, or has been burned in the past by low-level coaches who promised what they couldn’t deliver.

Until now, we only coached players under a long-term contract.

Now, our coaching systems and software is available for a low monthly fee to anybody determined to take their game to the next level.

You don’t have to commit to a 60-thousand dollar contract. For €49 dollars per month I will give you access to everything I described.

In the past, this was unthinkable, and that’s why you don’t see other training sites doing it.

But we went the extra mile because we strongly believe that, to truly take your game to the next level and eliminate unnecessary bankroll hits and tilt-sessions – you simply need personal contact.

You need live coaching from experienced players.

If you’ve trained a sport or any other skill in life, you know the value a good coach brings to the table.

If you’ve never had coaching before, you’re about to realize why even Michael Jordan had a coach.


Try it risk-free for 7 days

And the best thing is, you can try it risk-free for 7 days.

Give it a go, and you will see what I am talking about.

If you are not 100% convinced within 7 days that this is the best training platform for you to improve your game faster, we’ll refund you in full – no questions asked.

So really, there’s nothing holding you back from giving it a shot.

If you don’t like it, it won’t cost you anything.

But if our coaching team will do for you what it did for our members who made over $2,436,798.00 at the tables since 2015 – you’ll never look at poker in the same way.

For whom is Shark Academy?

Struggling players

Struggling players

Get the confusion out of your head. Spend less time chasing poker trends and use the tactics that will grow your bankroll reliably.

Winning players 1

Winning Players

Climb the stakes faster with professional help. Extract more value from the time you already spend on learning new strategies.

Try it for 7-days. Risk-free. If you don't like it, we'll refund you - no question asked.

Shark Academy

49/month With €250 €150 Sign-Up Fee
  • Get daily coaching in multiple formats
  • Access 21 courses that normally sell for €1310
  • Access 6 strategy libraries with hundreds of hours of videos
  • 7-day money back guarantee
Save €100

Shark Academy YEARLY

  • No Sign-Up fee (Save €250)
  • Get daily coaching in multiple formats​
  • Access 21 courses that normally sell for €1310
  • Access 6 strategy libraries with hundreds of hours of videos​
  • 7-day money back guarantee
Save €250

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Shark Academy and Coaching for profits?

Coaching for profits (aka CFP) was created for full-time players looking to dominate the highest stakes.

Shark Academy is geared more towards the micro-small stakes players looking for an efficient and proven way to improve their fast.

In the Academy you get our know-how which we developed over the years of experience with many of our students, and some of the webinars will also overlap with CFP micro-small-stakes webinars.

You can think of Shark Academy as “CFP light”, without any contract.

Another important difference is also that you can improve in many different poker formats inside Shark Academy (6-max, PLO, ZOOM, MTT, Spin & Go…) while CFP programs require you to specialize in 1 poker format only.

Do you offer a free trial?

While we do not offer a free trial, we do offer a 7-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your membership.

If for any reason our Shark Academy does not meet your expectation, simply write to support@bestpokercoaching.com within 7 days of joining.

Your purchase will be refunded no matter what your reason is.

This enables you to test-drive our Shark Academy risk-free for 7 days.

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked into a contract?

As a Shark Academy member, you can cancel at any time.

While we hope you stay forever, this is different than Coaching for profits (CFP), where the student signs a contract.

There are no conracts or obligations in Shark Academy. It’s a simple monthly subscription, and you can cancel your membership anytime you want.

Which stakes will I learn to beat in the Shark Academy?

Academy coachings and content is geared towards microstakes players and small stakes grinders up to NL25.

Most midtakes-highstakes players will probably find it a bit too basic – although we teach poker concepts which apply accross all stakes, and most of the coaching is done by coaches beating midtakes and highstakes in todays games.


How Much Money Can I Earn Joining The Shark Academy?

The Shark Academy is there to teach you everything you need to know up to making $3000/month. Of course, people have made more money as well, but that is a good measurement. Of course, if you play tournaments and have a good month, that could become more.

