Case Study: From Border Cop to $100.000 Heads-up Crusher

Rovar worked 12 years as a border cop, asking people for their IDs and making just enough to support his family. I bet none of the travelers he saw over the years thought he’d achieve what he achieved after he discovered BestPokerCoaching.

It is like one of those stories you hear about someone winning a lot of money from their home. You read it and think: “Sure… Or course this is real…”

Except Rovar’s story is real and it is all documented on his blog here at BestPokerCoaching.



He started to play poker 1 year prior to ever hearing about BestPokerCoaching. NL Heads Up wasn’t even in his mind at that time, the first poker format he played was Sit & Go. In the beginning, he played $1 Full Ring Sit & Go’s, after that, he switched to 6-max Sit & Go, where he managed to reach the $33 level.

For a while he played $20 to $50 Sit & Go’s but didn’t do very well, he was breaking even and the money he was making was coming from rakeback.

After some time, Rovar started to be interested in NL Heads-Up but “never had cojones or the money to try it”. That changed after he watched Gordon’s (BestPokerCoaching founder) video called “Champions stand up one more time than the rest”. That video gave him the inspiration to start his NL Heads-Up journey.



“Today is my birthday (30 years) and I’m giving myself a present of starting the HU Mastermind course. I’ve purchased it like a month ago and I was occasionally lurking around this forum in “quiet”, just to get familiar with things around here. I haven’t posted anything yet, nor do I have the knowledge to do so, but I hope this is going to change so I’ll be able to contribute in strategy section very soon.”

Right from the start, Rovar showed in his blog that he was serious about learning the game even being a little skeptical if it would work or not. He posted several homeworks and videos, always following 100% of what was taught on the course. Gordon saw his hard work and gave him some motivation to keep up: “Homework, always love to see that! Keep on going. Respect!”

Watch one of his homeworks below:

But all that studying was not producing the results he was expecting so he grinded some Sit & Go’s on the side to make some extra money clearing some bonuses.


The Coaching for Profits programs we offer nowadays days are a piece of cake to join compared to how it was back in the day. 

Two months after starting to study the HU Mastermind course, Gordon opened the doors for applications to join the Coaching for Profits program and Rovar decided to apply.

And that is it, right? Is he in? Nope! Back then, it was not easy at all to join the program. As a homework to prove that he could follow simple instructions, Rovar had a 60-day challenge to post on his blog. That means in the next 60 days he had to make at least one post per day.

During the 60-day challenge, Rovar paid to get coached by two very famous names among our community, Stephen “Imachampion” ($100.000 NL Heads-up Finisher) and JurassicDaniel (Another $100.000 NL Heads-Up finisher).

Even with their help, he didn’t manage to win at the tables, in fact, he was $3.000 down at one point, but that didn’t stop him, he continued with the challenge and he got accepted!

“I MADE IT! I got an email from Gordon telling me that I’m in and that I’ve got just couple more tasks to solve (which I already did). We’re having a meeting sometime soon and after that, we are good to go. I’m super excited! It’s like I traveled half the world to reach Mount Everest and now the only thing that’s left is to give it all that I’ve got and climb the mountain!



Only 4 days after getting accepted into the program, Rovar had another big news coming his way. His third child was about to be born: “Water broke! We’re headed to the hospital! Wish us luck!”. After two girls, now a boy was born! 

In Slovenia (his country), when you become a father you receive a parental leave from work. That was exactly what Rovar needed to start the Heads-up program!  “I’m finally going to see how is the life of a pro poker (at least the working part). I’m going play around 50 hours per week plus some more hours devoted to learning. I’ll Start playing NL50 and will move up when Gordon sees it’s the right time. That is my main goal, the rest of it I’m going to discuss with Gordon.”

Four months after starting to study the HU Mastermind material without good results, in the first month as a Coaching for Profits student, Rovar finally won some money at the tables!

The first month winning at the Heads-Up tables

Things continue to go well with all the coaching sessions and guidance he was getting from Gordon. In the beginning of the following month, he even moved up to NL100.

“I managed to double my BR since I started to play with Gordon as a coach, which is a great result. It took me a month and a week and it feels great!”

You can see the huge difference in Rovar’s results in the before/after joining Coaching for Profits graphs below:

Before Joining Coaching for Profits

After joining Coaching for Profits

At the end of his first month entirely dedicated to poker, Rovar was enjoying it: “So this was my first taste of the life of a poker and I must say I like it. I’m home, I’m my own boss, I can adjust my working time in a whatever way I desire, etc.”

And when you work hard, not only playing but also studying, good results come, and they come fast!

As you may or may not know, if you work as border cop, your monthly payment is not that great. So when Rovar won in a day what he was making in a month at his job, he had a big announcement to make: “We interrupt this every other day writing routine, due to a special announcement: we just set a new point for highest daily profit… 10h of play = 1 month worth of work”

1 day = 1 month of work

Rovar ended up having some setbacks in the following month hitting stop-loss multiple days and not getting the results he wanted. But even with some bad results, his mindset was still in the correct place: “There is no magic pill, the cards still fall as they do, I still have a lot to learn, work on my game and be patience overall. No matter what it takes or how long, I’m going to get it done. I can be only thankful for this opportunity. So no whining, bring it on!”

