Border Cop joined CFP because “Fck my job, I want to earn real money”


About 2 years ago, Rovar would be sitting at the border, unchallenged, asking travelers for their ID’s. He’d make enough to support food for his family, but not a lot more. He’d play some poker without really making big profits.

This is Rovar, today, like a BOSS. Crushing the heads up poker tables. 18k Euro monthly profits are nothing special anymore for him. The good thing (for him), he keeps 100% of the profits to himself now.
He realized his dream to earn (more than) enough to provide his family with a happy life without having to ask himself all the time “can we afford this.”  In addition to this, he also worked himself up the ranks inside of BPC. He is known by some as the “Daddy” of the group. Officially he is the CFP Manager and COO of and another great success story of BPC.


This is the graph he posted after finishing the program (100k Euro profits!!!)

These are the comments he made on his blog:

” There you go, i finally reached it. 100.000$. I reached it sooner if i count RB, and some hands missing and some other profits, but I wanted to see it in the graph. Anyway I’ve managed to accomplish more in 1 year and 8 months since knowing Gordon and entering CFP program than I did with more than 12 years of working at my old job. This feels pretty fckn amazing to me and I can’t thank you enough Gordon! I couldn’t imagine before that it can be done/achieved by me, but there you go! Can’t wait to shake your hand in person on our next meeting!

The best part is, I was given an opportunity to work with him in the future and being part of his community on longer basis so I can’t wait to see where all this is headed!


You can read the full journey of Rovar in his blog. It is quite entertaining, full of graphs, pictures of the mess his babies make and insight into his day-to-day life as an aspiring poker professional and family man.

Here is a short summary:

1) He applied to the program. Back then you had to apply and blog 60 days without interruption in order to have a chance to be accepted into the program. Today we made a lot of progress (with the help of Rovar!) so that we can accept everybody, no matter what.

2) He showed that he can follow simple instructions for 60 days (updating a blog!) and he got accepted into the program

3) He was NOT an easy student at all. Not the toughest, but definitely not the easiest. But of course we never gave up, nor did he. So good results were inevitable 

The rest is history. His best month by now is 18k Euro. It is very likely that this has changed by the time you are reading this article.

Big thanks as well to JurassicDaniel since he coached Rovar as well and had a big impact on his development.



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