If your long term goals are to make more than that per month, you should join our Coaching For Profits program. Keep in mind though that it is of a different nature (coaches are strict and you will be pushed around at times). The Shark Academy is a more friendly version and definitely a good start. And if you’re new to BPC we do recommend you try the Academy first. 
Coaching For Profits is generally speaking more suited towards full-time players (although at the time of writing, we have no hard rules on how many hours have to be played).

Based on people who have used the same materials (check our testimonials and reviews) these are good estimates.

However, you need to understand that it always depends on how much time YOU invest. We have people who earn an extra $200/month and of course those who make a lot more.

I was in CFP at some point - can I join the Shark Academy now?

Yes, of course.

As a former CFP member, you will NOT be required to pay the initial €199 sign-up fee for the Shark Academy.

Your first month will be free, and after that you will pay the normal €49 monthly fee if you want to continue being a member.

Write to support@bestpokercoaching.com if you would like to claim this offer.

I am in CFP at the moment - can I switch to Shark Academy now?

If you are in any of the “micro” programs (€5k contract or lower), but feel like Academy is better suited for you, you can switch to Academy at no cost.

You will NOT be required to pay the initial €199 sign-up fee for the Shark Academy.

Your first month will be free, and after that you will pay the normal €49 monthly fee if you want to continue being a member.

Write to support@bestpokercoaching.com if you would like to claim this offer.

How many webinars are there for each game format?

The number of webinars for specific games changes, and will adapt to popular demand.

Typically, most of the webinars will be on 6-max cash games, since that’s the format most players play, and is also a skill which translates to most other poker games very well.

A typical weekly webinar schedule has four 6-max webinars, 1 Spin & Go webinar, 1 PLO webinar, 1 ZOOM webinar, and 1 MTT webinar.

You can expect around 10 webinars on average per week, running at different times and days. The absolute minimum we promise is 25 monthly sessions on average  – or your money back.

At what times/days are the webinars?

Our webinars run almost every day of the week.

We try to run more of them on the weekend, which is when the most players have free time.

Typically the webinars run in the afternoon-evening times (CET), and earlier on the weekends.

Specific times will be adapted to popular demand.

How often do you release new content for Shark Academy members?

Since we have daily webinars, we are constantly expanding our Strategy libraries with the best of the recordings. You can expect at least 10 hours of new video strategy content each month.

How can I track my results to see if I'm making progress?

You will have access to your easy-to-use dashboard for tracking results and adding your weekly goals.

You can request a specific profit goal to be set for you, and start measuring your progress with a nice graph that will show you how far you still need to go.

For example, if your first goal is to make €10,000 playing poker, you can set this up as your profit target.

Every bankroll update you make will be added towards your ultimate goal.

Which courses are included in the Shark Academy?

Below you can find a list of 21 courses that are currently included in the Academy. If you would purchase them separatelly, the total price would be €1310.

You will get instant access to all of them.

You will also get access to any new course we release, the moment we release it.

NOTE: Our Bootcamps (€399 value) are not included in the academy. We do, however, give a special deal to our long-term academy members (3 months or more).

  • + How To Crush Fish (€99)
  • + 6-max Starter Pack (€28)
  • + Basic Cash Orientation: A Crash Course for 6-Max Newbies (€49)
  • + Basic Cash Orientation – Companion course (€49)
  • + BPC NL 6-max HUD (€28)
  • + Heads Up MasterMind (€399)
  • + How To Become a Poker Millionaire (€69)
  • + How To Crush Life After Poker (€69)
  • + Learn how to play ZOOM in 120 minutes 
  •  (€49)
  • + Learn Pot Limit Omaha in 120 minutes 
  •  (€49)
  • + Mastering 3bet Pots (€99)
  • + Mini combo pack: All you need to know about combinations in poker (€28)
  • + NL 6-max Preflop Automation Tool (€28)
  • + No BS 6-max Ebook (€28)
  • + No Bullshit Poker Math: Step by Step (€49)
  • + No-Bullshit 6max Poker (€49)
  • + Secrets of the Poker Millionaire Mind (€28)
  • + Spin & Go Preflop Automation Tool (€28)
  • + Taking Notes (€28)
  • + Tilt Free Today (€49)
  • + ZOOM Preflop Automation Tool (€28)

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