All this strong mindset that he got he learned from Gordon, his coach “The man knows what he’s doing… It’s not just about the play, it’s about everything: the game, tilt, work ethic, life, pushing boundaries, learning, yelling, laughing, the whole package.”

He was on the correct path to finish his $100.000 challenge.

First months as a Coaching for Profits student

“This game is so awesome! When I think about how much is out there is discover, it hurts my brain. In fact, I get a little bit panicked that others already know all those stuff and that I’m exploitable here and there, but the reality is that most players don’t know or don’t care about it.”

After a few months of grinding, the 1-year anniversary of him buying the HU Mastermind course arrived and Rovar said in his blog: “I must say I wasn’t expecting to be where I am today”.

In this time period Rovar did the following:

  1. Switch from Sit & Go to NL Heads-up cash games
  2. Had his third kid
  3. Was chosen by Gordon to be his student
  4. Climb from NL50 to NL400
  5. Had around $31.000 in winnings

That was quite a busy year, but it was still just the beginning of his journey, he still had a lot more to accomplish! And I’ll tell you everything about it, but I need to tell you a little story first!



Let’s take a small break from telling Rovar’s story to tell a little about BestPokerCoaching’s story (Don’t worry, Rovar is still involved!).

BestPokerCoaching was a very small community back in the day when Rovar was a student. Nowadays we have many students from different countries in different Coaching for Profits programs, and we also have big yearly meetings in awesome places, such as Dubrovnik, Malta, and Cannes.

The idea of having a meeting came up when Rovar was a student. Big names in our community, such as HansTheGreat, Imachampion, Ilidek, JurassicDaniel and the head coach (Gordon) himself decided to get together in Prague so they could meet up and discuss the future of Best Poker Coaching.

They stayed at the Corinthia Hotel, and in the 3 days they stayed there, they did some fun activities together, like going Go-Karting and Paint-balling.

Corinthia Hotel in Prague


The BPC Poker Camps we have nowadays are known to help the students to achieve great results at the tables, it is like something “click” on their heads and they start to crush.

Rovar was already on a very good path to make a lot of money at the tables, this may be a coincidence, or not, but in the following month after the meeting in Prague, he won $10.000+ at the tables without even counting rakeback.

“I had the best month so far, both money and improving wise. I’m super happy about that and I hope I continue this way. There is still much more room for improvement and other goals to accomplish.”

Rovar’s first $10k+ month

In the following two months, he continued booking nice scores. Winning $12.000 and then $10.000.

After winning $33.000 in 3 months, he finally decided it was time to quit his job! “I QUIT my job!!! I gave my resignation letter to my boss and it’s already confirmed!”

Rovar worked on this job for over 12 years, it was his first official job so he “felt everything from excitement, fear, happiness… you name it” but it was finally over and now he could start playing full-time.

Right in the same month after quitting, guess what he got?! Another $10k+ month! I guess it was a good decision after all…

And he had not only Gordon to thank, but also his coach JurassicDaniel: “Once again Gordon proved that he can turn anyone into a winning player, only if the player is committed to doing it. I’m very grateful for that and at the same time I also want to thank rest of BPC community who have been part of my journey so far, especially Daniel with whom I’ve been working closely through this time and I wish to continue doing it in the future.”

But that is not all, yet! Rovar still wanted to reach $100.000 in profits without rakeback, and if you’re doing the math while reading this, you are right, he was very close to achieve that.

So it didn’t take too long… “There you go, I finally reached it. $100.000. I had reached it sooner counting rakeback, some hands missing and some other profits, but I wanted to see it in the graph.”

Rovar’s $100k graph and receiving his trophy from Gordon

“I’ve managed to accomplish more in 1 year and 8 months since knowing Gordon and entering CFP program than I did in more than 12 years working at my old job. This feels pretty amazing to me and I can’t thank Gordon enough! I couldn’t imagine before that it could be done/achieved by me, but there you go! Can’t wait to shake your hand in person on our next meeting!”

And they did shake hands in the BPC meeting in Dubrovnik, as you can see in the picture above and in the video below, in the award ceremony:



While still in the Coaching for Profits program, Rovar started to work for BPC. He worked as a coach and also as a COO. 

Managing several students in a Coaching for Profits program it is not an easy task. A lot of the work made in our system that allowed us to open our doors for more and more students was made by Rovar, so if you are or were a student in a CFP program, you have a lot to thank him. If he hadn’t done this work, your life would probably a lot tougher.

We ended up being a victim of Rovar’s, and our own success. He was making too much money at the tables, so we just couldn’t pay 10x times what we would normally pay to someone in his position to keep him on our team, so we part ways. But all the work he did will always be part of BPC’s history.










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