“S3cr3t” finished our 5k poker coaching program!

“S3cr3t” aka Tadej finished his €5k poker coaching program as part of our 6-max Micro team with his session a few days ago!


Below you can check his first post in his blog:

If you want to read his whole blog, you can click HERE.

Check his overall graph, since he joined our poker coaching program:

This is great news and we already had an interview with him before –  which you can read HERE – as he did a great job right away from the beginning.

But of course, we wanted to know more about him and how he achieved this great goal. Therefore we had a few more questions for him:


What is the biggest difference from before to now?
It takes far more “knockouts” to start tilting usually.
Which 3 things did you learn?
1. How to tilt less, see signs and stop when needed because of it.
2. Solid pre-flop ranges.
3. Lots of post-flop standard lines.
What is the biggest take away? 
Realizing that our job is to do as best as we can where we can and accept what we get where we can’t.
What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?
At the beginning just follow the program as much as you can until you master the basics. 


Can anybody do it? What does it take to complete the program?
Dedication so yes 99% of people can do it.
How do you like the structure, material and the coaching of the program?
It is mostly short right to the point which suits me well. But we can watch videos only in order. I would definitely watch some specific topics that gave me most issues before I could get to them.
What are your plans for the future poker-wise?
I don’t have a clue yet… I have to figure that out.
Tadej revealed to us, that there are chances we will see him again on our team in the future. We are looking forward to it!


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    • Scott
      Scott says:

      Congrats Tadej. I read on your blog how you blew a large chunk of your bankroll on sportsbetting. That’s gotta be rough. Happy to hear you decided to give poker another chance and I bet you are too!

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